Top 10 Reasons Not to Support the Developer of Yandere Simulator (Yandere Dev)

Ever since it's release, Yandere Simulator has became a very popular game amongst PC gamers, and for a while it has been a big talk among the community being a game about playing as a yandere a psychotic, obsessive person (usually a girl) who will do anything to get their lover to notice them including killing any rivals looking to steal the heart of their senpai. But recently Yandere Simulator has lost a lot of support due to people finding out about how much of a scumbag the developer of Yandere Simulator is also known as "Yandere Dev" this list is about the biggest reasons why he is a bad person and why people should NOT support him and his game. And because was taken off of the internet which held a lot of disturbing facts about Yandere Dev this list is basically a stand-in for it.

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1 Yandere Simulator is a Revenge Act Against High School Girls Who Rejected Him

This is not only the biggest reason why Yandere Dev is a bad person but it also co-exists with several other facts on this list. In his school days Yandere Dev was constantly trying to get with several high school girls that he found attractive but ultimately rejected him - for obvious reasons I listed on this list. And so in an attempt to get his revenge, he made Yandere Simulator in which because the game is basically about killing other high school girls, he can act like he's getting revenge on these girls who justifiably rejected him by killing them. Just vile and disgusting. And to add on to this, as I've said about Senpai in the game being a self-insert of Yandere Dev and making him so "perfect" in the game and having him be the target for several over-sexualized, hot girls is basically making him relive on what he thinks should've happened to him when he was in school. Yandere Dev if you are reading this, leave the internet FOR GOOD! - Virtualman

I can't believe my own sister won't believe this stuff. It's sad knowing that she still watches her favorite YouTube gamers playing this game not being fully aware of the sick-minded nature of Yandere Dev. Yandere Dev, I only have one sentence to say to you: burn in the deepest darkest corner of the seven hells where your soul will be roasted and screaming endlessly for how awful you are! - ModernSpongeBobSucks

I can never look at Yandere Simulator the same way ever again after seeing this list. If my sister (being that she's really into Yandere Simulator videos on YouTube) is unaware of this information, then I need to show her this NOW. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

Just a few months ago, I was a massive fan of Yandere Simulator. Now, I'm digging up information on Kiwifarms so that I can add on to this list. Although the truth is saddening, I'm glad that I now know about the type of person he is

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2 He is a Pedophile

Is there any limitation as to how low this a-hole can sink?! Anyways, there are multiple examples that hint towards his pedophilia, starting within his own game, there is this one girl in the game named "Info-chan" (REALLY?! ) who sells panty-shots to guys in the school for money and you can give her your own panty-shots in exchange for tools and weapons to use against your rivals. Plus a lot of other girls in the game are very over-sexualized with massive breasts and unrealistic looking bodies that are too perfect. On top of that, two of the rivals in the game are a couple of pedophile adults who are also in love with your senpai, first of all very illegal and creepy and also they're even more over-sexualized with breasts as big as their heads if not even bigger. On a side note all of the original characters in the game are drawn by a former hentai artist - need I say more? I wish this was about it about Yandere Dev being a creep but in real life he's even worse, as he like ...more - Virtualman

Did you guys hear that he plans to add even more disturbing features to the "game", such as organ harvesting of male students and selling female students into sex slavery?! This guy either has some really sick fetishes, or he's doing this as a way to feel as if he's getting revenge on the boyfriends of the girls he liked, and the girls who rejected his ugly ass. Is he even TRYING to get Twitch to unban his game?!?!?!

The fact that he's into pedophilia disgusts me, because I myself am a victim (I was once sexually harassed by my own teacher, and this happened when I was a high school freshman.) And now he wants to add a pedophile teacher to the game. This is an insult to anyone who has ever had to deal with pedophiles in real life. You're a disgusting human being.

