Top Ten Reasons People Don't Like Conservatives

The hate I got on the last anti-conservative list is getting a little funny. I'm not even a popular user. Some of them brought up good points, I have to admit, but there were a few people who justified my disliking of them. If you can't handle diffirent opinions you really shouldn't be online. If you want to argue against what I say that's fine. But that doesn't mean I'm going to change my veiws based on it, or who knows, maybe I will, but if you seriously need to change my veiws, death threats and insults don't work. I'm just saying some of my lists are over hated. My girls stronger than boys list got hated very badly, unlike the list where the genders were reversed. Toptenfan didn't get that much hate for his atheist and gay list. I understand why some people hate that list, but I don't get why they become so hated.

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1 They Are Homophobic


Name five secular reasons why LGBT is a bad thing - yungstirjoey666

Nope conservatives are supposed to be for the upper class with the upper class job.
Oh don't hate on unemployed if they get a job it doesn't mean they will suddenly become upper class.

A lot of other people are homophobic (not me included) and some conservatives are not. Don't generalise please. It's rude and disrespectful.

2 Sometimes They Act Stupid

Not a good enough reason as both Conservatives and Liberals have stupid ideas. - RobertWisdom

UK - Bedroom tax and Brexit DUH
Everything else also in other countries homophobia, Christian extremists, America with the trump wall which would really not end terrorism, not understanding the womb with the foetus so they label abortion is murder so go and buy a book to see its not.
America with gun crime.

I'm not right or left, but I can say that over 90% of conservatives (as a former conservative myself), are not homophobic whatsoever. Many think it's gross, or wrong, but they aren't scared of gays and they don't hate them. Same thing with "trans-phobia". I think the worst things about conservatives is the weird borderline pro-war attitude. I mean, they say they are "pro life" and then they want to get involved on foreign nations that have fought one another since the dawn of time, and usually cause more chaos than was there before. Also, they talk a big game about fiscal responsibility, and then they spend massive amounts of money on bombing religious fanatics in the desert.

Sorry not a valid reason. Look at the left for an example of acting stupid - Randomator

3 They Fight Against Certain People's Rights

If only I could make everything here #1... but this is the biggie. - shoulderboythemetalhead

"If you can't handle different opinions, you shouldn't really be online." Just how you barely handled anyone's opinion on your other lists, and here right now, where you seem to have a problem with them justifying their opinions. Not just regarding your lop-sided democratic drivel. And mark my comment as an insult all you want, but I just stated my opinion. And think about how people will react, and respect that, before you make a half-arsed rant about it. - PositronWildhawk

PositronWildhawk just described SOME Metal fans because they always hate on the modern music industry, but if someone calls their god, (cough, cough, Metallica) something wrong, then they will use sarcasm and insults sugar coated with high vocabulary just to sound smart and right. - BlueTopazIceVanilla

Again, not all conservatives are like this. Mostly it's the psycho-religious people who live in the Deep South and don't support separation of church and state who act like this, but it isn't even close to all of them. CNN just picks out those select few to make republicans look bad.

Also makes me laugh to see all the users pointing out how TTP claims to be open minded, then tries to shut up and shame people whose opinions differ from him/her. Typical liberal...

Conservatives aren’t trying to take away the rights of illegal immigrants, we just want our country safer. Many illegals are rapists, murderers, and sex predators, which America already has enough of. - PackFan2005

Many? MANY! Undocumented immigrants are less likely to commit a crime than an American citizen - Deadlygrandure

4 They Are Represented by Fox News

Again, not a legitimate reason. We have only Fox News. The liberals get nearly every other news source, be it CNN (Crappy News Network), MSNBC, ABC, CBS, NBC, The New York Times, The Washington Post, every other newspaper in America. In addition, they get Saturday Night Live, every other night show, talk shows, and movies and T.V. shows with liberal celebrities. And conservatives are bad because we have one news source that supports us? - PackFan2005

And liberals are represented by literally every other news station. Your point is? - Randomator

At least we aren't represented by CNN (Crap News Network)... I heard THEIR prime time ratings went down 25% since last year!

