Top Ten Reasons to Not Hate the List "Top Ten Reasons to Hate Americans"

When I made this list, I knew that you Americans would get butthurt. You have also proven my point about not taking a joke. I'm usually not like this, but these guys tick me off. And I'm in America!

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1 It has good points

Like how there think they only matter, how they are dumb, and perhaps how they think 9/11 was a horrible day when they nuked Japan, killing millions of people and how there was an earthquake in India that same year on 9/11.

The nuclear bombings, were, ironically for peace. The 911 attacks were straight murder. The soldiers on each side were willing to put their lives on the line, and each soldier was just doing their job. It wasn't hate. It wasn't bloodlust. It was simply war. Japan wouldn't let up, so instead of sacrificing the lives of many more, civilians and soldiers alike, the US made the decision to just end it right then and there. Yes, many Japanese civilians and soldiers were killed, but if the war went on, how many more would have died? That is the regrettable fact of war. - llamabaconllama37

If it has good points, please post up where you are from so that others can make good points about it too, that would be the fair thing to do.

Its especially sad that young people today are taught only the revisionist version of what happened during WW2.
The teachers are not exactly lying; they don't really know what was going on back then either, but they don't seem to care to know.
Go to a veteran's retirement home and ask somebody who was there while they are still around.

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2 Many people hate Americans

No one wants to immigrate US. Dirty arrogant racists which are brainwashed by the government. Please listen, whole world knows your media is false. Wait for some decades and China, India & Brazil will take your superpower status

More people immigrate to the US than nay other country, both legally and illegally. If it's so bad, why are they coming here, and why are only a bare handful leaving?

And all of you guys are outnumbered.

3 It makes jokes

Hmm, you are so right!
There are lots of people who like making racist jokes, what kind of idiot would be offended by a little joke?
So, this black guy goes into a bar...

9/11 was totally the bomb!

Let's see what idiot gets offended by this.

4 It is in English

Yes it is, but it would probably have been in German if it wasn't for Americans.

And you guys think everyone should speak English.

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5 It shows how hypersensitive the people on this site are

Like how hypersensitive you turned out to be when numerous posters pointed out the fallacy of your homophobia statement, and also pointed out backward you are on the topic by censoring most of the responses.

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6 It's not as offensive as what most Americans say
7 Most of this is accurate

Yeah what the heck, you make up stuff off the top of your head about racism, you make up a bunch of other stuff off the top of your head. What does it matter, you are in the 7th grade, nobody really expects you to know anything anyway.

Admittedly, I was wrong on Europe and Canada not having segregation. But that doesn't mean Americans are still racist.

In history I was told Canada treated it's natives much better than the Americans. (Even though the trains they build were found to scare their animal food source away) - Harri666

8 It is just a list

The lister seems to be offended by everything Americans do; kettle much?

Stop getting offended over everything!

It's just a list
Everyone has an opinion, the lister is telling his opinion on the Americans. I Don't know if it's accurate or not, but it's just a list.

9 It shows how bad Americans really are
10 There were worse things than 9/11

There certainly were, like Buchenwald and Auschwitz, which you apparently did not know anything about. Over 70 years later, people are still talking endlessly about them too.

Both of them were German concentration camps that Hitler threw anyone he didn't like into. Also, above every camp, there was a sign reading "work and you will be freed". Almost nobody was freed, and the signs were only put up to get people in these camps to work more, I know all of this and I'm American. - Turkeyasylum

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11 It's true
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