Top Ten Reasons People Even Think of Going to a Justin Bieber Concert

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1 To See If He Still Sings Baby At This Age
2 To Take Embarrassing Pictures Of Him
3 To See How Many People Die
4 From A Dare
5 Because You're A Fangirl

I agree with the other person who commented. - MarioMaster101

I think this is the only REAL reason that anyone even likes him. And he's not even that cute. Also, he's a HUGE jackass!

6 To Say Boo The Whole Time
7 To Criticize It
8 To Ruin The Concert
9 To Wear A Pink Sheep Mask And Get All The Attention

Ooh I should do it. Is it worth the money and hearing the horrible music though?

Pink Sheep from ExplodingTNT - TopTenListmaker

10 To Tell Everyone YOLO And You're Wasting Your Time When You Could Be Seeing Fall Out Boy, Maroon 5, Macklemore And Ryan Lewis, etc.

Justin Bieber is ruining the music industry with his trash for music and horrible personality. I'd rather see a lot of people over him. He's a joke!

The Contenders

11 To Throw A Water Bottle At Him
12 To Flip Him The Bird
13 To Assassinate Him
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