Top 10 Reasons People Hate Avatar


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1 It's Overrated

Yes, it's only good because of the special effects.

2 It's the Highest Grossing Film In History

Are you sure its not I the fact that avatar

3 The Film Focuses On Background More Than the Plot

It's like those book adaptions of the 90s. We have a weak plot, but we have subplots in droves. - dureckl

4 It's Longer Than It Should Be
5 So Many Different Ways to Watch It In 3D
6 It's The New Standard for 3D
7 The Whole "Save The Environment" Message
8 It Was #1 At the Box Office for Numerous Weeks
9 James Cameron Directed It
10 It Has the Same Name as a TV Show

That's so true, when I tried to look up on Google, there's two different Avatars I'm looking at, the airbender type and the Pandora alien type. It's too confusing, unless they should've change the T.V. show's name something diiferent next time.

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11 M. Night Shyamalan Had to Change His Film Title to The Last Airbender

Well to be honest, The Last Airbender was nothing like the show, so it would only be fitting for it to have a different title.

12 It Grossed More Than Titanic
13 People Think It's a Ripoff of Other Movies/Stories

Fern Gully, Dances with Wolves, and Pocahontas Are good examples.

14 It was nominated for Best Picture at the Oscars
15 The CGI
16 The Main Character is White

A group of aliens in trouble and their only hope is getting help from the white man? That's pretty offensive when you think about it.

17 It's a Huge Style Over Substance
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