Top 10 Reasons People Hate Social Media

Social media, most of us use it every day. Whether it's Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Snapchat, and dozens more. But, some people don't like to use it, or just have something against it. This list provides some of those reasons, so if you don't understand why someone doesn't use social media, maybe this list will help you out. And if you hate social media, maybe you'll find some of the reasons why you don't like social media platforms!

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1 It makes people's ego grow

Because of the followers on their platforms, it tends to make people more needy for attention. Sometimes, it makes people take big risks, possibly threatening their own lives. - kaitlynrad11

People do anything for popularity and fame on the internet these days

Yeah, it does a lot. - Arcxia

80's kid- Hey mom, I am going to play ball with some friends for 2 hours, bye. (2hrs later) Hey mom want me to help me with your laundry? Mom of 80's kid- sure honey thank you!

2000's kid-! There is no wifi I am going to DIE! Mom of 2000's kid- Sorry honey there is no power which means no internet. 2000's kid- Oh shut the hell up mom and go stick your a** in a hole won't ya!

Just another reason to hate this generation.

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2 It gives some people anxiety

Sometimes, posting can give people anxiety by worrying about what others may think of what they're posting - kaitlynrad11

I have shown my face on social media before but I don't smile because I have the most ugliest smile... - KianaLexi

Agreed. I can't use social media because I'm afraid of being judged.

Very true.

3 It makes people procrastinate more

Social media is just another way to procrastinate. Stalking someone's Instagram for hours on end or trying to get your favorite YouTuber to notice you on Twitter, it leads to people failing to do what needs to be done, from cleaning their room, to even doing big projects all the night before - kaitlynrad11

Yeah, true it does. - Arcxia


4 It's waste of time

When your older, what will you have to show for it?

It is an endless loop of garbage

Absolutely true!

Probably said by old people anyone who thinks this and replies, I have something to say to you.
Spelled in all caps on purpose.

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5 It enables nosy people

Some people will just keep commenting stuff on your photos or statuses, and it can very much make some people lose it - kaitlynrad11

6 It's addictive

Some of us that have social media know that it can be pretty addicting, and sometimes may make you lose friends - kaitlynrad11

Too much addiction is not good for you. - malamJONES

I agree

7 It causes mental health problems

Yes, it is possible for users of certain social platforms to get some sort of mental problems, such as depression - kaitlynrad11

8 It can reveal private information

I guess this one should be #1 because I hardly use social media. Well, the only two social media I use are TheTopTens and Youtube, but I don't upload any videos. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. I rarely ever use. I actually like using this site because it's more private. - Mcgillacuddy

Some people prefer not to use social media because they simply just don't want to share stuff from their personal life on the Internet - kaitlynrad11

Yeah it does, I say stay invisible. - Arcxia

9 It doesn't replace real interaction

In the real world, you need to know how to interact with people face to face. You do so in businesses and meetings, etc, so if you are only used to tapping your screen it will be hard for you to return to the real world and speak using your own voice.

Some people think that texting or calling will replace face to face interaction. Some of those who don't utilize social media prefer not to just be texting or calling all the time online - kaitlynrad11


10 It destroys social skills

It's just not the same. Talking face to face is much much better. You can see, feel and even smell people (which sometimes is actually a worse alternative)

The Newcomers

? The Constant Negativity

I see this all the time, stop comparing everyone to everyone else, eh!

? Creates Barriers For Love

When Sex became easier to get,

Love got harder to find

The Contenders

11 It's just not for them

My point in being online is to interact with intelligent, rational people and social media is all about the short-attention span crowd who think memes constitute intellectual debate. I don't want to follow people, I want to follow ideas and that's just not what social media is built to do.

Some people just don't like the idea of it - kaitlynrad11

12 It dismisses the privacy of people
13 Too much politics

Now it's hard to explain in a simple way but I think the best way is that a lot of people think one side is the right side and one side is the wrong side when it's so much more complicated than that

14 It's mainstream
15 It is nothing more than one more thing to distract you from your own life.

I agree 100%

16 It promotes self doubt

You'll start thinking the life of others is better than yours. Pushing yourself to what you feel is perfection

17 Causes people to be antisocial
18 Makes people think they have to have the perfect body
19 Cyber bullies

It's causes suicides

Lol just shut your computer off. Cyberbullying is an excuse to be a whiny emo. - JakePlaid

Hate it

of course. - ArchonGamer

20 It destroys relationships

Constantly have to follow my partner to make sure he isn’t starting something new with someone else.

21 Promotes curated, fake identities

Makes everyone show a fake face to the rest of the world. Wearing fake smiles and counting up likes from others like social currency.

22 The trends
23 Full of low quality content

95% of the contents are ads/fake news/clickbait/scams/etc.. Other than another means of telecommunications, it's pretty useless.

95% of posts are ads/fake news/clickbait/scams/etc..

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1. It can reveal private information
2. It doesn't replace real interaction
3. It's addictive
1. It's addictive
2. It can reveal private information
3. It enables nosy people
1. It makes people's ego grow
2. It makes people procrastinate more
3. It gives some people anxiety

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