Top Ten Reasons People Don't Like Conservatives

The hate I got on the last anti-conservative list is getting a little funny. I'm not even a popular user. Some of them brought up good points, I have to admit, but there were a few people who justified my disliking of them. If you can't handle diffirent opinions you really shouldn't be online. If you want to argue against what I say that's fine. But that doesn't mean I'm going to change my veiws based on it, or who knows, maybe I will, but if you seriously need to change my veiws, death threats and insults don't work. I'm just saying some of my lists are over hated. My girls stronger than boys list got hated very badly, unlike the list where the genders were reversed. Toptenfan didn't get that much hate for his atheist and gay list. I understand why some people hate that list, but I don't get why they become so hated.

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21 They Don't Believe in Overpopulation
22 They Believe You Should Earn Your Own Keep

Getting a job; what a concept!

God forbid you carry your own weight.

23 They Are Pro-War
24 They Love Guns

I know that I'm not a conservative but isn't the Second Amendment the Right to Bear Arms (which was originally made for rights of like hunting guns or guns to use to defend your property. Not machine guns). - Anonymousxcxc

I think they just love being able to defend themselves and their families...

Whats wrong with loving guns? GO GUNS! - JordanFireStar

Because guns are awesome. - RockFashionista

25 Donald Trump and Ted Cruz are Conservatives
26 They Believe in the Death Penalty

I am a liberal and believe in the death penalty... - Polonium

27 They Support Trump
28 They Hate Michelle Obama... for Pushing Healthy Food in Schools.

Freedom for them (freedumb) means eating as much cupcakes as possible.

M.O ruined American school lunch. It's so bad that kids drop it in the "share box" or whatever and go to class hungrier. And, in turn, those who consume it end up eating 3 portions because of the leftovers - SoldierOfFortune

29 They Believe that You Should Not Have Rights.
30 They Do Not Believe in Science.
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