Top Ten Reasons Not to Like the Movie of Les Miserables


The Top Ten

1 It Is Singing All The Time

Haha THIS is the best reason NOT to watch Les Mis, a MUSICAL? O-K... - Britgirl

Actually it's an operetta, but it's not like many people will care about the difference (*sniffles*). - Anonymousxcxc

2 It Is Hard To Understand
3 It's Boring If You Don't Know The Story

That's why you watch it...

4 It's Sad

It's an operetta (NOT a musical) that's name translates to The Miserables. What did you think the tone of a musical with a title like that would be? A happy musical? - Anonymousxcxc

It's a musical called les miserables, all you need is a translation

5 It's Repetitive

In what way

6 The Songs Are Drony

You're drony. go see this in west end and you will have a different opinion

7 You Don't Like Musicals

Well, how do you know? I probably love musicals!

8 It Is Long

Not like other blockbuster movies aren't over three hours...

9 Russel Crowe's Singing
10 Hugh Jackman's singing

Hugh Jackman was better than Russel Crowe

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