Reasons People Dislike Emos

Now not every emo person is like the things I'm about to list. Not every emo person acts the same, this is just the main things I've come across in emos. Some have it worse than others. Some really do have depression. Some are really nice people. And then there's the ones who are annoying, which are the ones I'm going to be talking about.

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1 Troubled and Proud

Seriously, when did these stereotypes start? I haven't met a single emo like this. - Misfire

Cutting yourself is nothing to brag about. Its stupid. - AlphaQ

Seriously they need to STOP! I have a friend who is extremely proud of being emo. One day, she decided to be emo out of the blue, and started telling EVERYONE how emo she was. A year later, she's still going on about how depressed she is, even to the people how don't care at all. Her family is one of the richest in the town, and she doesn't have any problems with them. It's terrible, because she is very rude to some less fortunate kids at my school, even though they have much worse problems than her. I have never really cared about emos, but she has absolutely turned me against them.

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2 They Say Their Life Sucks Then They Cut Themselves to Make It Worse

Emos are just ungrateful brats.Let's ship them all to Somalia to see the people who actually have a bad life. - DarkBoi-X

Our lives do suck! No one understands us! - ImLikeSoEmoRN

True true. Some people have legit reasons to cut though it ain't the answer others they just try to do it to make life worse or as an excuse for attention I've met people like that they are good people it's just what they do is messed up.

"My life sucks" - Emo kid who gets everything they want - SirSkeletorThe3rd

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3 They Say They Like "Metal" But the Bands They Like Aren't.

It's probably the most annoying thing. I've got a friend and we were taking about music, I didn't really know her music taste at the time and so when she said "I love heavy metal" of course I got excited, when I asked her what her favorite bands were, she said "pierce the veil and fall out boy" I lost quite a bit of respect for her that day. I accept that she's "emo" and respect her music taste but if she loves these bands that much, then she should at least know what genre they are.

Yup. This one all the way. Pierce the Veil is not metal. It's a castrated sheep bleating. Just because there's instrumentals, doesn't make a band metal. They are also so hateful of others in their own genre fandoms. Twenty One Pilots, for example. They hate on the popular songs by their favorite bands until their bands literally hate their own music! How is that being a good community?

I'm not a metalhead but I know bands like Escape The Fate and Black Veil Brides are not metal. - DarkBoi-X

I totally agree. I used to think black veil brides was metal they they're so absolutely not. I'm in the middle of emo and goth, but I've definitely grown to know what eat and fake metal is. I suggest doing full research before calling a band metal when it's not and making a fool of yourself.

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4 Self diagnosing

"I have a severe case of depression", "I have insomnia", "I am insane", "I have schizophrenia".
Me: "Well, was things diagnosed by your doctor? "
Person; "No, I just know."

I self diagnosed with depression in fifth grade mainly because 1. I wanted to die 2. I could barely function I was so sad all the time 3. I hated everything about myself. I really didn't want to self diagnose because I wanted real help from a professional. However, I had to in order to try to explain to my friends why I couldn't bare to get out of bed in the morning. Thankfully, my parents found out how horrific my self harm was. After they found out, I asked for a therapist and I got one one year later. The therapist diagnosed me with depression imminently. I am so so thankful that my friends told my parents.

I gave myself ligma last night


Not to be a stupid braggy emo who loves the fact that they have problems, (which I don't) But I don't need a piece of paper to tell me what I already know. I know that I had depression and I don't need a doctor to tell me that. - AnonymousChick

But you DO need a licensed professional to make sure that it's not something else. People have gone to college and gotten a DEGREE to tell you that you have a mental illness. What's the most you did? Look it up online? - memes-give-me-life

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5 They Are Obsessed With Anime

Anime sucks

Ugh! Stop hating. Anime is like, my life! - ImLikeSoEmoRN

Although not any emo's I've heard of are obsessed with anime specifically, their obsessions can get seriously out of hand. To make it worse, like 60% of them don't know squat about what their "obsessed" with. They will never hesitate to butt into a conversation(At least the one I have to deal with every day) and tell them how much better their "obsession" is, even if you weren't even talking about something like that. Emos really made me hate Sherlock and Imagine Dragons.

