Top 10 Reasons to Not Like Atheists

If you have a problem with this list I don't care. I'm giving you guys the truth. If you atheists can say whatever you want about Christians. Then I can say whatever I want about you demons. I know there will be an atheist saying that they are offended but I don't care because I didn't join this website to please you.

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1 They are right

Is that an argument to not like atheists? They are right? Meaning that non-atheists are wrong. My favorite on this list because it's true and right. Right?

They say that god making the earth is stupid, but random materials somehow making earth? It makes perfect sense! - bjinmaro64

You hate us because you think we're right... - yuki-blue

I actually laughed hard, when I saw this reason on this list. I never throught I'll see this reason at №1.
So there's logic of this 25%, that voted this: "We don't like atheists, they're right! They're saying the God not exists and it's true! Because we hate them. They tell the truth! ". Amazing logic. - 7357

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2 They hate Christians

HOLD IT RIGHT THERE! I'm atheist, and yes I'm proud to be one! But I would never, and I mean NEVER hate someone over their religion! It's completely wrong to do so! So just because we have different beliefs than others, that immediately means we hate them? NO! Heck, ALL of my friends are devout Christians, and I'm the only atheist in the group! I respect what they believe in, and they respect my beliefs too! I do understand that there are some atheists out there that just don't respect Christians, but it's a small percentage! I find this list completely offensive, and I just cannot tolerate how TopTensFan could do this. This sounds so naïve, but why can't everyone just get along and respect one another and what they believe in? - Eternal_Laughter

This list stems from one person who, obviously, is in no position to comment on a subject that they clearly know nothing about. The views and opinions presented on this list could only be described as uneducated, hateful, hostile, and nothing more. And where I stand on the whole religious debate has nothing to do with my reaction to this list. And to be clear, I am not calling the maker of this list a terrible person, but I will call their choice to voice these unnecessarily hurtful and empty-headed opinions a terrible one. The less attention given to the existence of this list, the better.

This heinous and spiteful stuff has to stop happening on this website. I really does. - BKAllmighty

@peashooter - How can you say you agree, and then make this same type of list? - RalphBob

Your list on why to hate homosexuals and now it seems that you've made this other pile of garbage. What is going on with all this bigotry? In sorry young man, but we may have to arrest you.

Whoa, whoa, whoa, back it up, man, my girlfriend's a Christian! Half of my friends are Christians too! This is an overstatement that can't even be considered a stereotype! - naFrovivuS

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3 They think they are educated

Educated enough to have a long thinking process and finally a realization about why God may be worshipped but may not exist. Have you ever really thought about it instead of just accepting it as fact? - Songsta41

Some atheists aren't educated that well but most of them are intelligent people even if myself, as a Christian, may disagree with their points of view on religion. - RiverClanRocks

I learnt RE in primary school and secondary school. I still don't truly believe. Then again, who truly, 100% knows for a fact whether God exists or not?

As an atheist I can say my beliefs (or lack of in the matter) don't prove my level of education. - naFrovivuS

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4 They are nerds

I'm a proud nerd and a Christian. I've basically had enough of these idiotic lists. All this does is paint an awful picture for an amazing faith. You're the reason agnostics exist at all. This is WILDLY offensive to atheists AND Christians who have to put up with people like you representing and ruining our faith. I have a hard time believing you're a believer at all. - keycha1n

I'm an Atheist and I am not a nerd. Proves my point that Christians are the first to judge people. I am the nicest person and I respect people. I hate all the Atheist stereotype's, they are not true! - westofohio

These are people who are atheists and they're saying they respect other people's beliefs. If you keep ignoring that and think that you're the smarter one, you deserve all the scorn and hatred that you get.

Again, just like the list about homosexuals, I don't find this one offensive in the slightest. Really, the reasons are so bad, they are almost laughable. - cosmo

So they're smart? And that's a bad thing?

*Facepalm* - DCfnaf

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5 They only attack Christians but they never attack other religions

Atheists are individuals who don't believe in god, gods or religion. Meaning that every religion is not accepted for their views or acts. If you want to believe in god that's fine by me. It's your opinion and I'll have mine but don't expect that I will stop giving my opinion about religion ( any religion ) just because you're thinking that we are " social rejects ".

You are so oblivious! Christians are not the only people that get attacked! - Songsta41

Atheists have attacked other religions. I'm certainly not one of them. I respect other people's beliefs.

You clearly have never hear of Trump. - naFrovivuS

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6 They always make up names to describe God

Some atheists are like this and those kinds of people are disrespectful. Some of them, however, respect other people's opinions and are respectful. - RiverClanRocks

I'm allowed to say he is rude. Why allow suffering if he loves us? - AnonymousChick

He gives us free will. That's the only reason He created Satan. To see if we'd choose the Loving God or evil satan. - Therandom

Well he is vaguely described as "God." I've studied world religions and have been thinking to myself "Why is he just God? " - naFrovivuS

Sky fairy.
or the Christians who believe Jesus is God "Jewish Zombie".
Teen/Adult's Santa Claus.

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7 They say bad things about Christians but when someone says something bad about them, they pretend they never say anything bad

Yeah. After observing a lot of the atheists on this site I'm going to have to agree with this one. Us Religious folks are treated like a bunch of rejected idiots, which if you think about it, really makes no sense considering how many religious people there are versus how many non-religious people there are. - GrimmShady

That's called "words will never hurt me". And I'm certainly not one of those ass atheists who say stupid things about people with different beliefs.

