Don't listen to this list!

Since somebody did this list about why we should never play video games, I'm here to say that I am against this list! So according to this list, I can tell that this person wants to get rid of video games forever. Why would you do this, whoever you are? Do you hate video games? If you do, then you are an anti-gamer. There's a place where every single video game is illegal. That place is Greece! If anybody is caught playing a video game, they shall do jail time for 12 months. That's a whole year! Video games have been banned in Greece since the year 2002. Now, you're probably asking me "Why does this have to do with why video games shouldn't be gone forever?" Well, just because Greece bans every single video game doesn't mean the whole world has to get rid of them. Think about what life would be without them! Did you know a study in America found that playing Super Mario Sunshine makes people more helpful in real life? That's a fact that was from Did You Know Gaming? and ever since I heard about it, I decided to be productive, and be helpful. It all started when I was in Destin, Florida, and I was on a lovely beach. It was sunny & the water was filled with sea kelp. The sea kelp felt so much better than sea weed. (I hate sea weed.) Next, I grabbed a water gun, and I called it FLUDD like the one in Super Mario Sunshine. I was Mario & the water gun I had was FLUDD. So, FLUDD & I were on the beach trying to look for some problems. That's when we found an empty water bottle buried in the sand. When we saw it, I gasped & said "What's this? An empty water bottle buried in the sand. How dare somebody litters on the beach? Come on, FLUDD! We better clean this mess up!" So, I picked up the bottle from the sand & I used FLUDD to wash it off. It felt really good. Picking up the water bottle from the sand & cleaning it up with FLUDD. I feel so good! Another thing that FLUDD & I did was clean up sand off of my family. Every time someone needed some sand off of them, FLUDD & I did the job. I feel so good for doing it because of that game. Thanks, Super Mario Sunshine! If whoever made this list on why we shouldn't play video games isn't convinced that video games should stay with us forever, then they should look at a video made by Alltime10s on YouTube called 10 Surprising Health Benefits of Playing Video Games. So, if like to play video games, then go ahead & play them. Don't listen to anyone that tells you not to play video games, unless they tell you that you're playing too much because too much video games are bad. Thank you for listening!


It all comes down to how much. Although I personally dislike video games, I see nothing wrong with playing them for a brief (under an hour) period every day. It's just that so many people spend so much time staring at a screen. Texting, internet, television, video games. And so little of it actually serves a purpose! Suppose, instead of playing video games for an hour, you were simply to sit still and think? As for the Mario survey… I think you'd find similar results among people who read Charles Dickens. And those ten health benefits… look at all the ways video games negatively impact your health!
To sum it up: video games are fine IN MODERATION.

Here's a challenge for you: In the time you would normally play video games, read Ray Bradbury's "Fahrenheit 451". It's a quick read - you should be done in a week or less. Then compare how you feel. - PetSounds

I agree - Kevie16

It sounds like a stupid list. This person shouldn't tell people what to do. - Kevie16

The list isn't telling people what to do, it's just saying that playing video games is unhealthy. He is trying to persuade people not to play them, but he isn't saying that there should be no video games. - Songsta41

You just shouldn't play superman64 - ikerevievs

I will avoid: Adventures of Lolo series Lemmings series clu clu land busby 3d princess tomato action 52 Shaq fu ET little red hood and of course it's superman 64 - visitor

TF2 is great. But Farenheit 451 is also great. I even put it on my "Most Underrated Dystopian Novels"! - MusicalPony