Top 10 Reasons Obama Is a Bad President

The Top Ten

1 Released Terrorists

Did not deserve noble peace prize he put the us in a hole but its okay because trump is making america great again - moeegertrox

Released 5 active terrorist leaders for an American traitor. Dude, buff said!

He's an Islamist. Simple as that.

2 He is a Coward

His inaction in Syria cost millions of lives and displaced millions more

Better than being war-crazed Bush Jr.

3 Prejudged Michael Brown Case

He has no power what so ever over any case - mr_crossover27

Brown case, Zimmerman case, beer professor case... the man is 0-3 in predictions and each time it rips our country apart.

Every cop in America will suffer because Obama was so wrong about this case.

4 He Lies

Number One.

5 Always On Vacation

Trump had more days off. - DarkBoi-X

Well every president needs a break! Duh..

6 Doesn't Follow U.S. Policy
7 He Makes Stupid Deals With Other Countries

He obviously does not care about Americans who are homeless and starving, keeps giving money to other countries.

8 He is Democrat

You do realise he hasn't done anything about terrorism or immigration because of the Congress. Which I'd like to point out is stuffed with Republicans. - IronSabbathPriest


Ok and? - B1ueNew

9 Obama Care

It's still an insurance, meaning a corrupt system. He should have changed it based on the Canadian or European Healthcare system. This means he would have all the Insurance companies against him and a radical change, but isn't it why he is the president with the power to do it?

Why does everyone hate Obama Care? It's like the NHS. Are you saying people should just die if they get seriously ill and don't have the money? - IronSabbathPriest

Premiums have continually gone up, and many people cannot afford it. - Therandom

States should control healthcare; it's what the people in the state want

Obamacare: so people can take others money, so they can go to the doctor. What about the hard working citizens, they can't go to the doctor apparently.

10 He Lets Illegal Immigrants Cross the Border

Actually, he deported more than any other President. - Alpha101

Who told you that. He didn't deport anyone. Liberals WANT illegal immigrants into the country, which is why they are against the border wall Trump's going to build. Because it blocks illegal immigrants from coming into our country. - LordDovahkiin

The Contenders

11 Hasn't Done Anything About Immigration
12 He Would Let American Citizens Die
13 He Takes Bribes

What's new? - Alpha101

14 He Does Not Do Anything About Terrorism

He got bin laden killed

15 Hasn't Tried to Solve the V.A. Problem
16 He Paid People to Vote for Him

Don't forget the fact that people called you racist, if you didn't vote for him. - LordDovahkiin

17 He Supports the Right to Abortion

Abortion is not murder get some braincells and learn. No baby suddenly appears in the womb fully grown, they start looking like some tadpoles then shrimp then turn more human, but grow all the body parts.


Yes, because forcing people to undergo a painful pregnancy in order to bare a child they did not want in the first place is a good idea. - Alpha101

18 He's All Talk

He does manage to defeat ISIS and I don't have to in 2030, I will respect him, but I doubt he will. - Therandom

How hard is it to send troops after ISIS? Next president could be Charlie Sheen for all I care. - Puga

I'd vote for Jeffrey Dahmer over his jive turkey ass but Charlie Sheen would be good too - bobbythebrony

19 He Killed Muammar Gaddafi

Gaddafi's death destroyed libya and obama was behind
hillary clinton: "we came we saw, he died"

20 Legalized Gay Marriage

I don't know if this is the worst thing, but I still think the idea is ridiculous :/ - Crizz

21 Having Hillary Clinton As Secretary of State
22 He is Nicer to Other Countries Than the United States
23 Raised the National Debt from 9 to 18 Trillion
24 He Put a Muslim with Terrorist Connections on Homeland Security Committee
25 He is Intentionally Trying to Destroy America

EVERY liberal is. - LordDovahkiin

26 He Has Started a Race War in America
27 He Faked Osama Bin Laden's Death
28 He Did Nothing
29 His Fans
30 He Puts Other Nations Before His Own
31 He stole his campaign slogan from Bob the Builder
32 He Killed the Economy

AND blamed Bush for it.

33 Secret Service Scandal Was on His Watch
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