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21 Addiction
22 They are rejected by the ones they love

Sudden divorce after years of marriage

This is one of the reason I tried to kill my self over 30 times. but I am not doing that no more because I found someone how feels the say why I do.

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23 Feel they are a burden to others

People feel like the world would be better off without them sometimes

I know everyone around me just tolerates me...i just hope they don't hate me - Brobusky

I've screwed up to many lives

24 Philosophical desire to die V 2 Comments
25 Drug abuse

Also a reason. People see no way out! Don't minimize it.

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26 Domestic abuse

In a controlling abusive relationship it's easy for the abuser to manipulate the victim & make them feel like there is no way out. When people feel that There is no way out committing suicide will set the person free & allow them to escape but only by death.

27 They have too much homework

School -> homework -> stress -> anxiety -> depression -> suicuidal thoughts -> actual suicide. I'm not saying that school causes suicide, but it sure helps in some way. - Brobusky

That's a terribly sad reason to kill oneself. Can't believe it's No.17.

One of the stupidest reasons to commit suicide. - PeeledBanana

Lmao just don't do them
Being yelled by the teacher, then the headmaster is better than doing this thing that will destroy your life

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28 Despair

Failing to appreciate the value of the little things we can do to bring joy to life, it is easy to give up on the whole mess.

29 They feel like they have no future

I'm 37, have only been in one serious relationship in my life, quit every job I had - the longest held was not even two years, have no skills or talents, nothing special. ADHD, never pursue things I start, get frustrated easily, had the operations on my sexual organ that disfigured and reduced its size, much to women's dismay, feel inferior to most of the world l, and see no chance at ever getting out of this hole I'm in. Have no family, Have the perfect reasons to end it all.

Honestly, we all have no promising future. What exactly makes mankind important in any means, elevates our deeds and thoughts over an egocentric and selfcentered existence? Science is a fraud as well as any religion, moral law or philosophical system. They are all man made and don't reach further than ourselves, everything we do or create will vanish one day and stop leavin traces any conscious could ever recognize. that's where the meaning of our actions end, their chance to be percepted by some sort of concious, for raw matter none of our "higher achievements" matters.

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30 No friends

There's a lot of things you can't have without friends. The worse thing is when you don't have any friends, try to have some but you don't know why you don't have friends. without friends, you feel lonely. I know it's not a reason to commit suicide, but it sure is sad to have no friends when you want to have some. - MaxPap

31 Emotional neglect
32 Sexual orientation

The orientation itself is not why. It's the people who make fun of them for it - TheEvilAlpaca

I'm transgendered and hated

33 When they can't travel

I wish I could move but I lost my legs in the war of jesus and hitler

Another stupid reason to commit suicide! - anonygirl

They took my liscence now I have no work

Beeing stuck in one place for a certain amount of time drives me crazy and makes me wanna breakout. Life is defined through the experiences one makes and not by following society's conventions and norms.
Travelling is one of the purest sources for experiences that help evolving and developing your personality, not considering the freedom one can enjoy being on the road on his own. Thus, a resulting feeling of suffocation and imprisonment can lead to episodes of depression, when accumulating with other negative conditions.
P.s.: I'm not a native english speeker an drunk so please forgive possible grammatical mistakes.

34 No clear goals in life
35 Loss of a child

I'm reading this because my only child committed suicide. Add to that the fact that I was put in a wheelchair and denied use of my left arm in 2011 by a stroke. I'm living for other people, I can't wait to leave this world. I welcome death.

Many times is the thought I had after losing my daughter!

Even though I don't know you I want to say I'm sorry for your lost. May she rest in peace.

36 It is the only way to relieve the complete all-consuming total pain

Bipolar depression and years of excessive crack n alcohol abuse have destroyed any pleasures n health, what is left of my life? My dad always said if you have your health you have everything. I guess no health, you have nothing? Why keep suffering, iliostomy bag is how I poop, no energy, mental anguish n physical suffering like I'm in hell. I see no improvement ever. Not to mention all the regret from stealing from family, bars etc. Least I forget all the people who screwed me over over my lifetime. Careers, relationships, investment in sports bar venture. Who cares about me, 90 yr old dad in care home because I cracked up trying to care for him. My once great athletic prowess, good looks, sharp wit n business skills for real estate all destroyed at 46 yrs old. 52 now n condition worsening daily. This is hell on earth. Clean n sober since August 23 2012 and my life has suffered n sucked ever since. I did better self medicating. Good luck to all

The crushing mental and physical pain has spread to every cell in your body and is so intense that you welcome the only way to end that pain

37 Chronic pain

This is one of the reasons why marijuana needs to be legalized (for medical purposes). - Murvine_Taylor


38 They feel they are disappointing

They feel like they are a disappointment to there family, not good enough.

I've let my children down I've failed as a father and a man

39 Repeated Cyberbullying and Stalking
40 They feel like they do nothing but cause problems for others
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