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21 He Knows Nothing about Yanderes

He knows yanderes as much as Donald Trump knows on how to treat women, in other words: HE KNOWS NOTHING! His version of a yandere in the form of "Yandere-Chan" is emotionless which makes her not care about killing anyone and that it's inherited from her mother, but real yanderes are solely motivated by emotion and their emotions drive them into obsession over their crushes (senpai) by their creepy love for him/her and grow angry when they see any competition to get their senpai and will kill any rivals out of anger and fear for that the yandere's competitors might steal their target for love. You can't create your own version of a yandere by making them emotionless, it's like making your own version of the wheel by making it square, IT DOESN'T WORK! - Virtualman

A majority of Yanderedev's fans are tweens and younger, so they likely wouldn't have much understanding on what a true yandere is. (especially since most yanderes come from animes that are meant for much older audiences). That could explain why he has so many fans agreeing to his point of view on what a yandere is. However, Virtualman is right when he says that Ayano is not a real yandere. Yanderes are meant to be very emotional and unstable characters, who try to hide their possessive side by appearing sweet and charming. Also, the reason why yanderes like Yuno are so popular is because they are meant to be very colorful characters in terms of personality, which Yuno is. Ayano literally has no personality, which not only makes no sense (since yanderes are supposed to have a colorful personality),but also makes her a very bland, blank slate of a character.

Just because she brutally murders people that doesn't mean she qualifies as a yandere. Isn't it ironic that Ayano isn't even a true Yandere despite the fact that the game is literally called Yandere Simulator?!

Not only are his yandere characters rather lame, but they are pretty boring looking for yanderes, too. Compare Ayano to female Yanderes like Yuno from Mirai Nikki and then compare Yandere-Kun to male Yanderes like Damiya from Kemono no Souja Erin. Now ask yourself: Don't they seem pretty lousy in comparison?

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22 His fans are stupid and annoying

The moment someone mentions the truth about Yanderedev, his fans appear out of nowhere to cry and whine about how their "Devpai" is oh-so innocent and hardworking and how he deserves a break (like he already doesn't take enough vacations) That's kind of like what's happening on this list. Someone keeps coming back to whine about this list being full of lies. It's like this half-wit didn't even bother reading all of this evidence at all.

Tell me about it, I'm getting real sick of that 8-year old twit! Besides I'm wondering why he/she is wasting time on my list while he/she should be jerking off master Yan Dev right now. - Virtualman

At least one of them is lurking this list right now!

How do they still support him after all he's done?

His fans are a basket of deplorables.

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23 His Game is Extremely Glitchy

His game has more bugs than the Amazon and it lags non-stop with the frame-rates-per-second dropping at more or less the same speed as Donald Trump's approval ratings! It's a very unstable game to say the least. - Virtualman

When his game explodes from all the bugs, I'm gonna be laughing. That game really is like the Amazon

Tell me about it. Someone needs to call pest control because his game is overrun with bugs!

24 He promised Osana would be ready at the end of 2016

It's now May 25th, 2017. And he's still looking for more ACTUALLY ORIGINAL games to steal from before he he even touches Osana. - Virtualman

It's now May 5th, 2017. At this point I'll be shocked if she ever gets done

It's mid-April of 2017 now, Where is she?

May 28, 2017

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25 He used to wish death on his own parents

How dare you want me to be a successful, productive member of society!? I hate you, dad!

Wow. Just wow.

And I used to support this moron! I was so hyped for this game until I learned about Kiwifarms, Stop-Yanderedev, and this list

He just wants his son to go to college, and he threatens to kill him?!?! How spoiled is this dirty pasty white rat?

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26 He is transphobic

This b*tch even said that the whole transgender bathroom debate was just "whining', which is funny because that's all he ever does.

This b*tch has been known to make fun of and insult both transgender and homosexual people under his username Evaxephon. But he's a trump supporter, so this honestly doesn't surprise me

Being that he's sexist and anti SJW, this doesn't shock me. He's one of those deplorable Trump lovers. He's probably racist too😒

27 He made an 18 minute "warning to all game developers" where he just whines that Yandere Simulator isn't allowed on Twitch

Ugh. I remember that awful video.