Well that's...kind of embarrassing... - Gehenna

5 Sometimes They Use Religion As an Argument

Keep religion out of politics - yungstirjoey666

I actually agree with this point

ToptenPizza That's actually a great analogy!

What a judgmental little git you are, ToptenPizza.

6 They Are Transphobic

Is being trans a mental illness though - Crizz

@ToptenPizza: Bad reasoning. The Bible clearly wants people to wear clothes. Ever since Adam and Eve followed Satan and sinned, they realized they were naked and they were ashamed. God himself clothed Adam and Eve. Genesis 3:21. Also, Deuteronomy 22:5 clearly says. "The woman shall not wear that which pertaineth unto a man, neither shall a man put on a woman's garment: for all that do so are abomination UNTO THE LORD THY GOD. Not unto conservatives. - RobertWisdom

I'm a conservative and I'm not "transphobic." I don't agree with it but I won't kick someone out of my life for being transgender. - RockFashionista

Again, not all of them are: - PackFan2005

7 They're Always Right and People Get Jealous

Well not allways but they deal with the "hard" ideas no one want's to talk about/...

Wrong about pro-life. No one is killing babies you are thick as a brick.

Hell yeah! God bless america!


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8 They Are Pro-Life

OK I am a hardcore liberal, but abortion is one area where I support the conservatives. Unless the life of the mother is in danger, abortion is wrong. According to biology, a fetus is a living, independent being. It gets nutrients from the mother, but it has all the organ systems and body structures that we humans possess. Furthermore, people are considered dead when their heart starts beating. So shouldn't people be considered alive when their heart starts beating (within first month of conception).

As for the guy who asked why should we prioritize fetuses over women, because the woman (most likely) isn't going to die from giving birth. Again, I said IF a woman's life is in danger, I support abortion. However, why would you kill an innocent baby when you can give birth to it and spare it? It was not the fetus's choice to be born. If you have a baby, then it is not a choice, but your responsibility to nurture it to the best of your ability. NEVER punish someone for something ...more

If you against abortions, than you are not pro life. You are pro birth. Maybe listen to (or read the lyrics of, if you are not only a conservative but also a music normie) "From Womb to Waste" by Dying Fetus and you'll see what I mean. - shoulderboythemetalhead

If you're so worried about an insignificant piece of cell yet you dismiss the needy, then you can't claim yourself "pro-life" - yungstirjoey666

Its not a baby you numbskulls and it's a woman's body.

9 Some of Them Are Christian Extremists

Trust me, Muslim extremists make Christian extremists tame. - BorisRule

These lists prove that YOU can't handle differing opinions - bobbythebrony

You don't seem to understand that YOU are a religious extremist. Your religion is nihilistic leftism. And according to your other posts, you're willing to enforce your beliefs with extreme violence.
You are what you claim to hate.

All religions have extremists, as well as political beliefs.

10 Some of Them Hate Poor People

This is a lame argument and the comments also. Not everybody has the chance or opportunity in their lives to do studies they want to do or to find decent work in this society. Not everybody can be rich like not everybody can be poor. Poor people need help and a government is the helping ( at least it should be ) institution in a civilized society. If a government should not care about their people ( rich and poor ) then they are not worth to be called a civilized humanitarian government but worth to be called a facist regime. And please, before you write comments about socialism learn first the philosophic theory of socialism because you don't know what you're talking about. Socialism ( and I'm not talking about absolute socialism like it was before the boljevic revolution! Socialism is very democratic now and has nothing to do with communism anymore since 1919! Learn your lessons! ) strives at acceptable human conditions at work, Healthcare, pension, the right of a minimum salary ...more

Oh but ever heard of government in the UK the bedroom tax?

