Best Reasons One Direction is Way better than Justin Bieber


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21 Justin Sags His Pants

Sagging your pants isn't cool. I don't know how people can like doing this.

22 Their Fans Are Unlike Anything You've Ever Seen Before

Yeah! I'm a directioner and I know from experience that my fellow directioners and me are crazy but in a good way and one direction love us still

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23 They Don't Try to Be Something They Are Not
24 They're very kind and well behaved

So agree and plenty of whom they met in their industry love them for staying like that for years now humble and kind and true that's why Chris Martin and others likes them a lot... Their personalities makes them more hotter than Bieber and they don't need to go naked they're sexy already

25 They All Dress With Their Own Style
26 Their Songs Are Catchy

They are one of my friends doesn't listen to music that much but "one thing", "steal my girl" and my other are on her tounge

They are annoyingly catchy. I hate them, but they are catchy, I'll give them that. - RiverClanRocks

27 They Are Less Hated Than Bieber

People have no reason to hate 1D, but the list of reasons to hate jb is extremely long

People make lame excuses for hating 1D while Bieber hate has genuine reasons

Bieber is known for his insults, but one direction are actualy less hated than him.

There really is no reason to hate 1D except that their fans can get a little overboard - DoroExploro13

28 They are better role models

DUH! They are WAY better than Justin

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29 They show us an example of Unity, Friendship and Love
30 They are 4 to 5 vs 1
31 They Respect Girls
32 They are hot V 2 Comments
33 They Had an Incredible Journey Through Fame and Friendship
34 They Are Drop Dead Gorgous and Hilarous

Duh only an idiot would think Justin beiber is more handsome one direction is clearly a lot better in everything

Justin cannot match Louis even 1%! Watch megamind, spin the harry and quikfire, you'l laugh your socks off!

35 They Really Love Children

I heard Justin is mean to little girls and he is mean to his little brother! Our boys would never do that

Our boys care a lot for their siblings. look at Zayn, what a nice bro!

You 'heard' that Justin was mean to his brother. You didn't see it. You didn't witness it. You will never know whether it is true or not. And to all those x-Beliebers who left Justin for 1D, the whole Belieber fandom is very disappointed in you. It just shows that you were never a Belieber in the first place. A real Belieber would never leave him and go off to join another fandom and hate on him. You may not care that you were never a Belieber, but you should care if you are now a hater. All these reasons why Justin is better are not true. It just shows that the Belieber fandom is much nicer because we never go on about all the bad stuff 1D does, like their video smoking weed (I'm not sure if it was actually weed). That was real, and all these things like Justin spitting on his fans, calling that Belieber (who wasn't actually a Belieber) a beached whale aren't true. Everybody has different opinions about things, and you should respect that not everyone will agree that1D are better ...more

36 They're amazing
37 They Are Good Role Models
38 They've beaten him in mostly all awards they were up against
39 They Don't Flop

Because we have a fabulous fan based of directioners

40 They Make Us Feel Safe and Loved at Their Shows

They communicate with their fans

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