Top Ten Reasons to Not Watch Disney Channel

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1 Bad TV Shows

The only good shows are: Good Luck Charlie, Gravity Falls, Wander Over Yonder, and the mickey mouse cartoons

The only bad shows are definitely Phineas and Ferb, Jessie, Suite Life on Deck, and a billion other shows.

Like all of their shows are hot garbege.

There are a lot of bad shows such as Boyster, and more. But there are also good shows. There are good shows like Phinease and Ferb, Camp Lakebottom, Gravity Falls, and more.

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2 Most of them are suckish sitcoms

For a company targeted for kids, this isn't the best way to go.

Boy meets world was great, I bet Girl meets world is gonna suck at least we get another animated series, Star and the Forces of Evil. Jessie, and I didn't do it is the worst shows on Disney Channel

I've given up completely on Disney Channel sitcoms. They're more like

3 Jessie

Do anybody notice that this show comes on too much? Gravity Falls is better and it barely comes on

This show is horrendous and is a great reason to avoid this channel

Terrible show indeed.

Gravity falls is the only show I like. The other ones are just too cchildish

4 They only let all their shows have 4 seasons, but most cancel after season 3

How come Phineas and Ferb aired over 7 years and they aren't cancelled. that show is lame and no one likes it

5 The old Disney stars make Disney look bad because of their actions

Miley Cyrus, Selena Gomez, Lindsay Lohan... do I need to say more?

6 Disney hates black people


They always focus on white people, especially blondes who care too much about themselves

Not all, The Proud Family is made for Black People - Adamshane1999

I agree #amarbury_3

7 Most shows have singing in it

Yeah there songs are bad and not nice to hear but she movies have nice songs like frozen

8 Cheesy, and Offensive Jokes

Jessie, Shake it up, ant farm do I need to say more?

Cheesy is an understatement! LOL

9 Mostly focuses on girls
10 There's way too many stereotypes in a lot of their sitcoms

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11 They are all the same except all the animated series, not counting fish hooks

Because fish hooks also focuses in high school

12 Disney Stars are a very bad influence

The Disney actors in real life NOT are horrible in acting but they are set very bad example.

13 Disney Channel turns kids into bullies
14 Disney makes fun of people who can't eat gluten
15 All Disney Channel sitcom characters are annoying
16 They teach kids it’s ok to put down other people
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