Best Reasons One Direction is Way better than Justin Bieber


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41 They Don't Flop

Because we have a fabulous fan based of directioners

42 They Make Us Feel Safe and Loved at Their Shows

They communicate with their fans

43 They Are Legends

Yeah right they don't even compare to Pink Floyd - christangrant

They are legends because their music are so meaningful, heartfull, chillaxing and addicted to listen. They are so thoughtfull and respectfull about others. They don't take drugs or break the law. Their personalities are so positive and hilarious! YOU JUST CAN'T STOP BEING SO OUTSTANDING FOR BEING WHO YOU REALLY ARE! LOVE YOU ALL 1D! ( XXX

44 They Actually Have Taste

They have had 5 albums in 5 years and Justin I'm thinking he only has 5 in how many years oh yeah 12!

Well they rip off good songs so eh? - christangrant

Thatsjust sad

45 Good Personalities

They are mostly loved by girls... of course for their singing.. but they are handsome and have a good personalities

46 They didn't get arrested for drunk driving

But harry has done bad things in the past he's gay

47 They don't say the N word
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1. They Can Actually Sing
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1. They Can Actually Sing
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