The bastard shouldn't whine, like a little 12 year old, but Yandere Sim SHOULD be allowed on Twitch. - FrozenHatingPokefan

18 minutes of pure whining. And I just LOVE how he has to blame everything on those "dirty SJWs"

Why should this joke of a game be allowed on Twitch? It's literally about the brutal murder and objectification of school CHILDREN. And if he really will go as far as to add rape, organ harvesting, and sex slavery to the game, then it's no wonder it's banned.
"I don't understand why my game is banned! Thinking is HARD! "-Yanderedev

28 He tries way too hard to make his "game" seem edgy

His character descriptions, especially for the whole tortured artist guy, are a perfect example of this.

And now he's bringing back that ugly 2edgy4me goth girl from his other game, and making her the Light Music Club leader. Only, instead of her name being Luna, it's Miyuji Shan (Musician. Ha. Ha. So clever.)

Speaking of Luna, I downloaded the Yandere Simulator mod that adds every rival and club leader to the game just so I could murder the Luna lookalike a thousand times (since she's Yanderedev's waifu, I can feel like I'm getting my revenge on him by killing her in his horrid "game")

*Kuu their. their autocorrected to their

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29 He makes excuses to avoid working on the game

"Oh, I won't be able to make much progress on Osana because I'm busy with taxes and stuff."
*Streams video games for hours every single night instead of using that time to work on Yansim.*

"I take one day off every month." Bull! Are his fans so stupid that they believe this is actually true?! How gullible are these people?

30 The FPS is in the single digits

Imagine how massive the game will be when it gets done (IF it ever does) This thing would break my computer!

Plus, this game is already over 2GB, and Osana isn't even in the game yet!

2GB?! Not even the Sims 3 is that massive

31 There's no character diversity

All the characters have the same boring eye shape, too. And although most amines are not very diverse in terms of facial features, body types, or skin tone either, at least a majority of animes can give their characters different eye shapes!

Every character looks exactly the same. The only way to tell them apart is by their hair color and style. If you removed the hair of every character, you wouldn't be able to tell which character was which.

32 He complains about emails all the time

Who can forget about that 20 minute video he made about emails? He could have used that time to make progress on Yansim, but NO!
Or, you know, just stop reading them

33 He can't decide whether he wants the game to be realistic or unrealistic

"There are no openly gay characters in Yanderesim because it is unrealistic. Japanese students typically don't come out of the closet until graduation."
"My characters personalities are not supposed to be realistic! It's an anime trope! "
"My game is not supposed to be realistic! That's why the students still come to school even when there have been murder reports there! "
"The game is supposed to be realistic! That's why the school doesn't have bigger lockers! "
Make. Up. Your. Mind.

34 He can't even pronounce the name of his game correctly

Yahn-dare-ay Simulator. Ugh. I always cringe my butt off when he says it like that. He makes it sound so white and ugly and American

When will he realize that it's pronounced yawn-duhr-eh?

35 He's making Yandere Simulator as a way to get back at Mike Z
36 He called the anti-Trump protests "glorified whining"

It's confirmed. This idiot is a deplorable Trump worshipper

Human scum. If he loves donald rump so much, he should get with that b*tch. (But we all know he never would because the thought of being with another male is unbearable to him)

37 He's a Trump supporter

(I REFUSE to capitalize his last name) It's depressing knowing his approval ratings are still above the 10% margin. AT LEAST 30% OF AmericanS ARE SO STUPID THEY STILL SUPPORT HIM AFTER ALL THIS TIME! Knowing I am surrounded by such stupid people makes me lose faith in humanity

This is a big one, especially since a majority of people loathe Trump and his approval ratings are now lower than ever.

Because, you know, Social Justice Warriors are just oh-so evil and horrible for wanting equality in the world

38 He's racist

One of his sponsors, an idiot with the username Plaape, had a black sun as their logo, which, for those of you who don't know, is a nazi symbol.

The black sun thing has always concerned me. Does Yanderedev even know what it is?! Does he even CARE?!?!?

39 He's a spoiled brat

He's rich. All he does under the username EvaXephon is whine, and his mother even brings him snacks while he streams games on twitch. He wants to kill his dad for trying to get him to go to college, and he's too weak and sheltered to handle criticism. And he complains that SJWs are whiny

He would die of starvation if his mom didn't bring him tendies during every live stream

40 He lives with his rich parents

Yet he claims he's busy with taxes and not rich enough to pay the people who slave away at his game for him

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