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1 They Can Meet People from Other Countries

I think this is interesting. I love meeting people from different countries and learn something about them and their country. - funnyuser

Britgirl and I are such a great example of this - keyson

I like this, you can meet people from any country. - 05yusuf09

I'm from Singapore☺

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2 They Can Vote

I like being able to voice my opinion on a public site. That's what makes the comments and voting so great. - Songsta41

Voting isn't fun if it won't change the order of the items much. Remixing is better.

This is the main reason why this website was created - venomouskillingmachine

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3 They Can Meet New People

Yeah, every social site is great, just like TheTopTens - MatrixGuy

You'd find people who aren't trolls on this website! They're smart!

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4 They Can Read New Opinions

Unfortunately, not all of them can respect your opinions.

It's a great site to state your opinion! Nobody is stopping you!

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5 They Can Interact With New Ideas

I honestly go on this website to get rid of some of the bad experiences I had with some things as a child. I figured to myself, if I can't get rid of a bad memory, then I'll write it down.

You can be argumentative and even debate with stuff here!

Gemcloben can use this to get more followers,he needs to stop writing so much music,[no offense gems,your still good,] - Nateawesomeness

6 They Can Become Very Popular

It's actually a lot easier for some than for others. - PositronWildhawk

Of course Positron says that. It comes naturally to him (smiley face) - Songsta41

It's incredibly easy to become popular that it's not even a good thing. It's ridiculous. - IronSabbathPriest

I'm one of the most unpopular people on this site! - AGK

I'm really not sure if I'm popular or not. - CoolCat999

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7 They Can Write Comments

Definitely, everyone loves to say their opinion even if nobody wants to listen.

Nobody would stop us from stating an opinion!

See I write comment like I'm doing right here and it isn't compulsary to sign up to do so

No you can't - lovefrombadlands

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8 They Can Make a Top Ten List

Why I joined,because of the amazing lists - Nateawesomeness

9 They Can Read TheTopTens Member's Information

Well, if you're really into tracking where people live and their age, it seems that you are a creep. - CoolCat999

That's fun. Don't worry, I'm not gonna look for where you live.

Oh my god a stalker watching my personal information

The stalkers are watching you... FOREVER! XD - RiverClanRocks

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10 They Can Make New Friends

I don't need internet for friends. - gemcloben

I think making new friends in this site is easier than making friends in my class - BlueFrostOfThunderClan

You could, but it's still better to have friends in real life.

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11 They Can Kill Boredom

Boredom is evil. TheTopTens was a great site that stopped me from doing such evil act.

I usually go on this website when I'm bored.

12 It Teaches Kinds of Skills

Yeah, what skills? This isn't a very complicated site that has encrypted messages in the coding. - Songsta41

Such as? This is just a site for making lists! No lessons required! - RiverClanRocks

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13 It's the Best Site to Hate On Justin Bieber

You hear that, Justin? We all love this site because it gives us a common enemy - you. - Songsta41

Yes! People hate that evil being!

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14 To Have Fun and Entertain Each Other

That's what we do on the web!

15 They Can Add New Items

There are some things you can't agree with. This is useful to help everybody have their own say.

16 It's for All Ages

No age limits unlike other sites!

The only site I know that I can join because I have to be 13 to join other sites - BlueFrostOfThunderClan

On Social Media and YouTube,you must be 18 or older,at Writing Sites like Wattpad or Quotev,you must be 13 years old(But I don't care because I'm overly excited on Writing.Plus,there's nothing wrong on trying)and in here? There's no limits! - MLPFan

17 They Don't Have to Be a Member

Visitors can do anything members can do they can make comments and lists unlike other websites - PatrickStar

I have made a lot of opinions so far and due to the lack of limitations, I will make a lot more.

But members like the site a lot more. - Songsta41

18 Making a List is a Lot Easier than Doing a Review if You're a Critic

I love reviewing games and writing scripts but I hate reading them. Here, I go freestyle and I love it.

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19 It Has Lots of Trolling

Trolling can only be done on Beliebers and Directioners on this site.

Trolling can also be done on Star Wars prequels, Michael Bay, Teen Titans Go, etc.

Trolling is a form of good entertainment.

The only trolls allowed here are the good ones.

20 They Can Show Their Opinion

That's what I DO! - lovefrombadlands

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1. They Can Make a Top Ten List
2. It Teaches Kinds of Skills
3. They Can Become Very Popular
1. They Can Meet New People
2. They Can Meet People from Other Countries
3. They Can Interact With New Ideas
1. They Can Become Very Popular
2. They Can Meet People from Other Countries
3. They Can Vote



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