This is very true. To add to all this evidence, YandereDev, on Tumblr, mentioned in a patronisingly long post he said this in response to somebody calling him out on this issue. (He calls them "N").:

"I attempted to propose the idea of finding another way to determine whether or not someone is “ready” for sex, such as a passing a test that grants a “sex license.”
Regrettably, these concepts were simply too complex for poor “N” to grasp. Intent on forcing me to answer a question that would allow her to brand me as a pedophile, she demanded to know if I would permit a 14-year-old to have sex with a grown man if the 14-year-old had passed the “sex license test” that I had proposed.
Well, obviously, if there’s a test that objectively proves that a person is ready for sex, and a person passes that test, then that person is objectively ready for sex"

HE IS SUGGESTING SOMETHING AS ABSURD as a sex license! He states that a 14-year-old ...more

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3 He Can't Handle Criticism

As we all probably know that when we work on projects of any kind and no matter how well we might do there are going to be a few people who don't find your work satisfactory mostly by finding a flaw or two and what mostly separates a good artist from a bad artist is their ability to accept criticism of all kinds and Yandere Dev is NOT one of them. He has attacked several people including my own sister for criticizing him about his questionable actions both during his free time and him working on the game and he called my sister a "Dirty SJW", first of all - hilariously lame comeback and second of all - real mature dumb schmuck. But she got off easy compared to other people Yandere Dev attacked like this one guy named "Stickman" who pointed out on how Yandere Dev hated this one mod someone made for his game and wasn't afraid to show it either and after Stickman pointed out that person poured a lot of work into making that mod and ended by saying " F**K YOU! ...more - Virtualman

Well, would you look at that? Looks like we got ourselves a Donald Trump clone. Lol

Ugh. Tell me about it. Neither can his fans when we criticize him

Now every time I hear the song "Crybaby", I think of Yanderedev

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4 He is a Misogynist

I read the part of this list that mentions that he's also a Trump supporter.

Of course he is.

Just like Trump, he probably believes that women only exist to please them. Disgusting.

Speaking of how he goes against what SJWs stand for, he has no respect for women and it's shows in his game, where virtually every single female character is over-sexualized and you can easily look up their skirts by panning the camera upwards. He loves to look at super-sexualized pictures of girls with massive breasts and worst of all: he writes rape fan fictions. An example is "I Am Your Slave" where it's about a woman who was born as a sex-slave to oppressive men and only knows about serving men without question, and one day she falls in love with a self-insert of Yandere Dev and is mindlessly willing to do anything he wants. Why do people like this exist? Another example is "Life of a Sex Slave" which is pretty much the same thing and he over-sexualizes the sex sections and it is just appalling. His "stories" are so vomit inducing they make 50 Shades of Gray and Twilight look like Hunger Games and I thought that was impossible! I admit I like looking ...more - Virtualman

I'm honestly not surprised at this point, especially after reading the bit about him being a donald trump fan (I decided not to capitalize his name)

For all you men out there:

I felt the need to post this after regretfully reading horribly sexist online comments on YouTube videos. (not just Yandere Simulator videos. These comments are everywhere.) People like Virtualman and other male feminists are the types of guys that women are really attracted to. It's not about the size of your damn meat! Use your heads. We want to be respected as actual human beings.

Don't believe me? Look at pro-women comments made by males (although they are rare, they exist) Those tend to get several positive comments from women, including ones like "I wish more guys were like you."

This is why I don't support Yanderedev. Despite the fact that he steals from original ideas, he seems to have very little respect for the people of my sex, for reasons already listed. (I read his fanfictions. I regret doing so, but now I know about his appalling sexual fantasies)

Stop with your little-boy behavior. Recognize our ...more

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5 He Plagiarizes Other People's Work

Despite the fact at he hires people to work on his own game for him without pay, he still manages to steal other people's work and pass it off as his own. The most famous example is when he stole a grass texture without permission from someone else's canceled project and put it in his game, and when people pointed him out for this he said "it was a stand-in until I make my own" but honestly that is no excuse. The original maker of the grass texture found out about this and told Yandere Dev he wanted nothing to do with his game and asked him to replace it. Surprisingly Yandere Dev did remove it, but only for a little while because a few updates later he put it back in his game, it's only a matter of time before the original creator finds out about this and hopefully sues him. Plus he has stolen a lot of lines from Undertale and not just famous quotes. Now before you say "It's an Easter egg" well it's only an Easter egg if he took the most famous quotes and put them ...more - Virtualman

Stealing artwork from someone's Deviantart is such a disgusting thing to do. The artist who created those characters poured their heart and soul into their work, just to have it stolen by a famous "developer" and not be credited for it. And if the artist accuses him of stealing her/his work, his stupid fans will just be like: "Get over it! You should feel grateful! " Meanwhile, all credit goes to Yanderedev, and people assume that it was HIS idea!

