Top 10 Reasons People Hate Green Day

i love green day but there are some people i saw in youtube comments hating on them so this is what i think they are hated for

The Top Ten

1 They are not punk rock

If I'm a poser because I wasn't turned onto real Punk until the 90's by people who were there from the beginning, so be it. But where does that leave B.J.? - Ned964

2 They are the biggest sell outs

No they're not - Marine_Soldier

3 All their songs sounds the same
4 They are too political

They - particularly Armstrong - are ignorant, America-hating morons. "American Idiot" clearly was written while looking in the mirror.

5 They rip-off songs from other artists

Hell yeah. If we could only ask Joe Strummer how he felt about this. - Ned964

6 They think they are punk but they are posers

Probably. Or maybe it's just a money grab. Either way... - Ned964

Too suicidal emo band - infinitecirculation

7 They ruined punk rock
8 They use the same guitar chords in every songs
9 They are not talented

I won't say they're not talented, but Billie Joe Armstrong didn't do anything with much passion. He didn't take any vocal lesson, neither did he focused much on guitar. That's why he isn't good ( just average) in any of these. Especially in vocals. Mike Dirnt is okay. But he's very overrated as a bassist. And finally, Tre Cool. I don't think Tre Cool is that much overrated. And he's quite talented. Only Billie and Mike are kinda overrated. - zxm

I think I have to admit B.J. Armstrong has possibly become a better songwriter, but I don't really listen to them. It's my youngest daughters favorite band, so I am exposed to some of it. - Ned964

10 They are too mainstream

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11 Tre Cool Drumming in every song is the exact same
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