Top 10 Reasons People Become Depressed

I personally know people who struggle with depression, and they tell me their stories. This list is based off their stories, and my own personal knowledge about depression.

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1 They feel alone

I was in a deep depression state 8 months ago. Unnecessary for me to go into detail about it right now but this was a big factor along with others.

I always feel left out, even with my family

I felt really guilty for feeling alone

I've barely made any friends since I moved and can hardly socialize. I want to talk to someone in person, but just can't bring myself to meet new people.

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2 They have too much stress

This is true. It's why I can be seen as "emo." And not the poser kind. - Cyri

I get so much stress but I don’t get depressed

If you are stressed out, most likely you are going to become depressed one way or another. - yaygiants16

Now Number 3 8/10/16 they lost hope in themself now I have lost hope and have depression but the main reason why was stress I could not work becuase of stress stress made me stupid stress made me hate school but school is the building of stress why am I saying stress so much

3 They got sexually assaulted

Yes, being sexually assaulted can be extremely mentally damaging... I'm not exactly sure how people can get depression because of this... Depression is constantly feeling that you're alone, sad, and that nothing will ever get better.

4 They lost hope in themself

Feeling fat, stupid, or ugly can fall into this category. - yaygiants16

This is how I got severe depression...

5 They feel they suck at life

No, you don't suck at life - TwilightKitsune

6 They are getting bullied

4th and 5th grade left me mentally scarred. - Cyri

I get bullied a lot and I'm usually punished for defending myself.-DarkBoi-X

Yes! DO NOT BULLY! It can also cause suicide

You can absolutely get bullied to the point to depression, sometimes even death. - yaygiants16

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7 They have been exposed of their worst sin
8 Their friend or relative passed away

Eventually, you will get over their death, but in the meantime, you have a justified reason to be depressed. - yaygiants16

9 Not successful in school
10 The people around them are depressed

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11 Unemployment
12 They have poor sleep habits

School, school, school, it causes us depression.

I do... It takes 1-4 hours for me to fall asleep every night. Plus, I wake up several times a night and usually can’t fall asleep. - Hermione_Granger220

13 Their favorite television show ended
14 Best friend left

Actually, I had to leave my best friend... I moved a year and a half ago and haven’t seen her since. - Hermione_Granger220

15 Trying to be emo

You don't "try" to be emo. That's called being a poser. - Cyri

Not all emo's are depressed.

16 Too much debt
17 They're treated as less deserving than everyone else

Here is a good example. I wasn't even interested in relationships at first, my first plan in life being to live as a single adoptive parent. But early on I come to discover I'm seen, for medical reasons, as legally unworthy to adopt. This set everything else in motion that puts me in my current situation. - UndaDaSea

18 Getting insulted or insulting someone for a small mistake

True. A kid insulted another a few days ago then he looked sad. Why

Depressed does not mean sad. It's a state of near CONSTANT negative emotion. - Cyri

19 They feel like they don't deserve it
20 They have been rejected from the person they love
21 Loss
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1. They have too much stress
2. They feel alone
3. They feel they suck at life
1. They got sexually assaulted
2. They feel alone
3. They have been exposed of their worst sin
1. They feel they suck at life
2. They have too much stress
3. They got sexually assaulted

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