Top Ten Reasons People Hate Muslims

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1 Terrorist groups like ISIS and the Taliban

Remberd the nazis? They were horrible but does that mean Germany itself is bad? - Votebotingsucks

What people don't understand is that terrorist groups make up a tiny percentage of Muslims if you could call them that. So terror groups like ISIS and the Taliban which have a couple thousand members is no excuse to hate the over one billion Muslims worldwide. Just saying. - OriginalVisionary

There's something you need to know. You should hate the terrorist group, not religion. By the way, ISIS think they are real Muslims, but they're not. Real Muslims doesn't kill people. - Delgia2k

They're not even Muslims. - Marine_Soldier

2 Perceived hatred towards non-believers

I live in Jordan we have so many Christians I have never seen anyone being rude towards them, just a question for the guy who made this list have you ever lived in a Muslim country? - Votebotingsucks

That's right, but not only them, also Catholics, surely worst than pure Muslims.

The brake your faith

3 People believe they are violent

Believe? They are violent. Barbarians who belong in the dark ages

They abuse animals especially dogs.

Very funny, because they can't even hurt it or they will go to hell. - Votebotingsucks

4 Muslim countries are perceived to be horrible places to live in

Not just Muslim countries all of nations outside of noth America and Europe are bad! Go to live in India, Africa and many others, and they're not even Muslims. - Votebotingsucks

It tells me that places like the UAE are horrible filthy places that are infested with dirt veined, black- hey, isn't the UAE one of the most nicest places to live in?

Now, what does that tell you? Seriously, who'd wanna live in Yemen, Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia, or the Muslim countries in Africa?

You lair! You have chosen the most dangerous and worst places! Have you ever gone to UAE, Qatar, Malaysia or turkey? Of course you didn't!
Also Muslim countries in North Africa are way better than non-Muslim countries in the rest of Africa, just compare Tunisia to Kenya, what do you think is better? - Votebotingsucks

You people on this page are so so so vile! Can't even explain how brainwashed and ignorant you all truly are! If you hate Muslims, don't visit Spain. It has Islamic History. Or stop drinking coffee. Better yet, how about not going to the hospital when you need to, because Muslims in the Islamic Golden Age pioneered in building hospitals. Bye Felicia.

5 Oppression towards women

Our women are happy wearing that cover and doing everything else, who are you to judge us? - Votebotingsucks

All this man superiority and forcing women to wear burqas ins't exactly what I'd call humble. What if they don't wanna wear a burqa (or convert to Islam for that matter); that is their choice, not theirs.

6 Terrorists cut people's heads off

And what France did to Algeria? In the French-Algerian war they killed over 1,5 million people! And yet they didn't give an apology or money for reparations! And we Muslims have forgotten about that, So why are you so angry for those terrorist attacks that didn't kill 1000 in France? when we Muslims have forgotten about the genocide that France did? - Votebotingsucks

They did it again yesterday in France!

7 Perceived narrow-minded attitudes towards other belief systems
8 Perceived hypocrisy in calling Islam a religion of peace

You didn't read the Quran, did you?

9 Perceived lack of intelligence
10 Some approve of terrorist attacks against non-Muslims

World Public Opinion: 61% of Egyptians approve of attacks on Americans
32% of Indonesians approve of attacks on Americans
41% of Pakistanis approve of attacks on Americans
38% of Moroccans approve of attacks on Americans
83% of Palestinians approve of some or most groups that attack Americans (only 14% oppose)
62% of Jordanians approve of some or most groups that attack Americans (21% oppose)
42% of Turks approve of some or most groups that attack Americans (45% oppose)
A minority of Muslims disagreed entirely with terror attacks on Americans.


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11 Perpetration of Armenian Genocide in 1915

So it didn't happen, have you ever heard, of Bosnia-genocide, the French-Algerian war, the Palestinian-genocide, the raping and the killing in Burma that is still going? Millions of Muslims were killed and yet, if I told you that you would say "just a history forget about it" so why you don't forget about that genocide? Also the leaders of the ottoman army ordered that not the sultan himself and the people who were killed were 2 millions in the other hand King Leopold of Belgium has killed and enslaved over 10 million in Congo. - Votebotingsucks

Which the Turkish Muslims still deny ever happened.

12 Mindless prejudice
13 They always love Islam not the country

Islam teaches you to live your country, so what's the point of this item? - Votebotingsucks

14 Burning of the Library of Alexandria

You lair! The library has burned even before the Muslims came to Egypt, one of the burning ships has crashed into it even before Muslim armies entered Palestine! Also I must that the library was completely destroyed at 640 before the Muslims came in 642, even if I am wrong we Muslims have built another library you can visit it in Egypt, so why do you complain? - Votebotingsucks

Yeah, the Christians have burned all the books in Muslim Iberia that took Muslims 700 years! And burned the Muslims who stays there alive! We Muslims don't say anything about that, so why do you complain? - Votebotingsucks

Setting world civilization back 500 years!

15 Israeli-Palestinian conflict
16 365 days 5 times a day screening their prayer in loud speakers disturbing sick people, sleeping children and even near hospitals.

No, they aren't near hospitals you liar! We Muslims are happy waking up to pray, nobody is pointing a gun towards our heads, I wake up and pray everyday and I am very proud of that! - Votebotingsucks

17 The Quran has violent verses

I will cut my hand off if you read it! - Votebotingsucks

Look it up

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1. Terrorist groups like ISIS and the Taliban
2. Oppression towards women
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