Top 10 Reasons People Hate Nickelback


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21 They're Selfish

They are all about the money, not the heart and soul of music (whether reaching a niche audience or making anthems for the masses). Notice that many Nickleback apologists keep stating about the money that they have, more so than the music (albums, B-sides, hidden meanings of songs, background/experiences of singer that is applied to the songwriting, experimentation, et al). Keep flashing those horn signs boys, because you may avoid the unemployment line or decline in publicity but credibility is the thing you will never get in your lifetime.

22 They are not even attractive

Really with minute musical talent, classless/mindless lyrics, lack of creativity, et al; they can't even look good. Which makes it even more baffling that this band even exists

Right, because it's all about their looks.

Chad Kroeger looks like a serial paedophile

Who gives a fare what people look like honestly its about the musoc not looks u stupid ideos

23 People Hate the Name Chad
24 Boring and Canadian


25 They are commercial
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1. People are yet to appreciate them
2. It's a trend to hate them
3. They think hating Nickelback makes them look cool
1. People are yet to appreciate them
2. Thier lyrics are similar
3. Thier songs are all the same



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