Reasons People Dislike Emos

Now not every emo person is like the things I'm about to list. Not every emo person acts the same, this is just the main things I've come across in emos. Some have it worse than others. Some really do have depression. Some are really nice people. And then there's the ones who are annoying, which are the ones I'm going to be talking about.

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41 They act like it's a culture

Every era had its sub-cultures. Rockers ( the 50's ), Mods ( the 60's ), Hippies ( late 60's ), Skinheads ( I'm not talking about the Nazi -skinheads, but the Skinhead sub-culture of the late 60's / early 70's who'd listen to Ska, Rocksteady and Reggae ), Punks ( the 70's ), Dark Wave Gothics ( early 80's )... and so on. Those sub-cultures exist because they rebel against ( in attitudes, clothes etc... ) the popular form of music in the era they live in. To every pro- there is a contra-. When era's goes on those sub-culture don't stop to exist. You can call this revivals of all those sub-cultures. EMO are or is the revival form of post-punk / New wave / dark wave / gothic of the late seventies and early eighties. Like every revival, things are changing in the sub-culture itself ( sometimes or often worse than the Original movement ). They act like it's a culture ; no! They act ( it's more a way of life than an act! ) like it's a sub-culture ; yes! ( even if some don't agree on that, ...more

It's maybe not a culture but it's for sure a subculture. In the 80's this was called dark-wave ( from new-wave ). Bands like " The Cure ", " Bauhaus ", " Dead can dance " etc... had their own kind of music, their own kind of style ( black, depressed... ) and of course their fans and followers. Later on this was called Gothic, New-Romantic till it has develop for what it is now.

Wearing black clothes, wristbands, a whole stick of eyeliner, listening to whiny music and complaining about your average middle class life, is not a culture. It's an obnoxious fad.

Yea! Listening to their supposed "metal" bands and looking like complete idiots is *not* a culture, but more of some weird kind of cult that must be stopped!

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42 They Lie About Being Depressed

I had a friend who was EMO, she would fake cut herself and lie about rape and her boyfriends dyeing. Megafail

43 The music sounds whiny.

It's really whiny. And boring.

44 They Post Their Crap Online

I can sorta agree with this. I really don't like it when they post photos of their scars. I don't mind when they talk about how they feel though.

I hate turning on any kind of social media and seeing pics of bloody wrists and them saying "10 likes and I wil kill my solf" it just means their dirty fakers

UGH Can not stand that crap. (No pun intended)

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