Top 10 Reasons People Hate Social Media

Social media, most of us use it every day. Whether it's Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Snapchat, and dozens more. But, some people don't like to use it, or just have something against it. This list provides some of those reasons, so if you don't understand why someone doesn't use social media, maybe this list will help you out. And if you hate social media, maybe you'll find some of the reasons why you don't like social media platforms!

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1 It makes people's ego grow

Because of the followers on their platforms, it tends to make people more needy for attention. Sometimes, it makes people take big risks, possibly threatening their own lives. - kaitlynrad11

People do anything for popularity and fame on the internet these days

Don't blame me, when I was 11 years old, I only like games but my therapist gave me facebook

Yeah, it does a lot. - Arcxia

2 It gives some people anxiety

Sometimes, posting can give people anxiety by worrying about what others may think of what they're posting - kaitlynrad11

You know what I agree it ruined my friend also social media is fillied with rubbish and I am a real person not a bot and I like to go out and be real with the real world instead of this fake social media bs

Agreed. I can't use social media because I'm afraid of being judged.

Very true.

3 It's addictive

Some of us that have social media know that it can be pretty addicting, and sometimes may make you lose friends - kaitlynrad11

This is the best reason. And why I don't use social media. - Userguy44

Too much addiction is not good for you. - malamJONES

I agree

4 It's waste of time

99% of my stuff was fandom garbage and photos of cats. After a while, I decided that listening to music online was eating away at my time (and data.) I deleted all my social media accounts. My life is so boring I don't feel the need to post about it. I'm not that special.
I'd rather read a book or play a game than obsess over the latest joke or band. But I'll probably miss out on new releases by some of my favorite artists (but the radio still exists.)

Also, I find it sad how people feel uncomfortable talking on the phone. It's my favorite way to stay in touch, but everything is done though texting and posting these days.

When your older, what will you have to show for it?

It is an endless loop of garbage

Absolutely true!

5 It makes people procrastinate more

Social media is just another way to procrastinate. Stalking someone's Instagram for hours on end or trying to get your favorite YouTuber to notice you on Twitter, it leads to people failing to do what needs to be done, from cleaning their room, to even doing big projects all the night before - kaitlynrad11

Yeah, true it does. - Arcxia


6 It enables nosy people

Basically, I don't like to share. I do blog on occasion like now and give an occasional opinion. But I have gone days without even turning on my cell phone. Use it only for work and when I have to. I haven't ever posted on facebook. Even when I have activated yet another facebook account, I forget to look, don't care, don't want to know what others are doing and don't understand why they want to know about me. I just finished writing an old-fashioned letter to a friend in AZ. It made me feel good to commit pen to paper. There is more concentration, deeper thought, and more satisfaction with writing a good letter or even just a note. So what if I do not get a reply right away. I live in the country, enjoy my chickens, my garden, my teaching job and ridiing my horse. No time for social media

Some people will just keep commenting stuff on your photos or statuses, and it can very much make some people lose it - kaitlynrad11

7 It causes mental health problems

I myself have a mental illness and this is not the reason. If you thinks its because oh so and so was on the internet to much and know they have depression, you really need to stop and think about your life.

Yes, it is possible for users of certain social platforms to get some sort of mental problems, such as depression - kaitlynrad11

Tell em all to go to mental hospital

8 It can reveal private information

I guess this one should be #1 because I hardly use social media. Well, the only two social media I use are TheTopTens and Youtube, but I don't upload any videos. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. I rarely ever use. I actually like using this site because it's more private. - Mcgillacuddy

Some people prefer not to use social media because they simply just don't want to share stuff from their personal life on the Internet - kaitlynrad11

Yeah it does, I say stay invisible. - Arcxia

9 Causes people to be antisocial

So true!

10 It doesn't replace real interaction

In the real world, you need to know how to interact with people face to face. You do so in businesses and meetings, etc, so if you are only used to tapping your screen it will be hard for you to return to the real world and speak using your own voice.

