Top 10 Reasons to Not Have Children

A lot of people want children when they grow up, but I've made my choice and decided not to get children. Today, I'll list reasons why not to get children. Keep in mind, this list doesn't have to stop you from getting children, if you want children, that's okay and it's perfectly legal.
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1 It ruins your body

Your vagina can tear and your body will have stretch marks.

It would be worth it!

2 Overpopulation
3 It can be stressful

Get a babysitter..

4 They can be brats
5 They'll spend all your money

From Babies to College, you'll spend over $250,000, and that doesn't include college. Just imagine having multiple kids.

It's partly true, but who cares! It's worth it!

6 They cry a lot as babies and little kids

I just hate the sound of crying.

I hate that sound

7 Less freedom
8 They may hate you

I'm a 13 year old and I love my parents regardless!

Especially if they're teenagers.

9 They will ruin your life forever

This reminds me of a fact, A scientifically proven fact that couples without children are the happiest.

Look it up if you doubt.

10 They could be a criminal or serial killer

Depends on how you raise them.

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11 If they drop out of school, they'll have to live with you
12 More responsibilities
13 You'll most likely clean up after them
14 If they get in trouble, it's your problem

That's not exactly true, unless some person blames the parent for raising the kid in whatever way. But if a child gets in trouble, it's still his/her problem that they have to learn from so they'll know what's best in the future. It's called "growing up".

True, but who cares? Again, it's worth it

15 They are annoying
16 They could become bullies
17 Dealing with boyfriend/girlfriend relationships

Teens can get easily caught up in relationships, but I believe that parents should leave the relationship business to the child's decisions because the child can learn more quickly about this kind of thing. Of course, the parent can give the child helpful info and stuff like that, but it's unlikely that the kid will listen, anyways. Now if there's abuse involved, then it's up to the parent to deal with that.

My mom can barely let my oldest sister get a boyfriend and she's 21.

18 They will not listen to you
19 You can't travel or go on vacation

You can either, take your kids with you, hire a babysitter, or let the grandparents take care of them. I'm more of a "Let the grandparents take care of them" type of guy.

Yes you can! As a baby I went all over the world! To Europe, Hawaii, The Carribean, you name it!

My parents traveled to Atlantic City NJ when I was a baby and Lancaster, CA and Vegas when I was a toddler. They took me along with them.

20 They throw tantrums
21 They cry
22 You're responsible for their life
23 They hit
24 They have loud voices

If there 1 month or 5

25 Your life, as you knew it, is never the same.
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