Top Ten Reasons Not to Make a TheTopTens List About the Positive Side of Justin Bieber


The Top Ten

1 It Won't Get Good Reception from Most TopTenners

But we still have to acknowledge that he still has a good side.

Yep everyone on top tens hate him even me - Matt92647

I'm pretty sure the only two Beliebers on this website are JUSTINBIEBERLOVER and Barneythedinosaurrocks. - Anonymousxcxc

2 It Will Get Bad Comments

It will get 75% bad comments from non-trolls.

3 It Won't Get Favourited
4 You'll Give Yourself a Bad Impression

Yea I will think your some kind of fan girl. That's crazy for Bieber - Matt92647

Should make one for iggy azalea - RockStarr

Especially if it is your first list created as a member.

5 You Won't Get Very Many Followers
6 Loads of People Will Know You Like Justin Bieber
7 You May Get Offended

I won't. I'll make a list about the positive side of Hitler, then.

8 You'll Never Get Away from It
9 You Can't Delete It
10 Everyone On TheTopTens Hates Justin Bieber

There are NO Beliebers in this site! That is a guarantee!

The Contenders

11 Opinion Disrespectors

Beware the opinion disrespectors! - imacg4

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