I love anime

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6 Trying Too Hard to Be Random

You see, some people don't really know what they want. Because if emos who are acting like they're something else would say that they are emos everyone would judge them. And if they are acting like nerds you think that it's annoying then what would you say if they tell you who they are? Of course, they would look annoying too, just because of depression they have. Just stop. Because there are a lot of emos, some of them are just people who wants to look cool, and there's some who really needs help and support. I'm on the other hand hate that I'm emo. Because there's nothing good in that. Just you, your depression and music. So stop saying that ALL emos are annoying or just acting cool because it's not true. Sorry I just want you all to understand what I mean..

Those emo people who also look kind of scene. They are trying their best to be "random" or "nerdy" when they are really just annoying. Yelling in stores then getting angry when you've been kicked out, hugging strangers from behind, quoting GIR when you haven't seen what show he's from, etc. Is not funny. It's annoying.

This is a bit more of a scene thing rather than emo. Scene people are basically rave girls who trip out on ecstasy. They're the more hyper version of an emo. Emo are basically watered down goths. Emo hate themselves, goths hate society.

That's just some people. I hate the milti-color people who say 'rawr ' as much as anyone - AnonymousChick

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7 Many posers

Most of them are fake. - AlphaQ

I think the posers are just wrecking the emo image all together - ToptenPizza

I know plenty of people who are emo, and they don't do any of the things on this list.

The thing about this though, is people misdefine emo. Emo literally is short for emotional, so if you have someone who has strong emotions, are they emo?

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8 They always talk suicide

This list is retarded. I am emo myself, and I see that emos never talk suicide. They mainly talk about spicy rock band memes and emo memes. This is a stereotype. Most people just dress emo for the fashion, not the sadness. Honestly, stereotypes are completely FALSE.

It's pretty pessimistic to talk about that, it's fine if you wanna disagree with me but I'm just saying...wanna talk about poop - AlphaQ

Dude, like its just a style of music, just because sum emo people do this stuff, doesn't mean its emo style

Like it's going to make me care more lol

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9 "I Can Do What I Want, Cause I'm Emo"

Not to be rude but 50% of emos that I have seen are like "I can be an ungrateful brat and make up mental illnesses that I don't have because I'm emo" - DarkBoi-X

It's true though. Ugh! Why can't you haters just like, back off? - ImLikeSoEmoRN

Why don't you stip wearing eyeliner. - AlphaQ

I'm reading comments about people telling emos to go kill themselves but not all emos are like this! I am an emo myself but I don't go around bragging that I hate the world or that I have huge problems... Not all emos are bad and boastful. I have some friends who are also emo and they don't do this either. I mean sure, some people boast about being an emo and they may act like an a-hole but that doesn't mean they speak for the entire emo population.

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10 Get Butthurt Over Small Things

I hate emos

Nothing but oversensitive degenerates. - DarkBoi-X

It's true that some people get easily offended but once (I don't even 'identify' as emo) but someone told me that it would be better if I just killed myself and I don't even talk about wanting to die. I just like to listen to music a lot and wear dark colors. So naturally, I had a friend who killed himself and so it really hurt to see people say stuff like this. When I tried confronting them about it, he asked me if I was on my period and said that I was overreacting. But yeah some people do say stuff like that to get attention and it's awful

I think this is more of a personality issue rather then the whole fact that they're Emo. Then again my emo friend got super pissed at me and ignored me for a whole day when I asked what I had even done to deserve it.

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11 Compliment Fisherman

This happens with other styles but I've seen it more with emos. Passing a picture of themselves around at a party while saying "Don't I look terrible? ", mentioning how ugly they are around a group of people, I've seen it before. They want people to give them compliments and for people to be worried about them. The more people worry the more emo they think I am right? No!

True, true. But I feel like everyone does this, it's not fair to say that it's only emos.

That isn't only emos. I know so many people who aren't emo who do this all of the time.

What? What did fish ever do to you?!

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12 Gives a Bad Name to -Insert Band-

I once saw someone say blink 182 was emo. They are literally everything but emo. Since when has not wanting to grow up had anything to do with embracing the darkness. And don't even get me started on how these emos have put their horrible brand on panic at the disco. It's got to a point where members from these bands have actually come out and said they are not emo and hate the label. I feel disgusted that these people are members of our society.

Someone in my school called Green Day emo. I wanted to punch them in the face. - Catacorn

Some girl at my school who claims to be an emo feminist gender fluid actually branded Muse (my favorite band) as emo... like stop right there kiddo. - stromaemaestro

I hate these kids. I call myself emo, and by my definition of emo = emotional, or reacts with strong emotions, I am. But since I like EDM and Club and Hip-Hop I'm suddenly not emo? (And I'm also apparently a kandi kid because I wear like 2 bracelets lol.) I listen to things like Ghost Town, which I think is just hard pop. Same thing with Bring Me The Horizon.

