Top Ten Reasons Not to Hate "Ways to Kill Lists" On TheTopTens

Multiple people have been butthurt on "Ways To Kill Lists" here on TheTopTens. They claim it's offensive, while that's not even the point of the list! If you think it's still "offensive", go ahead and make a list of ways to kill me. I would laugh at it. Just give the best and most morbid ones, though.

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1 They aren't meant to be taken seriously

Yeah. Don't be a whiny little crybaby like that one dude. - bobbythebrony

I used to hate them, now I like them. - Therandom

Yeah that's true - Toucan

I didn't even know a relavent list like this even existed - Mewtwo_

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2 It was created as a joke

Remember, a joke is a joke. Don't be so offended with it.

It's just a prank bro, it's just a prank - SirSkeletorThe3rd

Yeah, It's true. It is just a prank. - 05yusuf09

It's a prank. - Catacorn

3 Jokes are meant to be jokes, nothing else

Even racist jokes are meant to be jokes. There have been multiple racist jokes about my country that I always laugh at.

It sounds like you have no idea what a racist joke is, but even if you don't care, making one will result in loss of job and worse.

I think people are smart enough to know when to not make racist jokes. - Therandom

Go ahead and make a racist joke then. It's actually funny that making a Kill joke is funny, but making a racial joke is not funny, and could actually ruin your entire life.

No, I laugh at racist jokes aimed towards my country; I can't see your point here.

4 It wasn't made for the haters

I like Amy Lee, and if there's a list of ways to kill her, I would even remix and add items on the list! It's for the sole purpose of entertainment!

I disagree, she is my favorite female singer. May be she little bit overrated but she is not as bad as crappy female singers like Nicki Minaj, Ariana Grande... - 05yusuf09

5 They aren't supposed to be offensive

If you're offended, then you shouldn't even be on the list. If you want the list to be deleted, then you are taking things too seriously. It also blocks the flow of opinions.

6 It gives dark humor

Dark humor is the best; don't get "offended" because of your hypersensitivity.

7 You could just not look at it, instead of getting butthurt over it

That visitor who made a comment about racist JOKES can look at this item. Speaking of racist jokes, I love how everyone hates family guy for being racist, even though it's JOKES. - Therandom

8 People who take them seriously cause the problems, not the list itself
9 It isn't for hypersensitive people

And now every hypersensitive person on the internet makes everything look "offensive". If you think almost everything is "offensive", then GET OUT OF THE INTERNET.

10 They're probably not enough to make you a serial killers

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11 Not all lists contain ways to kill real people
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