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41 They act like it's a culture

Every era had its sub-cultures. Rockers ( the 50's ), Mods ( the 60's ), Hippies ( late 60's ), Skinheads ( I'm not talking about the Nazi -skinheads, but the Skinhead sub-culture of the late 60's / early 70's who'd listen to Ska, Rocksteady and Reggae ), Punks ( the 70's ), Dark Wave Gothics ( early 80's )... and so on. Those sub-cultures exist because they rebel against ( in attitudes, clothes etc... ) the popular form of music in the era they live in. To every pro- there is a contra-. When era's goes on those sub-culture don't stop to exist. You can call this revivals of all those sub-cultures. EMO are or is the revival form of post-punk / New wave / dark wave / gothic of the late seventies and early eighties. Like every revival, things are changing in the sub-culture itself ( sometimes or often worse than the Original movement ). They act like it's a culture ; no! They act ( it's more a way of life than an act! ) like it's a sub-culture ; yes! ( even if some don't agree on that, ...more

It's maybe not a culture but it's for sure a subculture. In the 80's this was called dark-wave ( from new-wave ). Bands like " The Cure ", " Bauhaus ", " Dead can dance " etc... had their own kind of music, their own kind of style ( black, depressed... ) and of course their fans and followers. Later on this was called Gothic, New-Romantic till it has develop for what it is now.

Wearing black clothes, wristbands, a whole stick of eyeliner, listening to whiny music and complaining about your average middle class life, is not a culture. It's an obnoxious fad.

Yea! Listening to their supposed "metal" bands and looking like complete idiots is *not* a culture, but more of some weird kind of cult that must be stopped!

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42 They Lie About Being Depressed

I had a friend who was EMO, she would fake cut herself and lie about rape and her boyfriends dyeing. Megafail

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44 They Post Their Crap Online

I can sorta agree with this. I really don't like it when they post photos of their scars. I don't mind when they talk about how they feel though.

I hate turning on any kind of social media and seeing pics of bloody wrists and them saying "10 likes and I wil kill my solf" it just means their dirty fakers

UGH Can not stand that crap. (No pun intended)

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