Apparently no one seems to understand the point I'm trying to get across with this list.

Keep in mind I just wanna make this post nice and simple and not get into any unnecessary heated arguments and drama. Also any specific users I'll be mentioning in this post, I'll mainly refer to them by the first letter in their username just to protect their indentity.

This is mainly an anti-trolling list, but it's only targeted at a specific kind of trolling, which is intentional trolling. As the user who I will refer to as R stated, there are two types of trolling: Harmless trolling and intentional trolling. I already made a list stating intentional trolling is objectively bad, but I mainly screwed up the title which was a mistake I'm not proud of. On that list though I did state the differences between harmless trolling and intentional trolling, but admin (like the absolute "professional" he is) removed the description for some stupid reason (plus I had it community votable but he also made it self-moderated). So I tried making another list like that with the same description and community votable style, but guess what? Admin changed it again.

But regardless, this whole list is still against intentional trolling and how I state it's an objectively bad internet act. Wanna know why I think it is? Well it should already be obvious enough shouldn't it be? Intentional trolls TRY to get others online angry. They TRY to get into unnecessary heated argumemts and provoke anger. "Oh but it's the troll feeder's fault!" The troll started in the first place and that's fact. The troll feeder mainly chose to feed said troll. Technically though they're both not good role models but I would say the troll is far worse as he started the whole argument for a matter of fact. I know I'm a little guilty of feeding some trolls on some of my old accounts but I mainly did it because I didn't want any of them making me look bad or spreading any lies about me. That's one hard thing about not feeding trolls is that they try to make you look bad with comments and such, so that to me a little more of a challenge to avoid them if they might spread lies about you (now I'm not too sure of how common this is so if it is common enough or not then feel free to correct me).

Also you're probably wondering what is the difference between harmless trolling and intentional trolling? Harmless trolling would be trying to imitate a certain celebrity (ex: Donald Trump). Intentional trolling on the other hand would be purposefully trying to get a reaction out of someone and is what most consider a troll.

And about people's opinions on said forms of trolling. Now harmless trolling I understand why you would like. Enjoy it, I really couldn't care any less about it anyway. But intentional trolling on the other hand, if you actually do support that kind of trolling, then I'm afraid that's an opinion that is not worthy of any respect because you're pretty much supporting an online douchebag and douchebaggery alone is NEVER a good sign. Seriously, intentional trolling is bad and should not be encouraged at all. Also when I stated that those who do support trolling on this site are immature idiots, I was mainly referring to the ones who do in fact support intentional trolling (which is another mistake I'm also not proud of). But who can really blame me? I say for a matter of fact that intentional trolling is objectively bad and deserves no respect whatsoever.

Me and my friends (not saying who but let's call them both M and C). had to deal with so many trolls on this site throughout the years. I remember on my second account that two trolls (who I will refer to as both B and A) attempted to get into heated arguments with me on my list of Bands Everyone Is Sick of Hearing About, but they both failed to realize that that list was in no way an attack on any of those bands. It was simply stating that those bands are overplayed and that everyone wants to hear something new and original (A was mainly ignorant and deluded into thinking that B was in no was trolling me even though he in fact was). Then B literally had the nerve to flame message me and call me and "ignorant child". That alone made me block and report him. But Admin for some incredibly stupid reason would not terminate him or let me expose him (there's another reason why I'm referring these users to the first initials in their usernames).

So in conclusion, all I'm saying is that I really, really hope you all understand that I'm only out to get intentional trolling because it really is a serious problem plaguing the whole site. Nothing about intentional trolling is good so let's all just live with common sense and understand that it could result in major consequences (the biggest one is getting your account deleted). And yes, I know I should've worded the title/description of this list better so I apologize for that. Just know that this list is only against intentional trolling, NOT harmless trolling. That's all I'm gonna say.