Some people think that texting or calling will replace face to face interaction. Some of those who don't utilize social media prefer not to just be texting or calling all the time online - kaitlynrad11



The Contenders

11 It destroys social skills

It's just not the same. Talking face to face is much much better. You can see, feel and even smell people (which sometimes is actually a worse alternative)

12 Lack of Authenticity

No real sense of genuinity. Everyone looks the same, they talk the same, post the same. People are no longer in tune with their true self. Everything is about what you think people want to see and what’s trendy at the time. Validation comes from your followers and the number of likes you receive. Everyone’s an “entrepreneur” starting the same businesses they copied from people they don't even follow lol

13 It is nothing more than one more thing to distract you from your own life.

I agree 100%

14 It's just not for them

My point in being online is to interact with intelligent, rational people and social media is all about the short-attention span crowd who think memes constitute intellectual debate. I don't want to follow people, I want to follow ideas and that's just not what social media is built to do.

Some people just don't like the idea of it - kaitlynrad11

People don't share ideas on social media. - goranko

15 Makes people think they have to have the perfect body

I agree


16 Too much politics

Now it's hard to explain in a simple way but I think the best way is that a lot of people think one side is the right side and one side is the wrong side when it's so much more complicated than that

17 It promotes poor reading and communication skills.

Not to mention the APPALLING grammar that's used by a lot of people, and that includes no commas, apostrophes and full stops.

Please stop using internet slang, I beg of you.

It is true. - goranko

"Liberal use of slang, colloquialisms, textspeak, emoticons, and pop culture references is destroying the ability to verbally communicate in an intelligent fashion. And there is the disturbing trend for some who like to deliberately utilize alternate spellings that are based on certain regioinal dialects that many find colorful and less boring than writing intelligently (for example, sterotypical ebonics and redneck accents).

18 It's mainstream

I wish not to use it because every other person uses it

Misquoting Oscar Wilde "Thinking like everybody else just means you're probably wrong" I detest the idea that I've got to share the same point of view as everyone on my social circle...

19 It dismisses the privacy of people

You can disclose way too much even accidentally

20 It promotes self doubt

You'll start thinking the life of others is better than yours. Pushing yourself to what you feel is perfection

People feel like theybare failures if they don't have likes... that's real sad

21 It destroys relationships

It does destroy real life relationships with people in general...

Ex-girlfriend likes something I posted, and its apparently my fault.

Constantly have to follow my partner to make sure he isn’t starting something new with someone else.

22 Cyber bullies

It's causes suicides

Lol just shut your computer off. Cyberbullying is an excuse to be a whiny emo. - JakePlaid

of course. - ArchonGamer

Hate it

23 Promotes curated, fake identities

Makes everyone show a fake face to the rest of the world. Wearing fake smiles and counting up likes from others like social currency.

People share fake information, create fake profiles, lie about themselves and hide who they are. - goranko

90% of people on the social medias are indeed fake. - RedTheGremlin

24 Toxic comments
25 Feels like slavery....almost like you HAVE to participate, especially with employers mandating that you MUST have a Facebook and Twitter account

Apparently, having an Instagram, Facebook or Twitter account demonstrates just how competent I am and how well I can perform my job. Oh please! It's like the lie of the degree - have one and you'll a) stand out and b) shows you're a hard worker. Well, no and nope. It shows that I can conform like a good little human-robot. Plus if everyone has one then my guess is no one stands out. And LinkedIn... What a load of s***.

26 The trends
27 Full of low quality content

I think so. - goranko

95% of the contents are ads/fake news/clickbait/scams/etc.. Other than another means of telecommunications, it's pretty useless.

95% of posts are ads/fake news/clickbait/scams/etc..

28 Creates barriers for love

When Sex became easier to get,

Love got harder to find

29 The constant negativity

I see this all the time, stop comparing everyone to everyone else, eh!

I hate social media

30 Antisocial Personality Disorder


31 Waste of time spying on people

This should be #1!

32 Fake love and support

It’s all fake. Just like this post.

33 It makes you unpopular if you don't have any accounts

I'm the only person in my ENTIRE FAMILY that doesn't have social media accounts and I am not popular enough because of it :(

34 Creates drama

"Did you see Sarah's story yesterday? " " how don't you know (insert name)? They have over 10k followers" "The pic Clarissa posted is terrible". Sick of it

35 Banning random people under false reasons
36 Inappropriate pictures on social media
37 It creates narcissists

People become so fake and narcissistic esp posting their kids and dogs nonstop.

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