In his latest video, he stole artwork from three different people and refused to credit them at all! Now, he's losing more fans because of it. He clearly hasn't learned anything from stealing the nemesis design and the grass. What a complete idiot!

Good god. Yanderedev is starting to sound like a modern version of James Watson and Francis Crick!

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6 He Doesn't Pay His Volunteers Who Work on His Game

He's rich, he has all the time in the world to make his own game and yet he prefers to have other people do his work for him, and he wants them to do it for free and not expect a single penny in return. Yep typical example of how lazy some rich people can be. He's probably the same person who asked if he can go to school for two days a year and have the teachers do all his school work for him, as well as give him his baby bottle during lunch break and end with a stroller ride all the way home by the principle. - Virtualman

With all of the money he inherited from his parents, and the money he's getting off of Patreon, you would think he would be able to pay them what they deserve. How hard does he work on his own game? He's always streaming on Twitch! In fact, he's playing games on Twitch as I type this out! His volunteers are basically doing all of the work for him, yet he's the one making all of the money! Game developer my @ss

A volunteer is someone who works for free.

His slav- oops! I meant to say volunteers are the ones doing all the work on the game. And if Alex is rich and getting money off of patreon, the least he can do is pay them and credit their work!

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7 His Characters are Horribly Designed

All of his characters aside from being over-sexualized to the point to where it look like a hentai without the sex, tentacles groping all the unnatural looking girls and guys with d **ks so big they have to pee in the bath tub, that is if they can fit them through the bathroom door. They are not only just pre-existing Unity Store Assets he just took because he felt like it but a majority of his characters have names that are actual words both in Japanese and English an example is Osoro which mean's awful in Japan. And here's a few more:
- Midori Gurin (Green Green)
- Budo Masuta (Martial Arts Master)
- Ryoba (Knife)
- Mai Waifu (sounds like "My Wife")
- Mida Rana (Indecent)
- Kizana Sunobu (Snob Snob)
- Amai Okayada (Sweet Gentle)
- Sakyu Basu & Inkyu Basu (sounds like "Succubus and Incubus")
- Osana Najimi (Childhood Friend)
- Kuu their (Kuudere): An anime character cliche that is the opposite on Yandere or someone who is cold, ...more - Virtualman

It's not just the characters. His entire game is horribly designed, too! If I run in the game, the frame rate drops even faster that Trump's popularity is going to drop in a few months. Often times, the fps is in the single digits. His code was also heavily criticized by another game dev, and instead of taking his advice to improve the quality of his coding, he cried about it like a b*tch and immediately decided that he hated him for criticizing his awful code.

Not to mention, the default uniforms the characters wear are middle school uniforms. The only time Japanese students wear sailor uniforms is when they are in middle school, and Yandere Simulator takes place at a High School. Anime high school girls and real life high school girls in Japan typically wear blazers, button down shirts or neckties to school, but they never wear sailor uniforms.

Love Me suddenly isn't looking too bad now, huh?! At least in that game the characters have unique designs and personalities, not to mention variety in height, skin tone, and body shape. Also, that game is going to have LGBT characters. I don't consider it a YanSim spin-off. I consider it an improvement

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8 He Hates Social Justice Warriors

I remember how he trash-talked SJWs in his "Warning to Game Developers" video, which was basically a video of him whining about the fact that his so-called "game" was banned from twitch. He believes that Twitch was taken over by SJWs, which is why YanSim was banned from it. So stupid. Instead of blaming people like us for it ( I do consider myself to be an SJW), maybe the reason it was banned was because, oh I don't know, his garbage game is polluted with minor sexualization, stolen assets, game-breaking bugs, torture and murder of high school students, panty-shots, partial nudity, even possible rape. Although rape is not in the " game" yet, there are hints that suggest that it might eventually be included. Ayano's mom supposedly raped her Senpai to have Ayano, and from what I heard, it might eventually become possible to rape your kidnapped victims in YanSim. What. The. Hell.

