Top 10 Reasons People Hate Nickelback

I am and always will be a fan of Nickelback. This list is to determine why people dislike them so much

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1 People are yet to appreciate them

Which is sad Because Nickelback is Better then given Credit for!

And it Pisses me Off that people just Hate Nickelback Because they wanna be cool!
It's Sad to see Bands Treated this Horrible

Nickelback's Lyrics are Better then Most Bands out their
There Really Great LIVE Which matters a lot
The Meaning behind their Songs Are Amazing
The Music Videos are Top Quality
They Are one of the BIggest Bands Ever Especially in CANADA
Chad Kroger Has His own Record label and has worked with The likes of Santana, Pearl Jam, Daughtry, Theory Of a Deadman, Default, Avril Lavigne, Slash, And Others
They Are Mega Successful!
They NEVER RUINED ROCK MUSIC They Have Kept It Running (also Nickelback is More Alternative Rock)

I like your argument but please use grammar next time or people will misjudge you. I don't like Nickelback but they are not god awful. - SenpaiNoticeMe

To put it bluntly, the more you listen to music, the less you listen to Nickelback.

I have always liked Nickel. Never understood where all the negativity came from. Love Rock Star. #hatersstophating

They are a good band

2 It's a trend to hate them

It's a trend to hate everything on social media, thetoptens, the internet.

So true, I think most people only hate them just too fit in with the rest of the Internet - wolphert

Trend? Well why don't you read the reviews of Silver Side Up on Amazon? People abhor post-grunge dribble.

I know some people who only know two Nickelback songs, How you remind me and Rockstar, yet they still hate them because all their music is 'similar'. How can you say that if you haven't listened to the majority of their music? - Doctor_Derpless

3 Thier songs are all the same


Not true. Listen to songs like Never Again or Next Contestant and tell me they are the same as Far Away, If Everyone Cared or Too Bad - Danielsun182

Well they didn't exactly write one song their whole lifetime, but they basically wrote three songs and changed the lyrics to them. Corporate rock at its "finest."

Really? listen to burn it to the ground and if today was your last day and tell me if they sound the same! who writes this a bunch of deft dumb donkeys? Daniel eddie maertens 10 year old Canadian find me!

4 They think hating Nickelback makes them look cool

People think hating everything makes them look cool.

Well this reasoning is retarded. People hate Nickelback because they make music that would make bands like Buckcherry and Hinder redden up.

I attempted to get real answers from some family this weekend regarding their hate for Nickle but they remain firm and won't elaborate. Nonsense I say!

So much hate put the sorta true yeah

5 Chad Kroeger's Voice

Chad is better vocalist than kurt cobain - Th3Zm0nst3r

Will somebody just give him laxatives already!

He sounds like he eats gravel and can't quite get it out of his system

I think that's one of the reason why it got more popular

6 Thier lyrics are similar

Why did this person write their in such a disgusting matter

7 They are Canadian

That's not a reason to hate them. - Rorywilbren

So? Rush is Canadian too and we like them!

Justin Bieber we hate him

Justin Bieber is Canadian and 1) he was not hated for that reason, and 2) we don't hate him anymore!

8 Most of Nickelback's Songs are about Drugs, Sex, and Strippers

No shipping. That is ROCK NOT ROLL dumb ass.

I think this is the biggest reason why everyone hates Nickelback.

There's more love than drug and strippers -_-

I love nickleback and heard every song by them yes they have a few songs about love sex and drugs but so do most artist at some point most rap most country some rock and some pop so the few spngs they have is nothing cpared to that also they have a lot of sons about love caring and hurtimg so yeah

9 They aren't original

And Justin Bieber is original? One Direction? Miley Cyrus? Shawn Mendes? Fetty Wop? Rihanna? I could go all day. The point is, you listen to unoriginal music every day, but you only pick on Nickelback because it's "The cool thing to do". ust listen to your favorite song's lyrics and tell me exactly what is original about them.

They're the epitome of greed over soul in the rock genre. They've stated that they only do this so that they can make money and that a lot of their songs follow a formula that just goes by what's popular. And the argument that Justin Bieber, One Direction, etc. isn't original either is pointless. If we don't listen to Nickelback, then why would we ever listen to them? They're obviously unoriginal, much like Nickelback.

They pretty much sing about stuff every band sings about

10 People are too busy listening to pop music

This makes no sense

Not exactly I mean I love nockle back and ill defend it all the way inless some one proves me wrong on any point but there are a lot of teens and some adults listen to pop and same only a lot more rock sounds good and there are same amout of people if not rock loves out there then pop

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11 They sound awful

Invalid reasoning

They really do, it's hilarious that this would be considered "invalid reasoning"


It's true.

12 They're extremely sexist and right-wing

I don't really care about the right-wing thing (and calling them sexist is a bit of a stretch) but I get this. They're lyrics are absolutely over-sexualized, but that doesn't make them sexist. They're just trying to be edgy and gain some more money. And, unfortunately, it works. This is like a radicalized version of the truth.

Yeah as if Chad Kroeger's sexual lyrics will get him laid. He looks like the criminals I see on television. Oh well money doesn't buy class, good looks, good taste, or intelligence

13 They are in it for the money

And all other groups aren't

14 They Don't Get Rock Music

Screw you

15 They sound generic
16 Because the singer is married to Avril Lavigne

She's the only reason I got to know them..

I like her rock music. Except for silly ones like Girlfriend which is more like a pop song not her genre.

The first same-SUCKS marriage, perhaps?

Avril is amazing. What kind of reason is this?

17 They are so overplayed it's irritating

So does most songs on the radio

Why? Payola?

Yes their music gets annoying, that's why people hate them.

18 Chad Kroeger Chad Robert Kroeger is a Canadian musician and producer, best known as the lead vocalist and guitarist for the Canadian rock band, Nickelback.

He looks like a dirty Nicholas Cage.

Looks aren't everything

He's not very attractive that's why they hate


19 People like to hate things

Simply people like to hate or look down at things that are different than they are. I personally like some of their songs and don't hate the band personally I just hate fanboy's and Justin Bieber with a passion that will never change.

20 They're different

Nickelback is one of the few bands that actually plays REAL ROCK MUSIC anymore. Most people just can't appreciate them because of all the weird new music out there. People really need to learn to appreciate the style of music they play, but they just won't do it.

Don't listen to this person they aren't real rock, ok they are kind of like super old rock but rock has evolved and changed and nickelback has refused to even sound a bit modern it's so old style it's annoying.

21 They're Selfish

They are all about the money, not the heart and soul of music (whether reaching a niche audience or making anthems for the masses). Notice that many Nickleback apologists keep stating about the money that they have, more so than the music (albums, B-sides, hidden meanings of songs, background/experiences of singer that is applied to the songwriting, experimentation, et al). Keep flashing those horn signs boys, because you may avoid the unemployment line or decline in publicity but credibility is the thing you will never get in your lifetime.

22 They are not even attractive

Really with minute musical talent, classless/mindless lyrics, lack of creativity, et al; they can't even look good. Which makes it even more baffling that this band even exists

Right, because it's all about their looks.

Chad Kroeger looks like a serial paedophile

Who gives a fare what people look like honestly its about the musoc not looks u stupid ideos

23 People Hate the Name Chad
24 Boring and Canadian


25 They are commercial
26 Rockstar - the song and video
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