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13 Depressed stereotypes

These people really get on my nerves. I know that some of them are genuinely depressed but a lot of them try to act depressed, either faking depression symptoms from what many search on webmd. Same with other mental illnesses like schizophrenia. I knew some emos who tried to act insane and depressed at the same time and yes their history said webmd, wikipedia and mayo clinic. Some people genuinely have these said illnesses (myself not include) but just watching those people suffer and not complain really tear me up. They did nothing wrong and get all the bad stuff thrown at them. They don't cry or cut themselves, they actually have the balls to deal with whatever problem they have and try to function in society. Many emos (not all) do it for attention and it's kind of stereotyping people who are really mentally ill.

They fake depression for their own personal benefit, which makes people who legit have depression look emo because others only see this exaggerated form of depression from emos. - Camaro6

This is so annoying because they think they're depressed just because they like cried once like no they're not depressed and if they were they wouldn't want to tell everyone about it they need to realise that it's an actual disease not something to decide u have because sometimes your upset

They think the world revolves around them, they FEED on attention, they torture god by hurting themselves. All they need is a kawaii bear hug from people who don't think they're "insane".

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14 When they're not really emo and just use it as an excuse to complain.

This is very true. It seriously annoys the crap out when anybody says their emo and just complains. Basically the posers on tumblr who cut their wrists and share it when really it's just some damn ketchup. This is why people view emos as stupid, hormonal tweens, who can't get their act together.

My ex girlfriend always said that she was emo even though she definitely didn't look or act the part. She didn't even listen to "emo" music. The only thing "emo" about her was she self harmed and it was only for attention.

They make the world worse, they all should die themselves

I've seen it before, and honestly, not every emo on the planet is depressed, suicidal, or anorexic. Maybe they just like the style. But just doing it as an excuse to complain about their life is just utter crap. I mean, okay. You have problems. I get it. We all have problems. But seriously. You don't have to put on a big show that you have so many problems that you "just can't even." I get down from time to time but I'm not emo, partly be as my parents would notice and think ", get her a counselor." and overreact, but the people who actually are just fishing for compliments...just...don't. So if you're an "emo" who is just being emo for no reason except as an excuse to complain a lot, no offense, but you should get a check up from the neck up. :/

15 They're Utter Hypocrites

They are. - Camaro6

There's this dumb kid who doesn't look emo, but claims he is. He was dumbass jerk to me that made fun of people below him. Then he ended up feeling emotionally sad and couldn't figure it out why no one liked him.

You're generalizing everything, just because you know one emo who does this one thing or responds this one way to something doesn't mean they're all the same.

They tried to do sad things to me

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16 They're not greatful that people care about them, and make it even worse.

Literally the best reason to hate emos. So greatful

Emos suck. Screw them.

17 They Don't Know Any Actual Emo Bands

Yeah I do! I know Black Veil Brides, Pierce The Veil, Sleeping With Sirens, My Chemical Romance, Falling In Reverse, and like, many others! - ImLikeSoEmoRN

Og like I love Fall Out Boi and 1 Direktion because they is emo wash - AlphaQ

Panic! At The Disco and Fall Out Boy are NOT emo. Please, understand that. - Catacorn

That's actually true, a lot of people don't,and they call Fall Out Boy emo (don't GET ME WRONG I LOVE FALL OUT BOY) when they're obviously not - Fall_Out_Nikki

18 "OMG Don't Look at Me Like That"

We don't like how rapists look at us though. - ImLikeSoEmoRN

This is a real thing though. People do this to me all the time. When I'm on the street and stuff these people always stare and sometimes make bad comments it makes me so mad but then I don't think you should overreact and use this to get more attention. I just settle for the good old sideways glare, at least I feel like I've done something about it. :/

This has happened so many times. Expect people to stare, laugh, point, etc when you're walking around looking like Marlyn Manson played dress up with a corpse. That was a little harsh but you choose how you dress, which is great be yourself, so if you choose to wear a sign that says "give me attention" don't get mad when it's not the attention you wanted.

