Top 10 Reasons to Not Have Long Hair


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1 It can make you sweaty

Uh you can always tie it. Sometimes it can be caused by other things.

True, I've had long hair all my childhood, made me sweat all the time. - IHateDoveCameron

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2 Can get stuck under your armpits

I have medium-longish hair and this never happens to me. Also people say l look younger with it. When I cut my hair short, people thought I looked older. - HappyFlower

That sounds silly and ridiculous

Oh no! Now your hair will smell like sweaty balls! - IHateDoveCameron

3 Will make you look older

I love my long hair. I love brushing it until it shines. And it doesn't make me look older, quite the opposite some have said. - Britgirl

People thought I was about 8 to 9 because I am short and I have short hair, heh... - IHateDoveCameron

4 Takes a lot to get it to the style that you want

I prefer long hair toward short hair because if you have long hair, you can make more hairstyles even if it takes a lot of time while if you have short hair, it's boring and we can do nothing - BlueDiamondFromNowhere

Yeah, mine gets all static if I don't dry it with a hair dryer and just plait it

Luckly, with me I just keep my neck-length hair the same way every day. - IHateDoveCameron

5 If too long you can end up using the bathroom on it

You're disgusting and unrealistic. None of this stuff will happen. - JHLover321

For me it never happens and I have Waist-Length hair. - MorganChambz

LOL your hair would smell like boo boo boo! - IHateDoveCameron

6 You look girly

Do Mick Thomson, Kirk Hammet, and Tom Araya look girly? - NikBrusk

And whats wrong with that? I'd rather have my long hair though

Well some people like long hair

7 It can get lots of split ends and look ratty

This happened to me. - Anonymousxcxc

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1. It can make you sweaty
2. Can get stuck under your armpits
3. Will make you look older



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