Top Ten Reasons the Nutshack Needs a Third Season


The Top Ten

1 We get to listen to the theme song more

It's the best theme song ever. There has to be more. - Swellow

Let's start season 3, who's with me?

Best anime list of all time 10/10 - Martinglez

I'm surprised you had Te balls to make this list. Mr. Enter and his fanbots would've destroyed you for it (just saying).

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2 More dickman

The Sexiest Anime Hero. - Puga

He raised Phil and loves the ladies! - Swellow

Tito, Dick, Dickman baby!

It's not even that funny. The Nutshack sucks. - Fandomstuck

3 More of horatio's attractive voice

Horst needs to become a meme

4 Because it's the nutshack
5 Because we can eat grapes to it

I got grapes!

6 It is the most successful musical of all time
7 It can cure our clinical depression
8 It can do a crossover with Johnny Test
9 It can have a crossover with Pickle and Peanut
10 Because the world needs more cherry pie

Remember; She's still a virgin. - Swellow

The Contenders

11 Because jack is still learning
12 Because most methods being planned are very idealistic
13 It has a deep philosophy of its own

It's the nutshack - StephanTheIdiot

14 LeafyIsHere likes it
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