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21 Appearance

It does not matter if you can't tell peoples genders apart, you don't need to judge people for their appearance. Like I have short hair -real short- and wear boys clothes sometimes, There is nothing wrong about that...

To be honest. I like the emo style. At least when it's not over done... But I think it's kinda stylish and unique. Overall, emos are still annoying.

I have never worn makeup in my life besides when I went to a concert, so... - AnonymousChick

Always have piercing. Why you nred so many? - AlphaQ

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22 They Don't Know Any Actual Emo Bands
23 They act like they're better than everyone

A lot of emos, especially girls will make fun of other girls for being a "basic white girl'

Meanwhile they all wear the same things all day and listen to the exact same music. Just saying.

I turned emo at 13(unlucky number) and over the years I realized this and made an effort to stop because I realized how much of a prick I was being

I have to disagree with this one because you can almost say this about any other stereotypical label right?

So true, but that's also a common trait of a prep.
this emo girl I'm having issues with is always trying to make herself the dom. the better one and always tries to make me look bad. yes I would be considered emo for my style
Nevermind the fact they always go "BVB SO SO EMO. I LOVE ANDY"
examples of emo bands: Flyleaf, The ready set, the summer set, Fireflight (some might be emo-pop-)

24 They Drink Bleach

I don't know any emo that drinks bleach. If you know who Social Repose is, he's a YouTuber, than you know that in some of his videos, he will pretend to drink bleach.

Hmm...never heard about that!

Honestly... there are better ways to kill yourself.

25 They Find a Way to Make Everything About Themselves

Doesn't apply to all emos but I've seen it in a lot. They just love drawing attention to themselves and it's annoying especially in conversations. I've been in situations where a group of people are having a light hearted conversation and they suddenly change the topic to be just depressing and awkward.

26 They Say That They Suffer the Most When They're Not Even Close

True, a lot of them come from loving families. They have all of the resources they need and they have friends. But many just turn them all away to follow their emo way of life. It is very true that they would cut themselves and feel suicidal just because their parents won't buy them some emo thing that they really like.

Well, a lot of emos have depression and the ones who fake their problems ruin it for everyone. I have depression and I'm a goth/emo mixture. I also have tons of anxiety and a personality disorder so I have "real" problems. However, people never take me seriously because so many emos have fake problems.

Seriously emos are turning their backs on their families and friends who are more than willing to help them just to stay isolated in their rooms and listen to My Chemical Romance. Just to be emo, they are giving up proper food, water, hygiene and love. It's becoming a cult.

They do because they always cut themselves. - AlphaQ

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27 They're appearances are overrated

Really so you hate how they dress really that so mean how do you think they fell.

28 Plain stupidity

Non emo people can be just as stupid too. If this is a reason why people hate emos, then you might as well go hating on pretty much everybody else too.

I hate when people call emos stupid. They're just like everyone else. We are all stupid sometimes. Stop bringing them down just because they're different from you.

I am emo and even that makes me want to kick some people in the head

They're stupid. Or at least, immature in case their brains are fortunate enough to develop.

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29 They Make Fun of Mainstream Music

Emo people will persist to make fun of pop music and assume that it's all the popular stuff that's playing, then they get angry at us for saying that their music is bad and generalizing it. There is a reason pop music is popular. Nobody wants to listen to songs about people killing themselves.

Yes, we get it. If it's on the radio, and many people enjoys listening to it, you emos are "too cool" to enjoy such "trash." Now go back to listening people screaming at the mic and let people enjoy what makes them happy.

Gonna be honest, I don't listen to pop music. The only pop musicians I listen to would probably be Little Mix and Melanie Martinez. Other than that, I listen to Alternative Rock.

Even some people on this site who aren't emo do this. - AlphaQ

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30 They're Generally Stupid

I think this was really offensive to aim something like this towards emos, when they're people just like us, when we can be just as stupid as well.

If they tried hard in school maybe they would be happier.

Yeah, a lot of us emos are. Because the majority are, they ruin it for all of us.

Pfft. Can't stress it enough!

31 Saying a not-emo band is emo

I've dealt with this, an emo girl at my school called Muse and Stromae emo... kill me - stromaemaestro

32 They Are "Bait-and-switch Trolling In Real Life", Fishing for Attention by Calling Themselves Emos

"Go tell your problems to the kids and parents at St. Jude's."

Their lifestyle reflects the online Internet habits of "Trolls" in a way that can't be ignored. EMOS are nothing more than failed trolls who have went offline and outside to troll in a more personal face-to-face manner. EMOS are all trolls. It's science bitch.

33 They Want their Friends to be Emo

I think emos mainly want their friends to be emo so that they can listen to the same loud music and relate on an extremely low level. However, being emo can cause depressions me your basically telling your friends to develope a mental disorder. Harsh.

"..Loving people for who they are" Huh?! Well then! You just contradicted yourself.

If a friend is truly feeling down, sad, or just confused in life they'll assume you want to be emo too.

Yeah, and? I would love it if I had one person who listened to rock / metal with me. I listen to EDM also, and my friends like that, but they like house and dubstep. I like Hardcore, Hard-Trap, Hard Bass, Hardstyle, Jumpstyle, and even breaks / techno.

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34 Emo people say they are not emo when they are. V 3 Comments
35 Sometimes Emo is used because there isn't always another word.

If someone calls themselves emo, it's because if they don't they'll be called attention-seekers, annoying, weird, etc. I have a friend who, for the longest time, felt she was ugly and she was anorexic. She was called an emo at school, mainly because she liked to wear black, listen to metal bands, was super skinny, and didn't talk to anyone. Eventually she got help for her condition (which was ordered by a doctor because she was going to extremes) and she still wears black and does things typical "emo" kids do. It's not really a feeling or an assumption. Being emo is perfectly okay.

Sometimes when people say emo, they use it because most people assume it anyway. In school if you wear black, and listen to music, you're said to be emo. I see it everyday. Also, sometimes when people say they are ugly, they don't want attention. They feel that way and they want to make it clear to everyone else that they don't feel good about themselves. I do this, because if one day I ever said,

36 Always playing fake emotions when they're really fine

I actually know someone who does this. I had a "friend" named Abi and she would always pretend she's depressed and pretended she had a horrible life, when in reality, her life was fine

I'm emo and I never complain about my life. I don't let my problem become other's people's concern. This isn't true for all emos...

"Hey whats wrong..? "
"-sniffles- I'm so poor,i have a broken home my life is just so horrible"
(Same day,but 10min later)
"-emo person is laughing and bragging about how perfect their life is-"

Lies 😤 I don't like this dude I'm aN emo n this is NOT TRUR

37 When they don't get their way, they make you feel horrible about yourself

Narcissistic Entitlement seems to be the main problem all emos share.

38 The need to be special

All they ever do is where stuff really retarded like pizza backpacks and dye their hair. Guess what your all clones.

Emo has become packed with stupid commercial zombies over the years ew

Emos are attention whores and cut for attention. Why else would they cut and post it online? Why else would they bitch about their horrible lives? Emos are LOOKING for negative things in their lives just for attention. You're bringing other people down with you. Get a life.

39 Competition

When emos try to see who is emoer and fight over it. :/ no words

As if being an attention-whore that wears too much makeup is something to aspire too.

40 They act like they're unique

Every emo person I've met, acts like they're better, smarter, and above everyone else. I know not all people under the classification of emo can be like this, but the ones I know, are. They act like they're entitled to things because they have deep fringes.

This is every emo I know. So you have your hair dyed? You must be a real individual, as if there isn't already hundreds of other kids who do that these days.

Because they ar

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