Reasons People Might Not Want to Be Your Friend

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1 You're a liar
2 You are a "bad influence" on them
3 You're rich and flaunt your money around
4 Your attitude sucks
5 You're not a team player
6 You criticize everyone and can't take it when someone criticizes you

I really hate these people. They live on this double standard and they're hypocrites.

7 You smell really bad
8 You're "one of those" kids
9 You're a grown man attending high school

Or worse, middle school or elementary school. - 3DG20

10 You're a teacher's pet

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11 You treat others like trash

Why would people want to be your friend when you don't know how to treat people? No one in the right mind wants to be friends with someone who is rude to people and treats people like trash.

12 You're possessive

There's too much drama in trying to be friends with someone who thinks they're more important than you and everyone else and is always trying to hog you like they're the only friend you have and always need to be the center of attention.

13 You're a control freak

I can't stand being around people who feel like they need to be in control of everyone and everything.

14 You're embarrassing to be around

Sadly, I know people like this. Some of the things they say or do is actually quite embarrassing. Thankfully, I rarely see them.

15 You're two-faced

Nice to people's faces but a backstabber when they're back is turned.

16 You only want to talk and hang out when you want something

This explains my brother's so called "friends". Anytime he did something that they didn't like or they had a bug up their butt, they treated him like crap and wanted nothing to do with him. However, as soon as they wanted a favor, then they would get ahold of him and want to talk. Thankfully, he cut off all communication with them and doesn't talk to them anymore. Those aren't friends, those are users.

17 You're short tempered

Nothing is worse than hanging around someone who gets mean, or even a little abusive as soon as they mad about something. And they throw tantrums, which isn't any better.

18 You're homosexual

This is a dumb reason not to like someone. You can't help who you love and whether someone is gay, straight, or even bi is nobody's business but theirs. And they're not hurting anyone else by loving the same sex. All the homophobs in this world need to get a life.

19 You're a pedophile or sex offender

I don't want anything to do with sick bastards like these.

20 You have no life

So basically:
1.) You don't do much of anything
2.) You always cause problems and/or get people in trouble
3.) You talk and/or act like your life is so much worse than everyone else's
4.) You're always miserable or depressed for some reason

21 You're different from others

Why would anyone want to be the same as everyone else? You should be your own person. What's what makes you unique.

22 They don't like the way you look

Looks shouldn't matter. It's personality that really counts. A person's appearance is a stupid reason not to like someone or not want to be their friend.

23 You're a slob

Oh God, I can't stand people who enjoy living in filth and garbage! That's just gross!

24 You don't have their taste in things

If you don't like the same things they like or you don't share their opinions, they think you're stupid or a loser. But actually, they're the ones that are actually stupid.

25 You're a different race
26 You like to cause trouble

I can't stand people who can't find anything better to do than cause problems. If they're not getting themselves in trouble they're getting others in trouble. Or they're getting people fighting or creating controversy.

27 You do drugs
28 You talk about people behind their backs
29 You hang around people they don't like
30 You complain a lot
31 You steal
32 You're vain and arrogant
33 You don't have much in common
34 You're immature
35 You're a jerk
36 You flirt with other people's boyfriend/girlfriend
37 They think you're weird
38 You like violence
39 You're fake
40 You're not popular
41 You're a serial killer
42 You have jealousy issues
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