Mainly fox news, but some conservatives outside fox news call poor people "lazy" or "living off the government" - ToptenPizza

Really? It’s the liberals that hate the poor. Conservatives want to help our poor population instead of illegal immigrants like the liberals do. - PackFan2005


The Contenders

11 They Can't Handle Different Opinions

Like you, for example. - BorisRule

They can't handle the different opinions about abortion, different religion/atheism, nowadays feminism, poor people/struggling to get a job.

YEET, that's the left - danimey

Yes, everyone is very opinionated now. But whenever somewhat says anything left leaning at all, conservatives will immediately swarm, jeer, and bully the person who only said their viewpoint. While I admit us on the left do get angry at times, you all are worse. About everything. - shoulderboythemetalhead

You sure about that? Look in the mirror - Randomator

12 They Don't Believe in Climate Change

I'm not trying to say it's wrong to be conservative, but I find it puzzling how some conservatives still don't believe in climate change even though it's been scientifically proven by SCIENTISTS for years that it's a real phenomenon. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

Most conservatives believe in Climate change. But because the only conservative you have seen is DJ Trump, you think this is what we all believe. - coolguy101

I feel like this is a big reason. because I can see why people disagree on abortion and gun control. but unless your a sceinctist, you have no right to say "climate change ins't real". with the other issues there is a bit of subjectivity involved, but climate climate is a FACT! - RecklessGreed

There’s some conservatives who believe it’s real - Randomator

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13 Their Political Jokes Aren't Funny

Their political jokes are hilarious. Not like liberal political jokes which are made by people with no common sense and are often not even true. Also, 7 things on this list aren't even true. Conservatives aren't homophobic and they don't hate the poor and they aren't extremists.

What do you expect? They all idolize Adam Sandler as the King of Comedy. Do you expect them to be intelligent? Not to mention how the bible-thumpers despise South Park, but love to make racial comments that sound no different than the characters in American History X.

Larry David, a man against the politically correct, is one of the most hilarious people on earth currently. - SoldierOfFortune

Yeah, they are more offensive. - ToptenPizza

14 They Actually Get Things Done

Isn't that what we want? , for things to get done?.

Please... please someone tell me how getting things done is a reason to dislike somebody.

-someone who isn't left or right.

15 They Don't Like Non-White People

You guys are mistaking AltRight with Conservatives. - Not_A_Weeaboo

The alt-right are a far right political entity.
Read: Conservative - shoulderboythemetalhead

Wrong. - Randomator

Lies! Lies! Lies!

Alt-right only. Not all conservatives. - 445956

16 They Love Guns

The constitution is dated.

I know that I'm not a conservative but isn't the Second Amendment the Right to Bear Arms (which was originally made for rights of like hunting guns or guns to use to defend your property. Not machine guns). - Anonymousxcxc

That's why America is stupid and living in the delusional world of thinking its still cowboy era.

It's part of the second amendment. Sorry, but take away the 2nd Amendment, and you have broken the Constitution. - IcetailofWishClan

17 George W. Bush is a Conservative


18 They are Very Uneducated

How many libs have a college degree? Or should I say, how many libs have a college degree in something other than liberal arts of Gener studies? I thought I would find sympathy here, but this place (the internet) is not where I should go for sympathy I guess.

19 They Hate Michelle Obama... for Pushing Healthy Food in Schools.

They hate Michelle Obama because she's black. - RobertWisdom

Answer to Randomator : Yeah, " it’s not up to the government to decide what we eat". Totally. It's not like they're the ones funding the schools through taxes. It's like saying "my parents should not decide where I live" when you're only ten. It makes no sense. It's funded by the state, and the reasons canteens are so bad is because the Reagan government cut funding by 1$ per meal. Thank you, Reagan. Smooth.