I don't. People say I bully Christians but I am only slightly rude to the people making these kinds of lists. When people say I am mean, I try not to do it again. - AnonymousChick

Yet when I do the same thing, yet with no insults, atheist say I'm rude, or how insulting, or respect others religion. How can I respect them when they're handing me death threats? - ARandomPerson

You leave atheists alone and they'll leave you alone. Oh! And aren't YOU saying bad things about atheists?

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8 Because they put up with stupid, intolerant people

You mean like you, Creator Of This List?

Whoever added this just described not only the creator of this list, but everyone who agrees with him/her.

Such as the person who made this list. - DCfnaf

I'm a Christian, I like Atheist people as a whole, but a very tiny but vocal minority of Atheists often tries to rub it in your face that god is a 'fairytale' and that they are 'christ- jew- muslim- or hindu- tards'.

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9 They are social rejects

So? I have two friends, I'm basically illegal in my country, I've been bullied since kindergarten, the teacher hates me, my parents don't like me, my sister hates me, I'm single, my friends are weirdos, I'm obsessed with creepypasta, and I'm ugly.

Do I give a damn? No. - AnonymousChick

And this is a totally good reason to hate them right? Because everyone else hates them?

I'm an atheist and I've never gotten bullied for it. Just don't make a habit of announcing to the world that you're an atheist.

Which I just did but it's anonymous so that doesn't change anything.

If minding my own business and not interfering in other's beliefs is being a social reject, then yes, I'm one. And you should try to be a social reject in that respect too, whoever that made this list. - Kiteretsunu

You should hate atheists because everyone hates atheists.
Hop on the bandwagon, folks! - naFrovivuS

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10 They are demons

I know the comment that you put here earlier is gone, but I did see it and I do remember it. It said "Most atheists I know are demons". How? Please learn to respect others beliefs. Some atheists might not respect others beliefs, but lots do, and you need to respect that. - Minecraftcrazy530

Now this is just getting ridiculous. - SammySpore

Demons that choose not to believe in demons. Makes sense. - naFrovivuS

Demons don't believe in existing of demons.
I can't take this list seriously anymore. - 7357

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11 They are lame

This whole list is lame.

You lie sir. I am an atheist and no party of my body is damaged or broken. Good day to you SIR - SammySpore

Some atheists are disrespectful while others aren't. - RiverClanRocks

"They are lame", and for what? For us having our own beliefs? - Bramblestar

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12 They are wrong

I believe you are wrong. - naFrovivuS

Atheism is a belief stance and nothing more, they never debate autotheism, eutheism, dystheism and maltheism. But most of they rant could be used to promote a maltheist stance and they are blind to this for they own ignorance.

Anything to support your claim? No? Ok...

13 They are too dumb to realize that most scientists are Christians

Fun fact: 97% of scientists are atheists. Actually do some research. - Puga

At least I'm not dumb enough to create pointless hate lists about people who have different beliefs to me.

A majority of scientists are atheistic (it depends on the scientific field though) there are also a lot of Christian scientists as well. - RiverClanRocks

In 2016: Christian scientist: Hey! I Know! Let's get the conclusion, then find some facts to support it! Non-Religious Scientist. Here's the facts. What can we conclude out of these facts? - ARandomPerson

It depends which field of science you're talking about. - naFrovivuS

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14 They like to troll people on the internet

The guy who made this list is obviously trolling people on the internet right now.

This list certainly isn't very Christian-like. - Billyv

I'm sure the person who made this list is a troll. comment. - naFrovivuS

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15 They count anything that is non fideism, misotheism or eutheism as atheism (deism, pandeism, panentheism, dystheism, autotheism, etc.)

Atheists don't believe in theology or any related theory that believes in a creator. We don't care and don't believe in organised religion and in god-theories such as pandeism etc... We're certainly don't believe in theories as misotheism ( hatred by god ) or dysteism ( believing in bad god ) because that would just means that you believe in a god but you refuse to worship him /her or it /its. Atheists don't believe in a god and therefor not interested in different theisms of a theos. So, what are you talking about here?

There is really a true lack of theological debate to this various theistics stances in atheists circlejerks, like for example r/atheism.

16 Hitler, Stalin, Mao and Pol Pot were atheists

Hitler was most definitely Christian... and this does not apply to anyone, there are completely despicable people of every religion, - Lucretia

No morals for them to realize what they are doing is wrong, so they kill people, this is true atheism

And this governs all atheists? - naFrovivuS

1. What does this prove?
2. Hitler was Roman Catholic - Frouze

17 They think they are great and Theists are foolish

And I'm greater to those who were "atheists" and converted back to whatever religion. - ARandomPerson

Whatever theists are. - naFrovivuS

Tell me about it.

I'm greater than whoever added this. - AnonymousChick

18 They're self-righteous bigots

Now I know that there are atheists out there who respect and accept others who aren't. But it seems that many of them think that it's great to bash theists. Hell, I noticed a bunch of them paint all theists with one brush. How closed-minded of them.

Choosing your beliefs is bigotry? I beg to differ! - naFrovivuS

It seems that christians think of atheists the same way atheists think of christians. anyway stfu

Bigot = Racist
Race =/= Religion
Get your facts straight please. - DCfnaf

19 They know nothing about the faiths they bash

I spent an entire semester learning world religions, and for the record, I don't bash them. I just...shun them. - naFrovivuS

I have met many of these people as a Buddhist. Most of them don't even know that Buddhism is a religion even.

20 They're no better than religious fanatics

It's bad enough that there are people who use religion as an excuse to antagonize innocent people. But when atheists claim that they're good people by putting theists down, that makes them just as bad.

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