Top Ten Reasons Not to Hate a Celebrity

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1 Because Hate Is Evil

No one should hate. It's still bad even if you aren't Christian. - TheMainReason

2 You Don't Know Them

Personally, that is. If you haven't met them or encountered them up close, you can't love or hate them. - TheMainReason

But I still know their attitude and untalentness. Media exists. - Puga

Hate does not equal an opinion. You should learn to distinguish the two. You're one of my main targets. - TheMainReason

3 They Have Done Nothing To You

Apart from hurt my ears and brain. - Puga

When did I ever say that? If I don't like the quality of their songs/movies and I dislike their attitude, am I prevented from hating them? - Puga

They didn't hurt you, kill someone you loved, threatened you or even know you exist. So... - TheMainReason

4 What Could They Be Going Through?

This is why I really do try to be kind to people I meet. I didn't have the greatest past and I used to project that in my attitude. I don't want anyone judging me without considering any personal turmoil. That person could be depressed for all you know, and have different ways of relieving the pain. Understanding is the key to compassion, and compassion is the only thing that change a troubled soul. - keycha1n

There is a TON of pressure being in the spotlight of fame and attention 100% of the time. They could be on drugs for the same reason. They could be threatened to do something everyone hates due to keeping themselves relevant. You don't know them. - TheMainReason

5 Everyone Is Different

Everyone has their own flaws and personalities. Don't judge them on that. - TheMainReason

6 You Could Be The Same Way

How would you feel if you were a celebrity everyone hated and you had NO clue why everyone wants you dead? Over some dang music? REALLY? - TheMainReason

7 No Good Reason To Hate

Like I said before, being in the jail system several times or making music you don't like or agree with is not even CLOSE to a decent reason to hate. Just stop with the BS. - TheMainReason

8 Because They Are "Ugly"

Would you like to be hated because everyone thinks your unattractive? I don't think so. - TheMainReason

9 Because They Are "Attractive"

I think everyone already knows why this is a dumb reason. - TheMainReason

10 Because They Are More Successful Than You

You don't need to be a world class chef to say a meal is bad, so you don't need to be a professional singer to say a song is crap. - Puga

Try to get where they are now before you judge. - TheMainReason

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11 Life's Too Short
12 Life Won't Wait for You
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