Top Ten Reasons People Are Afraid of the Ocean


The Top Ten

1 Because anything can be in the darkness

You will never know
what could be there.

The sunken city Atlantis?...Or a giant

2 Because the Megalodon could still exist

I'm never swimming in the ocean again

Sounds like a Transformer hehe.

Now seriously: This giant would freak me out.
Who wouldn't be scared of this?

3 Because the bloop sound was said to be made by an animal bigger than a blue whale

Maybe an old an hybrid of a giant squid and something worse...

4 Because we know more about space than we do of the ocean

But isn't that kind of cool? - keycha1n

5 Because of sharks

Never swimming again in the ocean

6 Because of colossal squids

Oh my God never

Their called krakens - Nateawesomeness

7 Because of giant jellyfish

This always frightened me as a kid, especially as all the beaches nearby always have at least twenty jellyfish washed up on them. - Entranced98


8 Because of drowning

This is even more scarier for me since I can't swim.

9 Because of water pollution
10 Because they could get seasick

Dramamine does not work, and never did work, but there are plenty of new medicines that really work well against seasickness. See your Doctor!

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11 Because of bacteria
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