Exactly. How do you expect people NOT to look at you when you wear rather... Interesting... Clothes. Like, your clothes literally scream "LOOK AT ME"

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19 They Complain About the "Popular Kids"

I mean yeah, the "popular kids" are rude sometimes, but I have "popular" friends. Besides, what even makes people popular? It doesn't matter. If you truly feel the need to complain, don't complain to me. I've been bullied by the "popular" people, but that doesn't mean they're all airheads. Sometimes they're trying to fit in, or they're trying not to be kicked out. I've done it too. But they're people, not some look-obsessed shells you have the "right" to complain and make comments about.

I am popular at my school and I don't think it's fair for people to judge me because I have a lot of friends. I try to be nice and make friends with people. When I talk to any emo they treat me like I just spit on them even though I just want to be friends. I thinks that they should try to get to know someone popular before getting angry at some stereotype.

Because popular kids don't understand us, and neither does anyone else! :( - ImLikeSoEmoRN

The popular kids at my school are just rude, you could be popular or you could be an outcast, either way, they are still gonna be rude to you.

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20 The Constant Reminder

I have a friend who in a half hour will mention how emo she looks over 15 times either by whispering it to herself, going into rants about how much more emo she is than some chick, or by just saying "I look so emo, right? "

Ugh, I totally understand. My friend is absolutely obsessed with being emo, when she isn't, at all!

Get a post it note and stick it on your forehead

21 They act like they're better than everyone

My sister is "emo" (even though the only real emo band she listens to is My Chemical Romance) and she just hates on everyone else's music taste.

We are though. - ImLikeSoEmoRN

A lot of emos, especially girls will make fun of other girls for being a "basic white girl'

Meanwhile they all wear the same things all day and listen to the exact same music. Just saying.

I turned emo at 13(unlucky number) and over the years I realized this and made an effort to stop because I realized how much of a prick I was being

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22 Saying a not-emo band is emo

"blink-182 and green day are my favorite emo bands" - Catacorn

I've dealt with this, an emo girl at my school called Muse and Stromae emo... kill me - stromaemaestro

23 Downer

When an emo person is the type of emo that is always forcing themselves to be sad. They could be actually sad or just be frowning because "it makes me looks so emo". If someone is constantly frowning, constantly talking about their problems to people that didn't ask, and even talking about things that they hate 24/7 it makes them look like a big attention seeker who just wants to be in the spot light.

I think emo and any other subculture should be about staying strong because you have something no one else has or can take away, also to help other people accept themselves for who they are Not "remember to act sad even though I'm not" and getting attention

This isn't true about all of the emos. I'm pretty emo, but I don't make it obvious that I'm sad or depressed. I just want to be emo because I think of it as a style. I do have my downs, but I get over it real quick. I don't make my problem other people's problem.

This is not always true. I'm an emo and I'm not a downer, I try to stay positive about things.

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24 Appearance

What are you talking about? Emos are like, so hot! - ImLikeSoEmoRN

The reason you get weird looks on the street is cause you practically ASK for it by dressing like they got spat out by a black hole - memes-give-me-life

It does not matter if you can't tell peoples genders apart, you don't need to judge people for their appearance. Like I have short hair -real short- and wear boys clothes sometimes, There is nothing wrong about that...

To be honest. I like the emo style. At least when it's not over done... But I think it's kinda stylish and unique. Overall, emos are still annoying.

Hey it's not that bad - Fall_Out_Nikki

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25 They Find a Way to Make Everything About Themselves

Doesn't apply to all emos but I've seen it in a lot. They just love drawing attention to themselves and it's annoying especially in conversations. I've been in situations where a group of people are having a light hearted conversation and they suddenly change the topic to be just depressing and awkward.

26 Plain stupidity

I hate when people call emos stupid. They're just like everyone else. We are all stupid sometimes. Stop bringing them down just because they're different from you.

Non emo people can be just as stupid too. If this is a reason why people hate emos, then you might as well go hating on pretty much everybody else too.

I am emo and even that makes me want to kick some people in the head

They're stupid. Or at least, immature in case their brains are fortunate enough to develop.

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27 They Make Fun of Mainstream Music

I hate emos but I have to agree mainstream music sucks although there are some exceptions though like Adele or Kendrick Lamar who are good even though they're mainstream.-DarkBoi-X

Emo people will persist to make fun of pop music and assume that it's all the popular stuff that's playing, then they get angry at us for saying that their music is bad and generalizing it. There is a reason pop music is popular. Nobody wants to listen to songs about people killing themselves.

Sorry we only like good bands like Black Veil Brides! >:( - ImLikeSoEmoRN

Yes, we get it. If it's on the radio, and many people enjoys listening to it, you emos are "too cool" to enjoy such "trash." Now go back to listening people screaming at the mic and let people enjoy what makes them happy.