For those Who don't know: Social Justice Warriors or SJWs are people who are trying to disband all inequality so no matter who you are or how you were born you will be treated with respect an welcome in this world, unless you're like a murderer, pedophile, animal or child abuser, kidnapper, racist, homophobe, misogynist, terrorist or so and so forth. To Yandere Dev SJW means: A whiny, insensitive, attention-craving, bully who will blindly attack anyone who doesn't think the same way they do, which is obviously not true. There are a few people who are like that but those are extremists and us normal SJWs don't want anything to do with them. History lesson: Ever since the birth of Jesus and all the way to the 1980's people were very discriminative back then to the point where it was the norm. Basically if you weren't born as a white, straight, man; particularly a rich one you will be treated as, an object, as second class or even as a criminal who could end up being punished by being ...more - Virtualman

He seems proud of the fact that he hates us, too. How many times has he mentioned that he is anti SJW again?

Hey, Yandev! Guess what! If you're reading this, I'm an SJW who owns a pro SJW tumblr, and I voted for Hillary! You scared of me yet?

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9 He Wants to Add Rape to His Game

He even said he wants torture to be like the interrogation scene in "Bullet Girls 2" Enough said

THIS needs to be much higher

If this is true, and he is actually sadistic enough to do this, his fans should have NO reason to keep supporting him. (But they probably still will. After all, lots of these fools still side with him even after Azzman's video about Yandev and the whole grass texture thing)


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10 He Was Known as "Evaxephon" on Twitch Before Becoming "Yandere Dev"

Before becoming Yandere Dev he was known as EvaXephon on Twitch and he was very infamous back then for harassing other people by spamming links to his awful streams and a lot of people hated him for it, also they reported and blocked him a lot because of this. Plus his game got banned banned on Twitch and no one is allowed to stream it or else they will be banned themselves, probably partially because of his bad history on Twitch. - Virtualman

Wait, is this true?!?!?!? I knew EvaXephon before Yandere Simulator was a thing, and I hated him! He was a complete creep who would always whine about the fact that he didn't have a girlfriend, and he would make frequent comments on breast sizes of underaged girls. I've also seen one or two of his streams, which were awful! If they are indeed the same person, people need to know about this right away!

He needs to stop crying over Twitch and put actual effort into Yansim

Hah I remember when an ex-volunteer revealed that he was EvaXephon and Yanderedev tried to deny it! Now everyone knows about who he used to be. Looks like Yandev is learning that once you do/say stupid things on the Internet, it never goes away

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11 He refuses to credit people for their work
12 Progress on his game is ridiculously slow

Yup, He's so slow how pathetic! There are other lone game developers that can code much better and faster than Yandere Dev and they finish the game in 12 days, but Yandere Dev is so lazy to add Osana to the game, he was able to add Oka, but not Osana?! How pathetic, this person does nothing but whine about everything, copy other people's work, and he streams video games instead of working on the game, worst of all he lives with his rich parents, how rude to not pay his volunteers, I bet he just wants to keep the money to himself, and his parents are blind to this and decide to spoil him like a baby, if I was his mom or dad, I would throw Yandere Dev outside and yell have fun being homeless

Well, surprise! A new update for edgy fetish simulator just came out, and instead of working on implementing the first rival he gave the character models horrible new eye textures. I honestly ain't surprised at this point

I'm a time traveler from the year 3069! Yandere Simulator finally came out, you guys! Too bad everyone else moved on to better games

Tell me about it. I just found out that Yan Sim is going to have yet another week long delay

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13 He's a Liar

Despite the fact that he says that he doesn't have a lot of money or time on his hands to work on Yandere Simulator and that he's having a hard time finding people to help him with his game, this is all NOT TRUE! In fact he's actually very rich living in a huge mansion with his parents as someone found out where he lives and took a picture of where he lives and has little to no work to do mainly because he has no job - I wonder why. He also manages to find plenty of volunteers but they all eventually bail out on Yandere Dev because he doesn't pay them anything despite the fact that he's rich - this will come back later. - Virtualman

It's funny how he claims that he's always busy working on his stupid game, yet he's always lurking on Reddit, streaming on Twitch, and watching anime. I don't think he works as hard as he wants people to believe.

