Top Ten Reasons Not to Have Electronics


The Top Ten

1 More Active Children And Adults

I like the idea of more people of all ages being more active, however I don't believe all electronic devices should be put away completely. As long as they are used in strict moderation, then yes, mankind could still do all of this stuff and have a little time on their electronic devices. The problem isn't the electronic devices themselves, it's the people using them the people have no sense of moderation and therefore become addicted to electronic devices and are on almost all the time. It's moderation that needs to be practiced, not banning electronic devices all together. - LostDream258

2 More Fit Healthy Children And Adults
3 Less Overweight People

I'm not overweight. And whoever made this list, this list is terrible. - Therandom

It was reasons why we probably should do not me saying we should get rid of them - jmepa1234

4 More Outside Activity
5 More Reading

So no kindles or nooks?

6 More Drawing

Draw my life, drawing with friends, art. com, devian art,

7 More Writing
8 More Willingness To Leave Home

Actually, social media is making you leave home more.

9 Easy To Entertain

What does this even mean?

10 Less Energy Wasted

Wasted on what?

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