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28 Their overall stupidity

Emos are not stupid they are fantastic, I'm emo, and the reason peeps don't like em and goths because they wear black, they thing black is the colour of death, ye maybe it is but who Cares?!

29 They Say That They Suffer the Most When They're Not Even Close

We do suffer the most. Literally like no one understands us! - ImLikeSoEmoRN

True, a lot of them come from loving families. They have all of the resources they need and they have friends. But many just turn them all away to follow their emo way of life. It is very true that they would cut themselves and feel suicidal just because their parents won't buy them some emo thing that they really like.

Well, a lot of emos have depression and the ones who fake their problems ruin it for everyone. I have depression and I'm a goth/emo mixture. I also have tons of anxiety and a personality disorder so I have "real" problems. However, people never take me seriously because so many emos have fake problems.

Seriously emos are turning their backs on their families and friends who are more than willing to help them just to stay isolated in their rooms and listen to My Chemical Romance. Just to be emo, they are giving up proper food, water, hygiene and love. It's becoming a cult.

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30 They Drink Bleach

You're not leafy because leafy is actually better than you. - AlphaQ

Bleach tastes good though. - ImLikeSoEmoRN

I don't know any emo that drinks bleach. If you know who Social Repose is, he's a YouTuber, than you know that in some of his videos, he will pretend to drink bleach.

Hmm...never heard about that!

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31 They're appearances are overrated

Eyeliner and their hair is ugly. - AlphaQ

This list is overrated! >:( - ImLikeSoEmoRN

Really so you hate how they dress really that so mean how do you think they fell.

32 They act like it's a culture

Every era had its sub-cultures. Rockers ( the 50's ), Mods ( the 60's ), Hippies ( late 60's ), Skinheads ( I'm not talking about the Nazi -skinheads, but the Skinhead sub-culture of the late 60's / early 70's who'd listen to Ska, Rocksteady and Reggae ), Punks ( the 70's ), Dark Wave Gothics ( early 80's )... and so on. Those sub-cultures exist because they rebel against ( in attitudes, clothes etc... ) the popular form of music in the era they live in. To every pro- there is a contra-. When era's goes on those sub-culture don't stop to exist. You can call this revivals of all those sub-cultures. EMO are or is the revival form of post-punk / New wave / dark wave / gothic of the late seventies and early eighties. Like every revival, things are changing in the sub-culture itself ( sometimes or often worse than the Original movement ). They act like it's a culture ; no! They act ( it's more a way of life than an act! ) like it's a sub-culture ; yes! ( even if some don't agree on that, ...more

It's maybe not a culture but it's for sure a subculture. In the 80's this was called dark-wave ( from new-wave ). Bands like " The Cure ", " Bauhaus ", " Dead can dance " etc... had their own kind of music, their own kind of style ( black, depressed... ) and of course their fans and followers. Later on this was called Gothic, New-Romantic till it has develop for what it is now.

Wearing black clothes, wristbands, a whole stick of eyeliner, listening to whiny music and complaining about your average middle class life, is not a culture. It's an obnoxious fad.

Yea! Listening to their supposed "metal" bands and looking like complete idiots is *not* a culture, but more of some weird kind of cult that must be stopped!

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33 Emo people say they are not emo when they are.

Other way around.

"I'm not emo... I just like this style... And complaining...a lot...about nothing."

"I don't like 'labels'"

34 They Are "Bait-and-switch Trolling In Real Life", Fishing for Attention by Calling Themselves Emos

They are also the type of sadistic people who trolls 8 year olds on minecraft when they're adults talking to a little kid and ruining their damn minecraft server. WHY?! - TomboyishBlackGurl

"Go tell your problems to the kids and parents at St. Jude's."

Their lifestyle reflects the online Internet habits of "Trolls" in a way that can't be ignored. EMOS are nothing more than failed trolls who have went offline and outside to troll in a more personal face-to-face manner. EMOS are all trolls. It's science bitch.

35 They Want their Friends to be Emo

I think emos mainly want their friends to be emo so that they can listen to the same loud music and relate on an extremely low level. However, being emo can cause depressions me your basically telling your friends to develope a mental disorder. Harsh.

"..Loving people for who they are" Huh?! Well then! You just contradicted yourself.

No, I just reccomend some songs and they usually end up liking it NOT MY FAULT - Fall_Out_Nikki

If a friend is truly feeling down, sad, or just confused in life they'll assume you want to be emo too.