His biggest lie would have to be when he refers to himself as a game developer, when he can't make animations, 3D models, or environments without a million volunteers to slave away at his "game" for him. Whenever he does try to make something on his own, he just directly steals from people who actually have the talent to produce high quality models.

"I don't take any vacations." He says, yet he takes vacations all the time! Yet his gullible fans still believe this garbage?!?!

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14 Yandere-chan Isn't Even a Real Yandere

Now that Yandere-Kun might be added to the game, I wonder what he will be like? Will he be just as boring and plain as the female version of him?

Aren't yanderes supposed to be, you know, very emotional, mentally unstable and deranged people?! If Ayano is a Yandere then she is by far the most plain and lousy excuse of one that I have ever seen

Not to mention, she is boring as hell. Yanderedev, if you're reading this, stop trying to make your game seem so edgy! It's getting ridiculous, and making a million emotionless characters does not make the "game" more edgy and mysterious. It just makes the charaters bland and forgettable

15 His Coding Abilities are Terrible

To the individual who said that this list shouldn't exist:

I am the sister of the TopTens user Virtualman, who is also the man who created this list. I admit that Yanderdev does have a great idea for a game. However, you really should know more about a developer before you decide to support them. I used to be a fan of Yanderedev and his game, but there is a lot of evidence around the internet that suggests that he's not the type of person he wishes to be seen as. Many of his volunteers have quit working for him for different reasons, although many volunteers who did quit all said the same thing: he's a greedy developer who never pays his volunteers who work on the game for him, despite the fact that he's getting a lot of money off of Patreon and still lives with his wealthy parents. Also, I have seen the way he responds to criticism, and based on what I have seen, he cannot handle any form of criticism whatsoever. He's incredibly rude to many of his own supporters as well, ...more

Can I say something? This list shouldn't even exist. Yandere Simulator is a great game, and Yandere Dev is working his butt off on it. How would you like it if you spend 12 hours a day 7 days a week, just working on a game, pushing aside your whole social life, not hanging out with your friends, doing nothing. Just working on a game. And a lot of people are criticising you for absolutely no reason?! Look, I'm sorry for ranting, and I'm sorry if I sounded rude, but think about it. And remember...if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all.

This list wouldn't even exist if this was all a bunch of lies, and need I remind you that it's NOT Yandere Dev who's working "12 hours a day, 7 days a week" it's his volunteers who don't get any form of payment from "master Yandere Dev". You can believe in what you want but remember this: I've seen how he behaves and so have many others and not just on this list either. And if there's THIS many people who are saying the same mean things about Yandere Dev - that lying, creepy, greedy, angry, vile, selfish, lazy, sexist, incest-supporting, vengeful, narcissistic, self-centered, pedophile loser who calls himself a game developer. Who goes all Donald Trump - in being a whiny, immature, vulgar brat who even DARES to criticize his game in the slightest or question his disturbing actions, who looks down on good people who fight for whats right and overall: feels like he's getting "salvation" by killing high school girls who rejected his sorry ass in school by making a game about killing high ...more - Virtualman

Mike Z (a professional game developer) said the same thing. Although I'm not tech savvy enough to understand how coding works, if someone like Mike Z criticized his code, then it must be pretty bad.

Y'all keep saying "this list shouldn't exist, blah blah blah..." Have you even tried to read all of the evidence against yanderedev, or are you just incapable of facing the truth?

16 He hires artists that sexualize minors and draw fetish art

Also, why the hell does Kjech feel the need to draw all the female characters blushing as if they were in a hentai? Why does he have to make it so obvious where their crotches are when he draws the clothing folds? Why is the nurse's breasts blushing?!?!?

Kjech can't ever draw normal looking legs

Also, Kjech can't draw legs at all. Or male bodies. Budo looks like he has female breasts.

And the worst part is: since kjech started drawing that horrible fetish art, Yandev's fans have been doing the same thing when they make fanart of Yansim. I can't tell you how much sexual art of the characters is on deviantart. It's disgusting

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17 He's a homophobe

Let's face it: he claims that there are no gay characters because it's "unrealistic" for Japanese students to openly admit that they are gay, but he just doesn't want LGBT characters because he hates gays, especially male ones.

