Top Ten Reasons Only Cool People Pee Their Pants

It's not cool to pee your pants this list is for fun

The Top Ten

1 It marks your territory like a wolf

This list is the stupidest thing on Earth.

Human, that made this list, you need to visit a psychiatrist. - 7357

U don't nessecary have to pee though. - leafstar


2 It'll show you don't need a toilet you can do what you want when you want
3 It'll make your parents mad
4 It's better than pooping in your pants

Both are gross. - Lucretia

5 It will make you feel like a man

Yeahnand what if u r a girl it will make u really ashamed of your self - leafstar

6 All of the girls and boys will like you

And how does that work?

7 Peeing in your pants feels good

God how do u even know what it feels like. don't tell me u have done that - leafstar

8 You can show people how smart you are by Taking off your pants and squeeze the pee ou
9 A bully will never touch you again

Neither will your friends, family, pets or psychiatrists... - TwilightKitsune

Yeah so will the whole class - leafstar

10 It is just cool

Sure it's so cool NOT - leafstar

Rather pee on someone else.

No it’s not. It’s gross

The Contenders

11 You'll don't need toilet anymore, so you can do more cool things in a shorter time.
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