Top Ten Reasons to Not Hate Atheists or Christians

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1 It's their personal opinion

It is. As an Atheist, I respect all of my friends no matter what religion. And for whoever said that religion wasn't an option is wrong, we choose because that's what we believe. I respect everyone until they do me wrong, not until I find out they aren't in my religious group. - SenpaiNoticeMe

Everybody on the site is going on about how people should respect opinions, so why not this one? - Garythesnail

Religion is NOT an opinion!

I may not be a Christian, but don't hate them for biased reasons. - EpicJake

2 It's very offensive

You started first PAC

Why is everybody against the top tenner Danteem? Why is everybody " offensive " against him? Seems to me that he's a guy who has his opinions ( he's maybe not subtle enough to express them ) but I can't concider him as a bad person.

3 You'd be hating some of your friends

I have many friends who are Atheist, but I don't hate them at all! - Garythesnail

4 It shows bias

Stop saying this it isn't bias - 2storm

5 It will make you hated
6 It's as bad as racism

I think people should realize that this atheist and theist discrimination (wherever it takes place) is equal to racism. Atheists shouldn't be judged by theists based on their lack of faith. Well, vice versa rarely happens by the way. - Kiteretsunu

I hope toptensfan and Danteem see this whole list. - Therandom

7 You can't judge the whole group by one person

Pretty much my problem with any of these lists. Wether it be Atheists or Bronies, you can't do this because a: you're wrong, and b: you're using stereotypes. - Puga

8 It causes fighting
9 It Is Immature

Everyone can be immature sometimes and it's a normal thing.

10 We are both human

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11 Nobody really knows if God exists or not

Yeah I mean you could just die and then you realise you have a soul and are at the gates of heaven with the angels, book of life. But please don't call God loving if you go to suffering in a pit of fire instead of his home.

I would say that I'm pretty sure he doesn't exist. Atheists doesn't ask questions about god's existence. They don't care about god. They are not interested in his name or his existence because they know that it is a made up fantasy.

If.. its probably more than one like Gods and Goddesses.
Because the most believable religion is paganism/wicca.
1. No ancient book.
2. Worship nature.
3. Ever felt like you have been in some place before that you've never been too.

12 It's really annoying
13 Because they're not dangerous beliefs
14 Jesus Didn't Want Us To Hate Others

Only the religious nutters think Jesus will come back as a monster.

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