My rant on self-harm scars

Who isn't ashamed of their scars? I know I am. Problem is, I can't even keep a two day streak of being clean from self-harm.
Earlier today, I came to realize how far I would go to keep it all hiden, and let me tell you, they're pretty damn extreme. I would rather have a helicopter wasp sting and do nothing about it than letting it show. (I've been stung before. It's not pretty. But I didn't do anything about that either) I would rater wear black skinny jeans during summer than let it show. I would rather wear three shirts than even RISK letting it show. I would turn down wearing dresses, crop tops, shorts, tank tops, or skirts, than letting it f**king show.
Everyone uses this example when explaining why the scars are horrible reminders of how you broke instead of fighting,and'll say it too, but with more details.imagine this:

All of your friends invited you to a pool party you've been five years clean and you and everyone around you who knew have forgotten. You're really excited for this. It's not everyday you get a carefree day with your friends. You put on whatever swimsuit you have for the first time in years, not even noticing the scars. You go over with your friends and take off your coverup. Their faces are horrified to see the white scar marks over your body. You finally realize that they're there and rush away quickly. You don't go back and you don't wear a swimming suit for years to come.

Stuff like that can actually happen and it's pretty embarrasing.Like, once I was in class and someone say one of my scars and made the biggest deal over it. I denied it and said it was something else.

The scars last forever.


Scarred 4 life.

But you shouldn't self harm - ProPanda

Please, don't do it.
hurting yourself is horrible, even when everything goes 2 hell you should hold your head high and be proud.
Let others words and actions drown in the background, because you make you feel and act and think what you feel, act, and think.
You can be better, you are, just don't, please, you are loved by someone, even if u don't know. :) v=thSOeSduSDQ v=rQYxjGfOthk search_query=scars+to+your+beautiful - moonwolf

Https:// v=5y8HVM5g-WU - moonwolf

Dang, I'm very sorry to hear that. Don't worry, I think you're a good person, @AnonymousChick. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

Well,if you don't want to find happiness.then just do it - Nateawesomeness

D: - Skullkid755

Can't you say something nicer? - ModernSpongeBobSucks

Well that is just rude - LordEyeballz

Just kidding :D,DO NOT DO IT(use a fork instead,jk) - Nateawesomeness

Glad you're kidding, if you meant that previous comment to be taken seriously, then this - D: - Skullkid755

That's horrifying. Um.. From my point of view, you're a great gal. - visitor

Great post, you should be a role model - TwilightKitsune

Believe me, I feel your pain bud. I'm sorry. - SansTheComic

Play the blue whale challenge and you'll be proud of it lmao - visitor

No, please no. The final task of that game is...suicide. - visitor

At least you're done wasting the world's precious oxygen lmao - visitor

Bio oil makes scars less noticeable. But don't be ashamed of them. We all have scars, but they're not always visible on the outside. - Catlover2004

I'm sorry to hear that? Do you need someone to talk to? - LordEyeballz