Top 10 Reasons People Go Vegetarian

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1 They cannot bear to eat another living thing.

Meat tastes good, but something about the texture is unbearably awful. Its as if I can taste the suffering - keycha1n

Some people like kesha have saved animals and they just could not bear to eat them. - vegetarians

That's true. This is the reason why I'm a vegetarian. - Kiteretsunu

A major change in this heading is a welcomeable one. People eating non-vegetarian items which are of living thing. But it is not so. It is the dead body (or corpse) of animals, birds, fish or insects. If you see and feel the truth in it, then you will know what is true Vegetarinism is.

2 They are allergic to meat or animal products.

Some people are lacktose and tolerant. - vegetarians

3 They work for a slaughter farm

They feel bad for the animals that die. - vegetarians

4 They would never kill an animal

Some people have the heart to end another living things life, but others cry when they do. - vegetarians

5 They work with animals and love them very much
6 They believe killing animals is wrong
7 They don't like the taste of meat
8 They want to get healthier
9 Processed Meat is fattening
10 Allergic to dairy
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11 Humans are animals too

Do you want to eat your family?

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