Top Ten Reasons People Get Married

Relationships begin in many ways and for many reasons. The end result is always one of two options though: you break up or get married. While breakups are more common, marriage happens to most everyone at some point.

Whether it's confessing your love for your spouse or just reaping the tax benefits, there are many reasons people choose to tie the knot. Once married, the struggle to stay that way can often be one of the most difficult challenges one can undertake - though it is also one of the most rewarding. Statistically speaking, most marriages end in divorce but that doesn't mean two people shouldn't get married in the first place.

Below are the top ten reasons people use to get married. Some are more romantic while others are solely practical. I imagine there's a reason on the list that fits most people's relationship.

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1 To declare their love

Nothing says "I love you" like doing it legally in front of friends and family. Letting the world know you have feelings for the other person is one of the most compelling reasons people choose to get married.

"A successful marriage requires falling in love many times, always with the same person." Not sure who said this but it's perfect. My parents are still happily married (most of the time) after nearly fifty years.

Can't remember who said it but...
"The first time you marry is for love, the second time for money and the third time for companionship." Nice quote and probably true but me? I wish to marry just the once - for life!

Declaring a love for someone that you love and a strong commitment is one of the two reasons why people marry (though there are many other reasons than that).

2 Tax relief

It really can be cheaper to get married. While living alone is undoubtedly the cheapest option, if you are dating or living with someone already, getting the increased income and/or tax write-offs can help the piggy bank swell.

What you say is true, but to make this the reason for marriage is just majorly saddening.

Commercial Guy* tired of taxes? Random person: yeah commercial guy: just. Merry a crazy rich dumb guy and no more taxes must be older than 66 to Order your crazy rich dude (fake)

There is no love, there is only taxes.

That's what my mom told me! :D

3 To make a statement

Whether it's people getting married "ironically" to contest the government or gay couples feeling like they should get married just because they can in their state, many people choose to say their vows just because they can. It's not the best reason but it definitely happens.

4 Family pressure

Dating for a decade can often put pressure on the family to keep up appearances. Whether religious, social, or economic pressures are at play, many people simply get married to stop being hassled by their family about it.

So then the mum for example doesn't have to do all the jobs.

5 Pregnancy

Sadly, the "shotgun" weddings are all too common. Feeling that a child should be both into a legal union can cause a couple to slingshot their relationship faster than it would have otherwise.

This was how my parents got married. My mom was pregnant with my brother when they got married. Thankfully, I was the planned child.

Not Fun when it isn't yours.
Not Fun when it is yours.

6 Religious pressure

This isn't a good reason for marriage, if you just want to get married because you want sex and not wanting to make "sin" at the same time then I think the marriage will not last long. I heard stories about couples just get married to have sex but the relationship didn't turn good

Many religions do not allow unwed couples to have sexual relations and that can put a strain on a relationship. I have personally known of some couples who went to Las Vegas for a quicky marriage just so they could have sex with their church's blessing.

7 To share insurance

Most states still do not allow civil unions or commonlaw couples to share health insurance. In those instances, marriage is often the only way for one person to get covered by another person's insurance.

8 Financial windfall

Whether it be the gold-digger looking to inherit a fortune or the destitute looking for a meal ticket, people latch on to another due to their monetary value and the lifestyle it promises.

9 Publicity

How many Hollywood weddings are there? How many last longer than 5 years? Most of the Hollywood elite somehow seem to find themselves pairing up with another of their status simply to increase the sales of their last album or movie. It's the rare few that marry a nobody and stay married for the long haul.

This is expectable

10 To start a family of their own

This is the one I want.

Considering that I have once stated that relationships these days tend to be more advantageous to the females rather than the males, I want to actually get into a relationship that I know will have sure commitment. I want to have a relationship with someone who will be willing to have a family, and will be willing to share the hardships of having one. I don't want to get into a relationship with someone, find out that they are just looking for excitement (because then these are the ones who just want to have sex with every guy they know of) and run off.

I say this because I could very well be hooking up with a girl some time on my job soon. We have the same position, and she follows me due to my experience. But I just want to get something rather clear first, and I am hoping that things will turn out alright.

That is amazing how you can have a family by marrying.

And legacy.

Actual reason.

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11 God's blessing

Weddings where not made by Christianity. Its just a forgotten Pagan thing seeing as Paganism was banned, Pagans where killed out of the churches jealousy.

This should be the main reason.

12 To have sex

Come on guys don't try to act mature. You know you want this

That is disgusting! This is not why people get married!

You don't have to be married to do it

I am having sex right now

13 To conceal homosexuality

We've heard of the gay men getting married to women to conceal their lifestyle, they even have a name for it: a beard. The same happens for women though less often. Nonetheless, keeping up with social pressures can be motivation enough for some to marry someone just to keep up appearances.

Many people do it to conceal the homosexuality but at the same time its wrong because you are giving false hopes to the person you are marrying just come out and be proud of who you are and don't let anyone hold you down

14 To suffer


15 To spend more time with their loved ones
16 For money

Lol what do you mean

17 Peer pressure
18 To have children

This is a great list. Although I don't wanna marry, I like this list.

19 To begin a legacy

To declare your love is obviously the best reason but this is a lovely added item which made me smile.

What is a legacy? It’s planting seeds in a garden you never get to see. If I throw away my shot, is this how you’ll remember me?

A lega cy ankitha will plant seeds in her garden while cauis holds her hand and tenderly looks into her eyes whule smiling and screeming like a t rex GAGKITHA

20 For the inheritance
21 For protection

One/One -11 says for unity

22 Because everyone is doing it

Because if you really think about it, unless you're religious all you're doing is sticking to the norm, when it's perfectly possible to be in a lifelong relationship without being married (actually religious marriages also are conforming to religion but that's a whole other matter).

23 To share money

As long as the wife/husband doesn't take advantage of each other's money controlling each other's fiances because each spouse should control their own money.

24 To have a grave next to their partner

Aww! How romantic! Two spouses together at last forever! 💖

25 Arranged marriage

Arranged marriage is just gross. People marry off girls that are in/barely starting/haven't started puberty to men who are like 60 years old.

There are other cultures and/or religions with an Arranged Marriage apart from Indian (Hindi).

Strict Indian parents have to do this with their children..


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