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36 The need to be special

We are special. - ImLikeSoEmoRN

All they ever do is where stuff really retarded like pizza backpacks and dye their hair. Guess what your all clones.

I'm not special,there are a lot of people like me,I'm just different from my friends, and there's nothing wrong with it. - Fall_Out_Nikki

Emo has become packed with stupid commercial zombies over the years ew

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37 They're Generally Stupid

I think this was really offensive to aim something like this towards emos, when they're people just like us, when we can be just as stupid as well.

If they tried hard in school maybe they would be happier.

Yeah, a lot of us emos are. Because the majority are, they ruin it for all of us.

Pfft. Can't stress it enough!

38 They act like they're unique

We are unique! - ImLikeSoEmoRN

"Dude, I'm not like other girls." Said my friend who listen to Pierce The Veil every single day.

Every emo person I've met, acts like they're better, smarter, and above everyone else. I know not all people under the classification of emo can be like this, but the ones I know, are. They act like they're entitled to things because they have deep fringes.

This is every emo I know. So you have your hair dyed? You must be a real individual, as if there isn't already hundreds of other kids who do that these days.

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39 The music sounds whiny.

Don't call Black Veil Brides whiny! - ImLikeSoEmoRN

Screw you then. You guy said listen to “music” about rape, sex, and drugs.

It's really whiny. And boring.

40 Their hair is ugly

They need to go to a proper barber - DarkBoi-X

41 Sometimes Emo is used because there isn't always another word.

If someone calls themselves emo, it's because if they don't they'll be called attention-seekers, annoying, weird, etc. I have a friend who, for the longest time, felt she was ugly and she was anorexic. She was called an emo at school, mainly because she liked to wear black, listen to metal bands, was super skinny, and didn't talk to anyone. Eventually she got help for her condition (which was ordered by a doctor because she was going to extremes) and she still wears black and does things typical "emo" kids do. It's not really a feeling or an assumption. Being emo is perfectly okay.

Sometimes when people say emo, they use it because most people assume it anyway. In school if you wear black, and listen to music, you're said to be emo. I see it everyday. Also, sometimes when people say they are ugly, they don't want attention. They feel that way and they want to make it clear to everyone else that they don't feel good about themselves. I do this, because if one day I ever said,

42 Always playing fake emotions when they're really fine

I actually know someone who does this. I had a "friend" named Abi and she would always pretend she's depressed and pretended she had a horrible life, when in reality, her life was fine

I'm emo and I never complain about my life. I don't let my problem become other's people's concern. This isn't true for all emos...

"Hey whats wrong..? "
"-sniffles- I'm so poor,i have a broken home my life is just so horrible"
(Same day,but 10min later)
"-emo person is laughing and bragging about how perfect their life is-"

Lies 😤 I don't like this dude I'm aN emo n this is NOT TRUR

43 When they don't get their way, they make you feel horrible about yourself

I dated an emo once (never again) and every time any situation happened that I wasnt involved in or she didn't get what she wanted, shed ALWAYS complain that "her life sucks" and that "i (didn't) care about her"(i did at the time) and no matter how many times I told her how much I (loved) her, she would deny it just to get sympathy from me!

Narcissistic Entitlement seems to be the main problem all emos share.

44 Competition

When emos try to see who is emoer and fight over it. :/ no words

As if being an attention-whore that wears too much makeup is something to aspire too.

45 They Lie About Being Depressed

I had a friend who was EMO, she would fake cut herself and lie about rape and her boyfriends dyeing. Megafail

46 Horrible Stereotypes

People think that we emos are depressed, mental, scary human beings. Emo is just a sub genre of music. Sure, sometimes people who are depressed take up the emo lifestyle because they feel they fit in better, but that doesn’t mean that all emos are depressed, suicidal weirdos.

47 They Post Their Crap Online

I can sorta agree with this. I really don't like it when they post photos of their scars. I don't mind when they talk about how they feel though.

I hate turning on any kind of social media and seeing pics of bloody wrists and them saying "10 likes and I wil kill my solf" it just means their dirty fakers

UGH Can not stand that crap. (No pun intended)

48 They dismiss all other music based on "lack of emotion"

So-called emos (who only listen to PATD, FOB, My Chemical Romance, TOP etc) always say that other music is "fake", "too electronic", "no emotion", "autotuned" etc.
But actually, any music can be emotional regardless of how it is played or who the artist is.

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