He said he didn't want to add a male yandere to the game because the thought of him falling for a male Senpai makes him uncomfortable, apparently. I'm honesty kind of shocked that he still put Yandere-Kun in the game. Probably the reason he did was because a lot of fans wanted a male option. Let's face it, though: male yanderes kill his boner, and he just wants to be able to jerk off while working on Yansim.

He seems to like lesbians, but openly fears and hates gay men. No wonder he doesn't want male yanderes. If you have one in the game, you would be able to pair him with his self-insert Senpai, and that thought is too unbearable for poor Yandev.

18 He never learns from his mistakes

-Someone on Kiwifarms finds out about the grass texture Yanderedev stole from Doug Clayton.
-they email Doug, who replies by saying he wants nothing to do with Yanderedev's game
-Yanderedev temporarily replaces the grass
-A few updates later, it's back in the game
-He is accused of being a plagiarist
-He makes tiny, barely noticeable adjustments to the grass and claims it as his own
-Immediately after that, he goes right back to stealing people's work and ideas

19 He's Mean to His Fans

He's a total degenerate to ANYONE, as he only has three ways of replying: lying, sarcastic rudeness and rabid-hyena crybaby. The best example of this is when he added an "easter egg" to his game where you get to play as this character called "Ebola-chan" (once again - really creative) and you get to run around and kill people by giving them ebola. This of course outraged a lot of people as it is borderline offensive to people who have died and/or have friends and relatives who've died from ebola. Then Yan Dev replies with this on Reddit: "What? There are actually people who are offended with Ebola-mode? How stupid. That makes me want to add Malaria-sama and AIDS-san to the game. Next up, Cancer-san and Bubonic Plague-sama." You know what? This cancerous, living-plague, ass deserves to die from all of those diseases. As well as those supportive, warped 9-year old psychos that are actually praising him for it! - Virtualman

I've seen him reply to questions asked by his fans, and he is so incredibly rude when someone makes a suggestion or asks a question that he doesn't like. I've seen him reply to people by telling them that their questions are stupid, or that they are idiots for not reading the faq. Wow. His social skills are on point. (sarcasm)

How are his fans still so loyal towards someone who calls people's questions stupid and refuses to take any of their suggestions?

The character Midori represents the fanbase, and Yanderedev brutally murders her all the time for asking logical questions. How are his fans not disturbed by this?

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20 He Knows Nothing about Yanderes

He knows yanderes as much as Donald Trump knows on how to treat women, in other words: HE KNOWS NOTHING! His version of a yandere in the form of "Yandere-Chan" is emotionless which makes her not care about killing anyone and that it's inherited from her mother, but real yanderes are solely motivated by emotion and their emotions drive them into obsession over their crushes (senpai) by their creepy love for him/her and grow angry when they see any competition to get their senpai and will kill any rivals out of anger and fear for that the yandere's competitors might steal their target for love. You can't create your own version of a yandere by making them emotionless, it's like making your own version of the wheel by making it square, IT DOESN'T WORK! - Virtualman

A majority of Yanderedev's fans are tweens and younger, so they likely wouldn't have much understanding on what a true yandere is. (especially since most yanderes come from animes that are meant for much older audiences). That could explain why he has so many fans agreeing to his point of view on what a yandere is. However, Virtualman is right when he says that Ayano is not a real yandere. Yanderes are meant to be very emotional and unstable characters, who try to hide their possessive side by appearing sweet and charming. Also, the reason why yanderes like Yuno are so popular is because they are meant to be very colorful characters in terms of personality, which Yuno is. Ayano literally has no personality, which not only makes no sense (since yanderes are supposed to have a colorful personality),but also makes her a very bland, blank slate of a character.

Just because she brutally murders people that doesn't mean she qualifies as a yandere. Isn't it ironic that Ayano isn't even a true Yandere despite the fact that the game is literally called Yandere Simulator?!

Not only are his yandere characters rather lame, but they are pretty boring looking for yanderes, too. Compare Ayano to female Yanderes like Yuno from Mirai Nikki and then compare Yandere-Kun to male Yanderes like Damiya from Kemono no Souja Erin. Now ask yourself: Don't they seem pretty lousy in comparison?

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