Top 10 Reasons to Not Like Homosexuals

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1 They think the world should stop for them

With the way they're currently treated, the world should stop for them! They want to be able to officially commit to each other. How would you feel if you were never allowed to get married, no matter how in love you were or how much you wanted to just because you were stopped by a bunch of Republicans? - Songsta41

I'm TIRED OF THIS. Gay. Straight. BI. ITS NORMAL PEOPLE. The only difference is that they like the same gender or both genders. You can't change that by making a homophobic list filled with your homophobic reasons why we should hate gays. You can't change people. So basically stuff like this makes makes no sense. PEOPLE WONT CHANGE BECAUSE OG THIS. YES, I'm RUBBING IT IN. Just stop trying. They're just like straight people. It's like if someone said it was wrong to be straight. Don't get me wrong, I'm bi, and I have nothing against any human's sexual orientation. But again, STOP TRYING TO CHANGE SOMETHING THAT THE WORLD WILL HAVE IN A MILLION YEARS. - EatAFloor

No offense to anyone here, but how is being gay/lesbian/bi normal? I don't find it normal. And I'm not a homophobe. - cosmo

Did you know that people still go to jail and executed in some country's. They don't get the same opportunities :jobs, education, freedom to love, life, being able to buy stuff in stores, not get liked out of events for "being offensive", etc... as straight people do. They often get thrown out there homes just for being gay. People try to "cure" you. A lot of people such as your family and friends would probably hate you. some horrible people even murder people for just being themselves. It illegal to express being gay in parts of the world or even talk about it. Having to hide who you are in order to not suffer. Of course this is a major problem! The world should stop to help them

"Oh, I'm a f@gg0t! BOW DOWN TO ME AND DO AS I SAY! "

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2 Gay people pretend it's not a choice

To be homosexual, you must be attracted only to people who are the same gender to you. People don't choose who they are attracted to. They just get the feeling, whether they want to or not. Sometimes gay people try to have a romantic relationship with the opposite gender, only to discover later that they are, in fact, gay. Gay people can't help it, it's just the way they are. No amount of bullying and homophobes can change that. The problem with some homophobes is that they think that gays choose to be gay. It just doesn't work that way. You know when you try a some food, and you either like it or not? That is how someone's sexual orientation is.You either are attracted to the opposite gender or not. And you cannot change that.

I openly admit, I find homosexuals disturbing. Especially when they start kissing & touching each other in front of me, I feel like throwing up. I don't care what anyone says, A man getting it on with another man IS NOT NATURAL. Man & Woman have sex, reproduce & make babies. An Anus is for pooping out of, not for sexual Intercourse. Now I have sympathy for them for feeling the way they do and I feel sorry that they have these feelings & that they like people of the same sex, but that does not mean it should be OK to be gay or acceptable just because they can't help how they feel. What about Pedophiles? Can they help how they feel? They like little kids, but that is not acceptable or aloud. It's the same thing. They are both perverted. Even if you leave God & religious talk out of it. It's just wrong and I hate the way People make out like I am the 1 with a problem or I must be a "Hater" or "Homophobic" because I don't like gays showing intimacy towards each other & ...more

Its like saying "I don't like when a boy and a girl kiss" BUT YOU WOULDN'T SAY THAT. - MUSHROOM

Could you become gay if you wanted to? Being straight isn't a choice either! - Songsta41

LOL so being Lesbian/Gay can be controlled?
Lemme try to be Lesbian right now and see where that gets me...
OHH, Lemme try being Bisexual, No, Maybe Pansexual.
How about you try being gay and liking it? Is it still a choice? No. - Qryzx

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3 They will complain about this list saying it's wrong

Obvious fact of the day: Well, that's because it is! - AnonymousChick

Actually, this list IS wrong. It discriminates against both gays AND bisexuals.

It is! If you realized that, why would you make the list. You want to think about why it's wrong rather than just thinking that people are annoying? - Songsta41

Because it is wrong. - 3DG20

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4 America is so politically correct that they try to force us to like them

Yeah! How dare America enforce equality! - ryanrimmel

It's stupid because if you don't accept them, you will be forced. I don't like people choosing to be gay. I might like the person, but not their choice to be gay. And I will never accept them. - LordDovahkiin

In the 1900s this was considered a mental illness. I still consider it a mental illness. If you came out and said you were gay back then you would be ridiculed. They still should ridicule gays. - TopTensFan

To Lucretia: You do realize that there are millions of people and hundreds in TopTensFan’s area that aren’t homosexuals right? So he doesn’t need luck finding friends, I have over 100 friends in real life that aren’t homosexual

5 You are homophobic

Whoever added this, I salute you - ryanrimmel

Ohh really? I thought this list was about a topic of disliking them.
Homophobic means a disliking of Homosexuals, So technically whoever added this is a hypocritical Homophobe. - Qryzx

This list is so offensive that it's not - BorisRule

Exactly. If you don’t like someone because of their sexuality, then you’re the problem - blackflower

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6 They try to compare being gay to being black

The reasoning on this list is so bad, that I don't even find it offensive. - cosmo

