Top Reasons People Become Bullies

I know, another list with 6 items. I just don't have anymore ideas. Submit your ideas on this list if you want.

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1 Violent Video Games

Whoever put this on the list is so dumb and uneducated

Also Bully (video game made by Rockstar) - Delgia2k

Games like: Grand Theif Auto (Series), Call of Duty (Series) And Doom. - Mumbizz01

If you removed the 'violent' in the situation, you have my word. This guy came into 4th grade and RUINED MY LAST TWO ELEMENTARY YEARS. At first, he seemed like a good kid, but later, he punched a poor guy in the stomach and the teachers hustled over him like an NBA player. A few days after, he's still in school. I was like what. Then, he started to become more of a bitch everyday. He kicked the same guy in the nuts a few months later. The injured dude had to move to another school! Poor him. In 5th grade, the bully took it to extreme. He would never do his homework, because of his petty 'eye problems' Why? He played too much ROBLOX! He always talks about it and hates everything else that doesn't have to do with games. He cries like a little wuss when he insults somebody, and they say NO or STOP to him, he will kick their ass and then sob about it. What the cluck, he even called a guy "the worst guy on Earth! " Says him, the ROBLOX freak. And when I played as a guest, it was ...more

2 YouTube

Some bullies learn profinity from - Mumbizz01

3 Lack of Friends
4 Movies

It depend of the movie they watch

Same as Violent Games. - Mumbizz01

5 Rap Music

That depends on the rap music.

6 Profanity

I disagree with using swear words as one of the reasons to be a bully

Using that should get them punished big time.

7 Abused as a Child

Even if that happened to them, it gives them no right to mistreat others.

Why did I forget about this? This is totally right - Mumbizz01

8 Insecurity

Well, that gives them no right to bully.

They are insecure, and they bully to feel better with themselves. - GamingSanx

9 They Were Bullied

Just because there were people who were bullied, it doesn't give them the right to bully others.

10 Exclusion

I was seriously an awful, terribly mean person in elementary school. But I didn't have any friends and I was picked on and alienated. I was mean because that's all I ever got from the people around me. one thing I always try to remember, is that I cannot combat a bully, by hating them, and whenever I see a bully, I remember myself, and that people change when they are offered compassion. Is that naive? - keycha1n

Not at all niave, dear lady keycha1n. Very mature and valuable writing, thought and perspective - an Important statement and contribution.
It is not "naive" - it is Hope, and the Best we can and must attempt in the face of adversities and sorrows - to Try, with Best intentions, whether or not always entirely effective. Keep the Spirit alive! - Billyv

The Contenders

11 Death Metal
12 Lack of Good Education

That's a very sad one.

13 Hate

Hate is NOT a good word.

14 Bad Parents Bad Parents

This reminds me of Nelson Muntz (The Simpsons).

15 Envy
16 Stupidity
17 Failure
18 Boredom
19 Ideology
20 Misery
21 Sadism
22 Nihilism

I'm glad this suggestion's on this list. Its what it deserves for promoting bias towards all people.

23 Black Metal
24 Violent Movies
25 Peer Pressure
26 Greed

Yeah, no kidding.

27 Selfishness

I couldn't agree more.

28 Bad Reality Shows
29 Drugs
30 Materialism
31 For Fun
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