The Funniest List Ever Published By Anyone, Anywhere, at Any Time

PositronWildhawk I hope the creator of this list sees this. I must say right here, right now that this new list, down to every word made to make a phrase, is the greatest comedy that I've ever seen in my life. The jokes are simplistic, being predictable one-liners from first glance, but the power of the humour is really brought out in the very notion of the statements, the deadpan quirkiness, the fully double-punchlined perfection. One does not see these coming, and it is difficult to coin the aspects of this humour, but it strikes you in the back of your mind. It is likely that those in a similar mindset will add to this list with similarly hilarious comments in the future. But even I, with my powerful reputation and my advanced knowledge in my studies of intrigue, cannot hold a candle to this genius. I take my hat off to the most talented and most sophisticated listmaker on this site, hoping that this person is back with more intellectual propaganda.


May this be a sarcasm series spin-off, if you will. - PositronWildhawk

Well it certainly is hillarious - simpsondude

This list is really messed up. - funnyuser

Laugh out loud! - ShyChick

This list is retarded. Oh well Nicki fans are mouth breathing pricks who are no where near the intelligence zone. Since she probably has the lowest IQ the have a a lower IQ listening to her. Only brainless barbiez understand this crap. IDIOTS. - visitor

Things are down to opinion, but... wow I can't understand their opinions :D - EvilAngel

:D I know it's down to opinion, but is the creator of this list really serious in all of their comments? - EvilAngel

No. - PositronWildhawk

Are Nicki Minaj fans even real? - Turkeyasylum

Apparently. They like find stupid hoe poetic. - visitor

:D - EvilAngel

I like this Sarcastic Overview mini-episode. That was hilarious! - visitor

They are worse Nicki Minaj lists but this one is bad - bobbythebrony