Top 10 Reasons Origins by Imagine Dragons Was the Worst Album of 2018

This was easily the worst album i've heard from 2018.

The Top Ten

1 It sounded like nothing

How in anyway does this album sound good at all? When I took a listen to it once I was I done, all I could think about was how I literally just heard an entire album that sounded like nothing, which by the way if it sounds like nothing then it deserves a score of nothing, which is exactly what I rate this album.

0/10 - MetalWorldOrder

A very forgettable album. - RadioHead03

Incorrect when I played it I could still hear my parents fighting. - XxembermasterxX

The lifelessness of the album it sounds horrible! - XxMontrealxXRBLX

2 All the songs are terrible

OK. Not stores. You have found the only flawed part of my comment. Let's ask it in a different way: Why did you buy/download/listen to the album Origins if you already hate all of their three previous releases with a burning passion? Did you expect something good exceptionally? Or did you want to torture yourself? - CrashThyDiamond

Yup every single one is garbage, not only do they sound like nothing and are instantly forgettable once you turn it off, they're terribly written and preformed even worse. - MetalWorldOrder

Couldn't you have left this album in the stores if you already hate everything the band has done before? - CrashThyDiamond

3 The instrumentation is terrible

It's completley soulless I didn't remember a single damn thing about this albums instrumentation, that's how bad it is nothing more needs to be said. - MetalWorldOrder

4 The vocals are terrible

The song Natural is literally Dan trying to be a Hard Rock vocalist yet failing. - DarkBoi-X

Not surprising though given Dan sang terribly on all the other albums and there are some really cringeworthy moments on this album like " time goes BAAAHHHYE" what the hell were they thinking when they came up with that terrible lyric? You want a good song about time go listen to the Pink Floyd song "Time" that song is one of the best ever made and isn't cringeworthy at all.

"BUT HIS VOICE IS SUPER POWERFUL" no it is not, its super fake sounding and if you want singers with real power go listen to Trad Heavy Metal, Power Metal or AOR, because that's what true powerful vocalists sound like not his fake crap. - MetalWorldOrder

As an Imagine Dragons fan, this list is pretty well made. But I disagree about the vocals being fake. Listen to their live performances even though you'd still hate them, FAR from fake. Just saying, nothing against you, you're cool - TheDarkOne_221b

5 It's overproduced/the production sucks

Just like every single terrible pop album of the 2010s it was overproduced where it removes pretty much all organic feelings and it makes the album sound even more soulless than it already was. - MetalWorldOrder

6 It's meaningless

And if one of you butthurt ID fanboys tell me "BUT X SONG ON THE ALBUM HAS A MEANING" well you're wrong and you should stop whining. the lyrics on this crap are same generic "We are the voice of a crappy generation" they've been doing, wonder what these ID fanboys will tell me next? That I have terrible musical opinions haha says the 12 year olds who've only listen to popular crap. - MetalWorldOrder

7 The lyrics are cringeworthy and terrible

Once again please tell me how Dan screaming " time goes BAAAHHHYE" in such a cringeworthy way is in anyway good? - MetalWorldOrder

8 No innovation at all from the previous albums

Yup in fact the opposite of Innovation, is deinnovation because it sounds even more soulless and corporate than the previous album which was factually the worst album of last year by the way and that's saying something. - MetalWorldOrder

9 The album takes itself way too seriously

I love how ID act like their music actually has artistic value when it's about as valueable as a Taylor Swift album which of course have no artistic value at all. If you're gonna make pop music AT LEAST go over the top and try to make it sound fun, this album just sounds cringeworthy. - MetalWorldOrder

10 Natural - Imagine Dragons

The Best Song on This Album is "Zero", Not "Natural". Zero is better.

Bad song. Can't believe I used to like this song - DarkBoi-X

Wanna know the sad thing? This awful song is the best track on the album. - MetalWorldOrder

This song sucks!

The Contenders

11 The album will not age well

The songs are perfectly fine (I really like Bad Liar) but this will not age well by 2023, where the first 2 albums will be ok for a long time

It will either be forgotten or it will be a laughing stock.-DarkBoi-X

10 years from now it will be forgotten and looked back upon for how terrible it was. - MetalWorldOrder

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