Best Reasons One Direction is Way better than Justin Bieber

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They Can Actually Sing

Simon liked them...that in itself is a big achievement

Simon Cowell is a talentless hack, One Direction are too good for him. - WonkeyDude98

Justin Bieber can not sing at all but one direction have lovely voices when they sing. One direction have a come 3rd place on x factor so that just shows a lot of people liked them because they would vote loads and every week. One direction write most of there music unlike Justin who is an idiot and always will be.

Exactly! They came 3rd on the X factor for gods sake! How could they be bad singers if they came 3rd on a SINGING COMPETITION PLEASE PEOPLE HAVE SOME SENSE! One Direction are good singers. And I really couldn't care less about what pathetic haters have to say because they have nothing to do with it. End of story.

Justin hasn't got a good voice. Sure it's not bad but there is nothing special about it and he can't pull off performances that last more than 5min without his voice starting to sound weird and shaky.

People Love Their Songs

I love all of their sons. Personally I think try are very talented.

If I had to choose I would definitely pick 1D

Is this a joke?! Everyone I know hates one direction and sees them for what they are! Overrated!

They have some magic in their songs

They Are Very Kind

At least One Direction are nice in real life. Bieber is just an ass.

I don't hate or obsess over 1D, but, I admire the members. They do a lot of nice things that influence children everywhere. They're good role models. Justin on the other hand... Ugh.

The thing about the boys is that they are all about spreading love and making us feel special. Not only are they amazing singers, they are all loving and caring and do everything in their power to make us happy.

They are genuinely good guys, not just for camera. Can't say the same about Justin.

They Sold Out a Whole Tour In Hours

It was actually in minutes. It is a fact that one direction's tours, albums, and fame is much more positive and widespread as compared to Bieber who is known for how much he is insulted in this world

Correction guys, One Direction's first concert in Madison Square Garden went sold out within 12 minutes! And on their Take Me Home Tour on O2 Arena it come sold out within 2 minutes! THINK PEOPLE THINK!

Highest grossing tour ever

Actually, in less than a MINUTE!

Better Looking to Girls

Ofc because 1 British, 2hot 3 CAN ACTUALLY SING

All of them are very good looking and the best thing about them is that they are down to earth unlike Fag Bieber

Girls Love Them More

Justin Bieber is beautiful but Zayn is more hot and beautiful then Justin. He is good looking but don't know how to sing if I need to vote for one direction and Justin Bieber I will go for one direction. One direction is so CUTE AND HOT love you

Justin Bieber is beautiful?!?!? Kid, only negative words should be used for Justin Bieber. Using positive words for him would be a violation of language

There are five boys. Therefore they are five times better looking.

One direction are best Justin b haha

They're All Cute

Ya.. Really need to agree

They are really more handsome and good looking



They Have Better Personalities

You don't really know them so you can't really say they have better personalities

I can really say that they have good personalities

We don't need to know them closely because they lives in our hearts

So Agree that is why I like them better than JB... You may put your money on their album and songs you know they give back to charities... Where does JB put his?

Justin Bieber lies about the bad things he's done
Their Movie Is Better

This is Us is actually much more funny, realistic and entertaining as compaired to movies by Bieber which is a bit robotic, manufactures, scripted and cliche.

I not a big fan of them and is a boy... Yet I still enjoyed watching their movie.

Great movie watched it 5 times already.

Michael Jackson's This is It was way better

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They Have Nice Accents

I wish that I could listen to them all day and all night

Umm, everyone has their own opinion, but isn't that a bit racist...

British accents are the best and not to mention complicated, maybe.

Yess british and Irish accents are to die for

Songs Are Better

I think there songs are a little better than JB's because I love that song kiss you

The songs have a meaning and spread a positive message to young people.

I love every single one of even what makes you beautiful

They obviously are. Their songs actually use, ya know, more than three notes.

1D are a good band

Of course they are the best band ever

Indeed they are! Bieber lip syncs all the time, HE DOESN'T SING!

They are better than wanted

"Good Band" *vomits*

A Lot More Fans

One direction fanbase is a lot larger than Bieber fanbase and this is true

Of course they have millions billion fans worldwide I love them

One direction fans are crazy

Are you blind?

They Don't Cause Trouble

They are cute. And that dirt bag smokes and drinks. Plus I read that he was mad at one of his GFs so he knocked her down and shoved his whole pack of medicine down her throat. I am in fourth grade and almost everyone in my school hates JB. That jerk can not sing, looks like a girl and cheats. If I can cus (but I am only 8) he would be crying in this mug.

I think 1D are great role models.

I don't like 1d but they are more disciplined

Yes they do, but it makes me love them more

1D are good role models

WAY BETTER THAN STUPID 1YEARS OLD BEAVER that's THINKS: " oh I can't cope with fame, so I'm gonna just break the law, smoke some crap, chuck eggs, breaks people's hearts and have a cool race and I get arrested but I don't care! "

Because ripping off other people songs is totally good role models (sarcasm)


They Are Not Annoying

This is just true Justin beiber is so stupid

Both are very annoying

Yes they are...


They Don't Always Say "Baby"

Neither does Justin Bieber

Justin Can't Rap

Who the hell says Justin can rap

Justin can rap more than Niall

1D doesn't rap

Neither Can 1D

They are good to their fans

I'm not a fan, but I'm not a hater. If I met 1D I would do a normal greeting like that. If I met Justin, I would probably give him a sour look for the whole chat. (I was 9 when I wrote this.)

They thank directioners whenever they are awarded

For the start they don't spit at their fans...

They don't cancel concerts. for example jb once was cleaning a stage because it had water and he told fans to calm down for a while and they didn't and began pulling him because they love him and he just canceled the concert because the fans pulled him.. 1d fans never do that and when they mess us the stage with water fights harry usually helps them clean after the concert. THEY ARE NOT ASSES!

Justin Sags His Pants

Unless you don't want to be successful in life, don't sag your pants. It might look cool, but no one wants to see your underwear.

Sagging your pants isn't cool. I don't know how people can like doing this.

Their Fans Are Unlike Anything You've Ever Seen Before

Yeah! I'm a directioner and I know from experience that my fellow directioners and me are crazy but in a good way and one direction love us still

And not in a good way.

False they are bascially the same as Biebers fans

They Don't Try to Be Something They Are Not

Like be a Good Band (OWNED)

They're very kind and well behaved

So agree and plenty of whom they met in their industry love them for staying like that for years now humble and kind and true that's why Chris Martin and others likes them a lot... Their personalities makes them more hotter than Bieber and they don't need to go naked they're sexy already

They are 4 to 5 vs 1



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