She made my school lunches hell for eight years. - PackFan2005

Because she made school lunches hell.Also it’s not up to the government to decide what we eat - Randomator

She's really hated by conservatives because she was The First Lady and she happened to be black. - RobertWisdom

20 They Hate Black People

Yet Hillary Clinton uses them for votes. Why are we not discussing that? - PackFan2005

White American conservatives are, far too often, racists.

No they don't.

Have you ever been to a ghetto? it ain't pretty

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21 They Don't Believe in Overpopulation
22 Their Racial Views Are Little Different From The Ones Held By Neo-Nazis

Always deny institutional racism, always think all immigrants do nothing but destroy the country at the expense of "hard-working" white Americans, etc.

We only have a problem with the immigrants that come illegally. - Stalin

23 They Use the First Amendment to Defend Hate Speech, but Whine About SJW Speech

I am not a big fan of SJW's, but conservatives are extemely hypocritical about this. They always talk this way, and get far more triggered than the SJW's do.

Finally a good example!

Conservatives condemn all hate groups
Some just refuse to condemn garbage people like the Alt-Right. - JPK

24 They Want Everyone to Follow Their Rules, Whereas Liberals Want the Ability of Freedom, and Choice
25 They Believe You Should Earn Your Own Keep

Everybody has to work to make a living for themselves. So this isn't a good reason. - RobertWisdom

Because that’s how life works. If you want to be successful you gotta put in the work - Randomator

Getting a job; what a concept!

God forbid you carry your own weight.

26 They Are Pro-War

Beware of WWIII North Korea or Russia or Middle East or Who Knows. ( its an alien! )

27 They Don't Like Spending Other People's Money

Because it's their money and they earned it, and we shouldn't have the right to take it from them. - RockFashionista

28 They Believe in the Death Penalty
29 They Support Trump

So? - Randomator

SO? People can support who they want to support!

30 They Believe that You Should Not Have Rights.

Yet the liberals want to restrict everything - Randomator

You’re kidding, right? The conservatives want people to have gun rights. The liberals want to restrict everything. - PackFan2005

31 They Do Not Believe in Science.

Idiots. They don't even believe in climate change, and that is what will kill us all. I hope conservatives die first- or last, so they can absorb how stupid they are. - shoulderboythemetalhead

32 They Want Everyone Who is Able to Work to Get a Job

When they get a job, that means everyone will be filthy rich to vote for republican. Remember how much money they get working.

33 They Only Support Trump, Not Because of His Politics, but Because They Think He's Racist Like They Are

This one is true with many conservatives. - RobertWisdom

34 They are Bigots


Yeah-Conservatives,Repumblicans and Rightwingers REALLY need to grow up.

35 They Live in the Past

It's true. A conservatives idea of a perfect future is going back in time to the Great Depression. That's why they hate fair labor and aren't huge fans of FDR's New Deal.

36 The Media Has Brainwashed Gullible People in to Thinking Conservatives are Evil
37 Donald Trump and Ted Cruz are Conservatives

And Hillary and Bill Clinton are Democrats. Your Point is? - Randomator

38 They Hate Net Neutrality

who does? - danimey

39 The Last Jedi Backlash

The film was bad, End of - Weirdest-thing

40 They Say Capitalism and Slavery are Just

Capitalism is just unless you refuse to participate, and all of the nations that still allow slavery are strongly anti-conservative.

41 They Don't Accept that People's Perspectives on Things Change

They wanted everyone to keep the same old ideas. they think that those same old ideas are perfect and nothing should change. I think, they should understand that people perceptions and mindset of things changes over time. If people keep having the same mindset in the same life cycle (born, grow up, work, married, and die), people will think that their life is pointless and meaningless. Conservatives are also very unwelcoming on new ideas like diversity, secularism, etc. They don't understand that people like those ideas because they're new, challenging, and people are just skeptical on the same old ideas that they are mindlessly follow and they discover ideas that is fresh and innovative. I think people need to embrace new ideas to improve their lives and discover new things that can improve themselves and others.

42 They're Often Racists but Don't Have the Courage to Own It
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