Top 10 Reasons Not to Make Fun of Fat People

The Top Ten Reasons Not to Make Fun of Fat People

1 Some people can't control their weight

So why are many fat people allowed to be shamed here?

Because my periods made me gain weight.

2 It's inhuman

Agree too.

I totally agree

3 It's disrespectful

And it's also disrespectful to body-shame a skinney person.(no offense)

4 Being overweight lowers self-esteem
5 Life is so much harder for them
6 It makes society seem awful
7 There are a lot of kind people with weight problems
8 Your kids or parents could be overweight
9 They just like to eat

Umm maybe they should control their eating so instead of eating 50 twinkies they can eat a salad. - reviewer321

10 They try to lose weight

Do I want to be over weight forever. No it's not healthy, I hate my fat stomach.
British clothes sizes I'm a size 20 I'm trying to get to a size 14 for my height.

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11 They will sit on you
12 They are just as important as everyone else
13 Sometimes the reason they're fat is genetic

That is true.

14 Eating addiction is extremely difficult to curb
15 They can still be beautiful

Jesy Nelson from Little Mix is very GORGEOUS, BEAUTIFUL, STUNNING AND WONDERFUL! 💖😍

16 Fat shaming won't help their health
17 They're really nice people
18 It's their problem and affecting their health, not yours
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