Top Ten Reasons Not to Go to Hell

To some people, even me I admit, going to hell sounds not so bad but there are some reasons not to go. also, some of these are from a portion of the bible that was not included in the bible.

The Top Ten

1 You'll be burning alive forever

This is not the worst part of hell. It's not even close to the worst part. The worst part of Hell is that you are separated from Jesus Christ for eternity. And the regret is worse too. - DoroExploro13

Obviously that's the number one reason!

2 Wild animals will be ripping you apart

There is nowhere in the bible that talks about wild animals. Unless you mean worms - DoroExploro13

3 Struck by fiery lightning

Nothing in the bible says stuff about lightning - DoroExploro13

4 The devil might rape you

The Devil isn't in hell you idiot - DoroExploro13

5 The perpetual screams of agony will annoy you

Yep, all the burning and pain... And to top it all, screams of agony will ANNOY you!
Oh, I really don't want to be annoyed by screaming!

6 Since more people are probably going to hell, it might be a little crowded
7 There are no second chances

I think this is the biggest one for me. No second chances. - Alpha101

8 The torture will go on forever without end

You never know that this is will happen, but I really don't want to know. - funnyuser

9 You'll feel like a stupid piece of crap for all eternity
10 You'll remember everything from your life on earth

The Contenders

11 You will never get to see God

How the hell isn't this number one? - DoroExploro13

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