Their is nothing wrong with being gay or black

No they don't, what even made you think that? - Songsta41

Same discrimination - blackflower

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7 They assume the only reason you don't like them is because of your beliefs

Seems like it's your only reason. - Songsta41

If I don't like a person that happens to be gay, it's probably because they're a total dick, not because they're gay. - BeatlesFan1964

No they don't. they are not dumb,but it most surly seems like your reason

I'm a Christian and the bible says that being gay is wrong but that's not the only reason I don't like gay people. Gay guys talk like girls and they think they are girls. They are nasty. - TopTensFan

Ad you kidding me? My fathers are gays. They are more manly than you could be in one thousand years. - AnonymousChick

8 They call Christians homophobic

You sure are being homophobic right now.

If a Christian thinks gays don't deserve civil rights and calls them immoral, that's pretty homophobic - ryanrimmel

And you seem to be living up to the stereotype.

LorDovahkiin is a subhuman along with other homophobics that should be Holocausted!

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9 Guys that turn into women are now in the dating pool so even if you are straight, you have to look out for women that are really men

There are also chicks who pretend to be guys. For the last time, I'm NOT dating someone who doesn't have male anatomy just because she says she's a guy. By that logic, I could enter restricted areas by saying I "self-identify" as authorized personnel.

And that's a reason not to like homosexuals? - Songsta41

That's a dumb reason and I don't like gay peoples actions - Spyrofan35

'guys that turn into women' you mean trans women? - AnonymousChick

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10 They call the Balkan people a homophobic tribe

I am Balkan person and I AM OFFENDED! - BorisRule

They aren't homophobic, but smart - Spyrofan35

We are Homophobic but not tribes if Macedonia Greace Bulgarians

Macedonia-if Macedonia wasent around Ther whould not bean Rome Perisa will conqur the know world

Greace-be you no say Homophobic it's a greak word balkan word

Bulgaria no slavs no Rusia no Rusia Germany then WW2 we will speak germen not

Only Slovini gives you right in Srbia and Macedonia you are hounted lik a shep

Thet is becouse only one balkan state is Gay Marigge legalized Slovinia but that is not all if you call somebody Peder (Which is a oftenn used as a joke) and if ther is a gay (Peder means gay) there gona talk and talk. That's a rare sytionatios but if you are in one yuo gona die of bordeom

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11 They think everyone should accept their life styles.

Well I certainly don't. To be honest, I disagree with their lifestyles and in my eyes I just think homosexuality is wrong. In no way do I think it's ok, and I'm not a homophobe. I still respect homosexuals though. But this list though... The reasoning is bad. If this list had better reasoning, and the title was less "offensive" like for example "Top Ten Problems With Homosexuality" or something I would agree with it. - cosmo

So you're saying that you hate homosexuals, yet you're not a homophobe? Alright... - Absolite

It not a life style and they should be accepted it is not hurting anyone or effecting you in anyway other than adopting children and helping the worlds huge overpopulation problem

My gay sister is a dumb ass

They should - blackflower

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12 It's Adam and Eve not Adam and Steve

Adam and Eve weren't black either! And you don't hear Christians saying the same thing to black people! - SammySpore

Besides religion, what is wrong with homosexuality other than you thinking it's gross? Nothing, there is nothing factually wrong with being gay.


Actually, Lilith was before Eve

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13 It's Adam and Eve not Madam and Eve

Now you're just running out of things to say. - Songsta41

I'm homophobic and proud

Haha but it is for me bitch it’s me and madam everyday - Jada

14 They are sinners

I thought we were all sinners? - AnonymousChick

God created humans. Why tf would he hate gay people then, if he created them? - MUSHROOM

If kissing girls and dating girls and being a girl is a sin then take me to hell and give me all the lady’s 😘😉😌😆 - Jada

15 It's weird and unhuman

I agree.

We are here right? We aren’t robots

No it’s not - blackflower

16 They get angry and call you homophobic if you don´t agree with them (not ALL of them)

That's not a very valid argument (to the other guy commenting) : suppose you're christian :
Me : You believe in god?
You : Yes, I'm a christian person.
Me : But what about bible inconsistencies?
You : Dude...
Me : But why are there atheists if God is all-powerful
Me : So do you believe in science, or are you anti-science and think only god can save you?
You :W-
Me : That's a bit stupid. Christian people are really stupid, how can they exist?
You : Man, stop harrassing me, I'm not in the mood to fight.
Me : But I have really good arguments.
You : BYE!
Me : That's what I hate about christian people! They act so childish and get angry easily when you say things ""against"" them, no matter how many valids arguments you have. Ok, NOT ALL of them act like this, but in my opinion this group is detestable and give a bad impression of what they really are. Ugh.

This is one of the mainly reasons that homosexual people could be hated. They act very childish and get angry easily when you say things ""against"" them, no matter how many valids arguments you have. I repite, NOT ALL of them act like this, but in my opinion this group are detestable and give a bad impression of what they really are =.="

17 A lot of them choose to embrace a disgusting lifestyle
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