Top Ten Reasons to Not Hate Chad Kroeger

It seems to have become a popular opinion to hate on Nickelback and consider Chad Kroeger a douchebag. I find this unfair, here are ten reasons why I don't think Chad Kroeger deserves the hate he gets.

The Top Ten

1 His positive outlook on life

Say what you want about the guy but from what I can gather he is genuinely grateful for life E.G. one of his lyrics "Each day's a gift and not a given right" it's a good attitude to have.

2 He's got it all. Money, fame, Avril Lavigne, yet he still doesn't act like he's the greatest thing to ever exist.

It's all too easy for rich people to give themselves a superiority complex for being "Better than everyone else", but Chad Kroeger has often been the first to poke fun at himself for being generally hated.

3 He's written some relatable songs

The only reason people say Nickelback only sing about sex is because that's all they focus on. Songs like Gotta Be Somebody, Lullaby, Never Gonna Be Alone and Far Away show their more sensitive side and have relatable lyrics to them.

4 He doesn't get in trouble with the law

He's been arrested twice. once for possession of a controlled substance and another time for Public Indecency. both occurred in 2003, but it seems he has gotten clean and stopped peeing in public.

Chad still has the common decency to not get arrested, unlike a certain Scott Stapp he's always compared to.

5 Some of Nickelback's earlier songs actually have quite deep meaning to them

For instance Too Bad about a family who struggle after the Mom and Dad split up, or Never Again making for a very serious subject matter about domestic abuse from the perspective of a child.

6 He got rock back into the charts

Say what you will about Rockstar being the point where Nickelback sold out, but it's still more rock than the stuff that often gets into the charts, so take what you can get I say.

7 He's married to Avril Lavigne

Avril needed a man who could treat her right after Deryck Whibley, and she must think that Chad is the guy for her to spend a lifetime with. If he's good enough for her he's good enough for me.

8 He likes South Park

Again it shows how he at least has a sense of humour as he's Canadian and the Canadians are regular punching bags of South Park.

9 He doesn't let haters bring him down

Secretly I think all the haters are jealous of his material success. They say they aren't but deep down they probably are really.

10 He doesn't auto-tone his voice

For all he gets about having a horribly gravelly voice at least he's up front and not trying to hide it through auto-tone like a lot of the talentless hacks in the pop industry today.

The Contenders

11 He's got his own Record label
12 Helped Co-Write Songs by other musicians
13 He's worked with the likes of Santana, ZZ Top, Kid Rock, Slash & others
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