Top Ten Reasons to Not Hate Bronies


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1 They are nice

Yeah, I've actually met some Bronies and they're really kind and gentle. - 80sgirl

I enjoy the show not only because it's adorable (and Pinkie breaking the 4th wall all the time) and helps me get what the heck my girlfriend says. - DiamondLazers

Some bronies aren't that nice, but most are. - EpicJake

That is 50% of the fanbase, the other 50% on the other hand not so much.

Well 99.9% of the bronies I've encountered send me death threats and nag at me for not liking a show with the main character being a multicoloured donkey. (Don't correct me and yes, I am from the UK)

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2 They watch more than MLP

Yeah, I watch MLP. I also watch shows like The Big Bang Theory, The Walking Dead, Rick and Morty, Adventure Time, and Two and a Half Men.

I am a huge cartoon person. I watch shows like Gravity Falls, Wander over Yonder, Star vs. The Forces of Evil, Steven universe, Adventure Time, and many more. MLP is just another show I watch.

Puga is a Brony and he watches other shows like Arthur, hey Arnold, etc - EpicJake

3 If you said you hate all bronies, you just said you hate Puga
4 They have sanity

I like anti bronies.

Unlike the haters of bronies. - TOPTENBLOGPOSTFAN

5 They are just your everyday fans
6 They don't troll

There weren't many reasons, were they? Haha, just kidding - keyson

7 They're talented.

That's very trues]
I have a friend that is also a brony, and he can say 50 pony names in less than 30 seconds, and he can say there names fluently. - DiamondLazers

8 We are people too

Do you know how it feels? Being told to kill yourself over a show? Knowing people do it?

Calling them subhuman like what Hitler thought of the Jews in WWII ia downright bad - Neonco31

9 Because you don't give a crap what other people watch
10 They just want to watch the show

Yes they may love the show but why hate on them specifically? There are a lot more fandoms,but most are against bronies,I'm not a brony,though I have met one,he is forgiving,loving,caring and honest,yea

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11 They are not harming anyone
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