Top Ten Reasons to Not Read This List

The Top Ten

1 It's a Waste of Time

This should be number one.

Agreed! Should be number 1 - TiGz_BRO

2 You Will Get Tortured By Salami

This happened to me before I even knew about this list. Now it's going to happen again. How thrilling! - Britgirl

3 It Will Make You Go Insane
4 Dora the Explorer Approved This List

Are you telling me that Turkeyasylum is secretly Dora? - BlueTopazIceVanilla

5 You Could Be Making Your Own List
6 The Boggeyman Will Get You
7 It Was Created In October

Oh, crap. It's October already? - PositronWildhawk

8 This Is a Spam
9 Shrek Will Stalk You Forever


10 I Want Attention

The Contenders

11 This Item Will Not Make You Laugh

I actually laughed. - IcetailofWishClan

12 It Has Tempted You
13 Puppies Will Kill You
14 I'm a Troll Living Under a Bridge
15 For However Long It Has Taken You to Read This List, You'll Never Get That Time Back
16 Clowns Will Stab You to Death

I'm so happy I'm not afraid of clowns. - Minecraftcrazy530

17 Chuck Norris Is Behind You

The onlything behind me is a couch. Wait... What is that? It kind of looks like Chuck Norris! - AnonymousChick

18 It Will Make You Question Your Sanity
19 It Doesn't Have Any Interesting Items In It
20 It's Better Then my Last List
21 It Won't Make You Brainier, More Attractive, Make You Lose Weight, Make Your Hair Grow Back...
22 It's Pointless
23 You will Get Brainwashed
24 It Won't Do Your Homework for You
25 It Won't Appreciate the Effort You've Made to View This List Which Gives You Clear Reasons Not to View It
26 You Could Have Made Coffee or Tea
27 It Won't Follow You
28 It Only Has Nine Items
29 It's For People With Asperger's Syndrome
30 It's Offensive and Cruel
31 People Died When Reading This
32 Million Children In Africa Died Because of This List
33 Contains 100% Justin Bieber
34 It Contains "Animal Abuse"
35 This List Insulted the Creator of the Universe
36 It Contains Sexual Things
37 This List Is Violent
38 People Were Injured During the Making of This List
39 This List is Superior Than Your So Called "Sad" Life
40 This List Doesn't Contain Justin Bieber Hatred
41 This List Is Worse Than Adventure Time Comparison With Ebola
42 This List Is Evil and Ironic at the Same Time
43 This List Is the Illuminati
44 Kim Jong Un and CerealGuy Collaborated to Make This List
45 It Was Made by Someone With Nothing Better to Do With Their Time
46 This List Caused Famine
47 This List Wasn't a List
48 This Poor Excuse Is Better Than Your So Called "Sad" Life
49 This List Is Evil Because Wikipedia Said So
50 This List Is Rated 18+
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